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The what did you get for Crimbo thread?


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Fine folk of the UKFF I bet you got some great stuff for Christmas. Let us have a butchers?

My family have treated me like a king and as per tradition have allowed me to buy myself a bunch of pretty dubious looking horror Blu-rays.

I will no doubt have a blast with them but the true highlight was the wonderful surprise gift my Wife got me.

I got a cracking pair of Kennedy's autographs...


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The wife & I are still yet to get home to open our presents from each other, but the parents got me some cool BluRays and the new Terminator 2 on 4K release. 
They pale in comparison to the gift from my nephew though, who made me a Gingerbread Man who looks like he’s seen some seriously bad shit


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Top stuff from the ex, absolutely nailed it this year.


Also got a box of assorted ramen noodles and some new bluetooth earphones, but my youngest got the best present, a ukulele!

I never ask for anything and I know it's a cliche to say, but LOVE giving people presents and everyone loved what I got them this year and that's made me really happy. 

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Just Some Girl and me are always joking about having Spam. I want to try it and she hates the idea of it.

She's gifted me two tins of the stuff. Along with the boardgames, Root.

I love her for splashing the cash on the game, but at my age and after 23 years of marriage, it's the Spam that's giving me a warm glow. And fits of giggles when I think about it.

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A toothbrush, a celtic hoodie, Scotland Training Jersey, a pair of socks, grow your own greens kit, Nintendo gift card and I think 5 pairs of Step One Boxers. A bumper crop of pressies in my view. I'm off to the in-laws tomorrow, so possibly more stuff as they don't always get me stuff. I'm hoping for more socks, I need them and I've put off buying some hoping someone would get me some. 

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A lot of practical shit from mum this year, jeans for work as I've burned a hole on the inside leg of both pairs I use, loungewear for weekends, TMNT and JLA socks, a Joker t shirt, a new laptop case and a personalised Everton themed dinner tray cushion. Also got my staple movies (this year being The Fog and both parts of the Batman Longest Halloween adaptation) and a mini body spray set

Also got £30 off my sister and her husband, a massive Dairy Milk bar off my nieces, an Amazon voucher off my cousin and a Funko off my mate and his missus of All For One from My Hero Academia

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