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  1. https://ibb.co/YR3v8B6 Nelson... Fuck knows what he was thinking about... ( best place to host the photo.. So it shows up in here?)
  2. My local B&M had packs of 5 Roast beef and mustard a few weeks ago.
  3. My girlfriends just logged me into her sky using the sky app on the ps4. I can't watch raw live tonight and have noticed that's its on sky catchup tommorrow but its 90 odd minutes long.. Is it just highlights and not the full show?
  4. So 5 years ago I lost 9st in weight, unfortunately its left me with a massive amount of excess skin.. I thought once I had lost my weight my confidence would return, I would be able to go enjoy all the things I missed out on being fat such as swimming for example.. Well this weekend was a test for me. Me and the girlfriend had been invited to centre parks with some of her friends, we've just been swimming.. I've been dreading this for months.. I even went out and bought a pair of swimming shorts, well.. I got in the changing going rooms and panicked. I'm sat now back at the lodge everyone else is swimming and I feel awful. I can't gety head around it. The weights gone but the mental side is a mess. I know I need help.. Mentally as well as physical. The doctor told me a few years ago they couldn't do the skin surgery on the NHS and I don't have the money for it to be done privately. Anyone else had this problem?
  5. Not a bad episode this week.. Anyone else think there moving towards OhNo vs Johnny Saint?
  6. Bates vs Walter.. My new Favourite match. Freaking amazing!!!
  7. I've just been given a Nintendo DS Lite.. Apart from Mario kart and GTA :Chinatown wars.. What else game wise should I get?
  8. I once went to Alton Towers with a old friend, Dave mastiff.. And Zack Sabre junior and few other UK wrestlers... They spent most of the day making Maddaline Mccain jokes with a stuffed toy they got off one of the stalls... It was a strange experience..
  9. Have tried this and alas it didn't work. Thanks anyway though 😊
  10. Sniper Elite 4... Shooting Nazi's in the testicles is so much fun...
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