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  1. Bare with me on this... But I'm sure The Ultimate Warror once did a shootstar press as a kid...
  2. That first 30 mins by United today was phenomenal.. They should have been 3 or 4 up by then. My girlfriend wants to use Wan Bissaka as a contraceptive.. Nothing gets though him!
  3. My water company is called Severn Trent.. Oh dear god.. Its just clicked!
  4. Krampus is great. Great to know The Exorcist is on amazon prime!
  5. My girlfriend is a big horror fan but she's only really seen the mainstream stuff. So I've been gently introducing her to some of the more obscure stuff. We started of pretty tame with the universal monsters. We've been though 70s and 80s slashers and now I'm showing here the extreme stuff. She really enjoyed Anthropohagous.. Even that baby scene... But I finally broke her with Cannibal Holocaust..
  6. Is there anyway of it happens again we can get updates? Twitter?
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