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  1. I love how they have to put that you have to remove the lid before cooking....
  2. If you get Portal. Get the orange box Also has Half Life.. Bioshock ( first and 3 are good the 2nd OK) Gears of War 1-3
  3. Mine was a Christmas gift.. Win win! My original Ps4 which I've had for 4/5 years is starting to not play discs. It only happens every now or again or with 2 discs. Sony quoted me 150 quid to "repair or replace" Anyone know where else I could get it fixed? It's miles out of its warranty so not that bothered if So y don't fix it.
  4. Well.. I'm obsessed with Modern Warfare again.. First Cod I've played since Black Ops 2. Like the free maps... Apart from Shipment... Why do they keep remaking it! Its awful! Looking forward to hopefully getting some MW2 maps
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