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  1. I watch something else, but take note of how long the film or series is. I think she's getting suspicious...
  2. I suggested to my Girlfriend who was missing me that we video call each other and watch a movie together, it's become a regular thing, we alternate who picks the film.. Most of her choices are shit though.. So I've taken to find out what film she wants to watch, read up about it and then pretend to watch it with her, then discuss it afterwords..
  3. I've just binged watched the first 3 episodes of Inhuman Resources with Eric Cantona. Gripping so far.. I found myself rooting for Eric.. But now I'm not so fond of the character.. Well worth a watch!
  4. Can one recommend some sites that are reliable and have the best prices for PS4 Controllers? Mine has started not registering button presses...
  5. So government placed responsibility for the infection rate on the public taking sensible decisions. So if infections and deaths go up again it will be the public not the government that caused it. We're fucked...
  6. I'm sure I read somewhere that Johnson wa surprised at how many people furlonged even though there message was to "stay at home" It was mentioned in another thread how many people are happy for certain people to go back to work eg.. Restaurant staff.. Retail so they can then get out. Worrying.. I've seen the stupidity of people over the past few months more so then ever. I'm expecting another spike soon because of those VE Day videos.
  7. Scott Pilgrim vs the world... Blue Haired Mary does it for me.
  8. Were closed.. Have been for some time. And just to throw another spanner in the works... I do Avocado on toast. 😂🥑
  9. I'm a Chef in a cafe, and the amount of times I've had to go out and speak to rude or to stop customers shouting at staff is ridiculous, a lot of the staff are teenagers and have been in tears after a 50 year old customer is screaming in there faces. I've always found the order generations are the worse ones.
  10. I'm guessing they're talking about brexit
  11. So I received a txt this morning from my landlord.. "We have been asked to invite our neighbours if they would like to attend a VE day street celebration in Millfield Drive. It will be held at 1600 hours on Friday 8th and obviously we will be observing social distancing, which makes it rather difficult, but the idea is good if a little impractical. I am assuming we will take chairs out on or near the road, take your own drink and food. They also want us to decorate the homes the best we can. We will be putting out our union jack flags and there will be music while we shout at each other. I realise it is much more significant to the oldies for what we had endured for the previous 6 years, nevertheless it forged our futute as a free Europe. It is entirely up to you if you come no pressure.". Both him and his wife are massive Brexit supporters, they went out and bought Union Jack flags and decorated there house when we voted to leave and again when Brexit came into effect. My question is do you guys think that to some people that VE day is being used as a anti EU thing.. Kind of ironic he mentioned a United Europe yet voted to leave it. Thoughts?
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