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  1. I dont have access to a laptop, but have a PS5 or my smart TV.. I can't find a kite app anywhere. What's the best way to watch this? There is a kite.TV app for android can I order it on there and cast to my TV?
  2. Ainsley Harriot getting a mention reminds me of a story. I met him in Birmingham at a Good Food Live show in the early 2000's, he signed a cook book for me and I asked him if, he saw him again later to act like he knew me so I could impress my catering classmates later. We walked past him about 2 hours later and I shouted out Hey Ainsley, he replayed with my name and shouted it was good to see me and we should catch up soon when he wasn't as busy... I was the talk of the bus on the way home that afternoon.
  3. Don't anyone mention Bottom here... Its a fine TV show.
  4. Is there anyway other then then the app to watch Rampage?
  5. Woke up this morning and felt like shite aches pains an a cough... Rang work which didn't go down well and went for a test. Just waiting for the results, pissed off as feel like I'm letting work down and the worst part is I've hardly been anywhere the past week apart from work and a few supermarkets! Saw so many people without masks in asda on Tuesday night. Cunts!
  6. Modern Warfare 2 theme.... Still gives me goosebumps. Poor Ghost...
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