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2021 Celebrity Death Thread

Magnum Milano

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That's crazy. I'm actually a bit unnerved as I was genuinely walking around whistling 'Spain' yesterday in work all day, while trying to work it into 'Birdland' for my own amusement.

Very, very saddened to hear of that great mans' passing, and I'll pop Maiden Voyage on now while I eat my lunch here in the canteen

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Comedy writer Iain Pattinson died this week. He's not exactly a household name but he wrote for Jonathon Ross, Julian Clary, Graham Norton and Julian Clary plus countless Radio 4 series. His most famous stuff is the clean "UKFF out of context" filth delivered on I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue. Here's a Lionel Blair montage this is 100% his writing:

"Who can forget an open-mouthed Una Stubbs as Lionel tried to pull off 12 Angry Men in two minutes."

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