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  1. Yeah, I had high expectations for Paul Sinha based on (non-Chase) things I've seen him on in the past and knew he was quick-witted and a genuinely funny guy. He ended up being probably the worst contestant they've had, the Parkinson's, which he subsequently went public on, no doubt playing a very significant factor. Sian Gibson was weak, Joe Thomas only slightly better and I found Iain Stirling a bit of a try hard. Lou Sanders was the only good thing about that series (Greg and Alex aside).
  2. Rose Matafeo who is on the current series of Taskmaster. After a pretty poor last series where I thought the show might have run it's course, two episodes in and it's back on track. Even more surprising is that David Baddiel and Jo Brand have both been very funny (the former way more than I expected).
  3. Yeah Yeah Noh - Bias Binding (1984)
  4. No worries mate. You were always really easy to deal with when buying stuff from myself and even though I'm out of the trading game still hate to see people being conned/ripped off.
  5. I'll wait for SBD to confirm, thanks, you don't have the best of reputations when it comes to trading and said you were going to do it on Saturday.
  6. Well I'd suggest sending SBD his refund asap. It hardly instills confidence to any potential buyers that he ordered from you over a year ago, never received anything and is still chasing you for a refund twelve months later!
  7. I thought you sold everything in your 'closing down' sale? (That's if there was ever a 'closing down' sale in the first place).
  8. The Wedding Present - Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft (1987)
  9. The Fall - Bill is Dead (1990)
  10. Yawn.... Apparently? He either has or he hasn't? If you were a subscriber you would know the answer, if you're not, why do you care? Isn't wrestling subjective anyway? One man's 'five star match' is another man's dud. So what if he preferred the Cody/Spears match? Is he not allowed that opinion because it differs from what others think?
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