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  1. Yeah, he quit during a European tour and flew home of his own accord. Considering this was someone who had gone through the dregs of developmental in Deep South and was in the midst of a tour that would have been his biggest payday so far, it gives you an indication of how bad things must have been for him to just up and quit.
  2. Also appears in the second series of Line of Duty. Agreed and looks mighty different away from the old fashioned clothes and over sized glasses she wears on the show.
  3. I think he's only tweeted the '84 out takes tape so far but there is some great stuff in there and pretty much anything with Gene Okerlund is gold, especially the one where he's ribbing Kamala for missing some market interviews earlier in the day and references Jim Barnett! A decade ago I would've been all over this setting up a trade to try and get copies but those days are in the past now for me. I'll still drop Richard a message anyway and see if he found any other interesting bits on the raw footage, untelevised matches etc. That photo is from a Shamrock match in Pancrase, so I'm starting to doubt he has video footage then. Also on the interview he implied that Shamrock wrestled as Vince Torelli, something he would've known for certain if he had a copy. I enjoyed the interview, even if he did seemingly forget his 1990 stint in WCW (plus I thought he was a Black Scorpion at one point too, something he shot down by saying when he was the Red Knight that was the first time he had ever worn a mask), and it's always nice to hear from someone who hasn't done the rounds on podcasts.
  4. I'm not on facebook so can't look for myself, but does Horowitz really have video footage of his match against Ken Shamrock from that Greensboro house show in 89/90 up on there? Also enjoyed those outtakes that Richard Land had been posting on Twitter so the podcast answered where he got them from!
  5. Lisa Germano - You Make Me Want to Wear Dresses (1993)
  6. Yeah, Williams/Higgins from last year was a better final for starters (imo) and then you've got Selby/O'Sullivan, Murphy/Stevens, the last Hendry/White final where the Whirlwind missed a black and back to the obvious choice of Davis/Taylor. And as well as Trump played was it as great a performance as Davis' dismantling of John Parrott? Hazel also kept reiterating that Higgins reaching three finals in a row hadn't been done since Hendry and White, somehow forgetting O'Sullivan did it (2012-2014) and something none of the pundits corrected her on.
  7. Off to Belgium in just under a week's time for a long weekend. A friend who I was at Uni lives out there and a group of us go over every year to see him and as a way of staying in touch. Initially we used to alternate in that we'd meet in Belgium one year, then the next he'd come back to the UK and so on, but as we got older and marriage and kids came along it was easier to make it an annual trip over there. Having a night in Antwerp before spending a couple of days in his home town and then flying back. Really looking forward to it as always.
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