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  1. Not the Hardcore TV (I sold my complete run), but have the complete run of the TNN show if you or anyone wants it. My copy, 30 discs, £20, which includes postage. PM if interested
  2. ^^ I bought the above on cassette single way back when. Still might have it in the loft with a ton of sessions and live performances I recorded off the likes of John Peel, the Evening Session, Marc Radcliffe and so on. I first new of Marijne from MTV and remember being surprised to find out that she was lead singer of this alt indie band.
  3. Watched the first four episodes of I Hate Suzie last night. Co-written by and starring Billie Piper, she plays Suzie Pickles, a one-time child star, now actor, who gets her phone hacked and intimate pictures leaked on the internet. I enjoyed the first three episodes but it went right down the pan with the fourth. It was as if they were trying to see how much they could get away with on screen, not to mention that it was all over the place with fantasy sequences and was just way too chaotic. Also very, very reminiscent of Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Piper is good but Leila Farzad, who pla
  4. Il Generale & Ludus Pinski - Non E Un Miraggio! Roberto Baggio! (1989)
  5. All I could come up with off the top of my head for my initials was former NWA enhancement talent Gary Royal. Trawling through WrestlingData, and only limiting it to wrestlers who I have actually heard of, this was the best I could manage: Gary Royal vs Grim Reaper A battle of Crockett job guys, the kinda match that would've opened some High School show in the Carolina's back in 1987. Grim Reefer vs Gypsy Rodriguez Rodriguez was a WWF job guy, Reefer used to work for Jersey All Pro in the mid-2000s. A win for the Reefer here Grizzly Redwood vs Goldie Rogers (Beard vs
  6. I wouldn't go that far, I think the actors who play Miguel and Dmitry are good too, as well as the main man Burt. But yeah, Tanner Buchanan who plays Robbie is dreadful. 'Sam' is a weak actress as are 'Tory' and 'Aisha', then again Ralph Maccio won't be winning any awards soon either. I thought the first season was the much better of the two and the second season does drag at times, primarily with anything that's nothing to do with Cobra Kai (trying to avoid spoilers as much as possible).
  7. When I was searching for Polakowski I did see a tweet from Josh Gross (from earlier this year I think) saying the last he heard Olaf was living in Mexico. He has his own YouTube channel, but hasn't uploaded anything new for six years. https://www.youtube.com/user/olafmexico/videos Looks very much like he is probably involved in Martial Arts/MMA training or running a school in some capacity. No doubt looking to increase the numbers for the Odo Fight Club!
  8. Re-reading Wand's post led to me to do a bit of digging and see if I could find whatever happened to Polakowski. Sticking his name in Twitter I came across this photo a fair bit: From there, that led me to the following website: http://cosmicinductiongenerator.com/ I'm not even going to attempt to try and understand what any of that means, but it is explained on the site for anyone who cares. Basically, turns out he became an electrical engineer. Here he is at some energy conference back in 2014.
  9. I've still to this day never seen the third fight in the trilogy. The second was on a 'Best of Olaf Alfonso' TV special that did the rounds in my old tape trading days. It's been years since I saw it but even being barely able to stand, Olaf was wanting to come out for the second round. It was a crackerjack of a first although thankfully the doctors stepped in to prevent him from doing so. Olaf would go on to get brutally sparked by Rob McCullough at WEC 19, getting his jaw broken in the process. I always felt that Polakowski's heart really wasn't in appearing on TUF and he only
  10. Was Horwich the God botherer who used to bring a bible into the cage with him after fights? The Radach vs Smith fight was an awesome one from what I remember.
  11. The Yearbook project was something started on another board, the aim of condensing the year in wrestling into thirty discs, therefore avoiding all the padding and filler that you would find in normal TV sets etc. A number of folk were involved in the selection process, although the discs themselves were created by Goodhelmet. Here are some comments from one of the people heavily involved in the project. Full detailed listings are below. This is an awesome set and does contain plenty of rare footage. Having watched it, the likelihood is I won't again so am selling my cop
  12. Catherine Wheel - Black Metallic (1992)
  13. Low Ki was a semi-regular on Metal in 2000/1 wrestled Essa Rios a few times, Crash Holly twice, a tag match against Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn and even Raven the once. Samoa Joe wrestled Essa Rios too. A whole host of Indie names would show up on Metal back then, the likes of Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, Donovan Morgan, Scoot Andrews, Chad Collyer, Shawn 'Hotstuff' Hernandez etc.
  14. Sophie & Peter Johnston - Television Satellite (1983)
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