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  1. Jeff Osborne was the guy behind the Hook'n'Shoot promotion, which was one of the first promotions to properly feature Women's MMA. There's a really good article about him here from the MMAJunkie forums. I didn't know he was a pro wrestler at one point until reading that, but did know he was big into tape trading and I'm pretty certain he owns some Memphis master tapes (or at least did at one point). I've got a handheld of a USWA show from Evansville in either 1991 or 1992 and Osborne filmed it as well as giving a brief introduction before the footage starts.
  2. If you think that is "slagging you off" you should hear me when I really get going! Which facts would they be then? This one - El Guapo on 2/28/18 Or this one? - Edgehead on 5/31/18 How about this one? - Edgehead from a different thread on 5/31/18 Did you mean this one? - harlow2 on 6/11/18 No, you meant this one didn't you? - SBD on 9/7/19 And I am well aware you refunded SBD the money after OVER A YEAR and plenty of badgering so don't even try to claim "you made good". That took a matter of minutes and I imagine there are plenty more comments like that if I looked a little harder. Oh yes, what happened to you selling off your collection in the "huge closing down sale"? That appears to have been nothing but a front to try and drum up some sales as you still continue to reply to posts like this. It's also pretty low to play the "depression" and "money problem" cards to explain your poor reputation as a trader. So what, you had money problems so then decided to rip people off on here to try and overcome them? (You don't need to answer that, I don't care) I never liked people who used to rip others off when I was heavily into trading and that remains now I am long out of the game. Anyway if you think you're "reputable" so be it, I'm pointing out some posts from this board. Anyone can make of those what they will.
  3. By "personalities" I'm guessing they mean "gimmicks" hence you get 1-2-3 Kid as well as X-Pac, Demolition Smash and Repo Man, JBL and APA Bradshaw and so on.
  4. He said "reputable" traders! I'm selling off a sizeable portion of my collection, some of the stuff is here I have a ton more WWF (TV sets, my entire WWF handheld collection, some house shows, compilations, home video, post -'96 PPVs etc), WCW (loads of NWA and WCW TV) and a bunch of TNA PPVs. With the situation as it is I'm not really going out much but depending on how soon you are looking for stuff drop me a message if you want and I'll tidy up my sale list and send it your way.
  5. Stolen from Twitter. Every WWE personality from 1979 to today (allegedly).
  6. And has been under contract now for over a decade! I have no idea why either bar who her father is.
  7. Major League II was on the Sony Movie channel earlier and if I have seen it before it was a long, long time ago, which is strange considering how many times I must've watched the first film. I did miss the opening half hour but I don't think I missed much. The team are back together for another season, if a little older looking, with one exception, Wesley Snipes clearly thought better of returning and they drafted in another actor to reprise the role of Willie Hayes, while Jake Taylor's dodgy knees mean he's hung up his spikes and is now assistant coach. The plot is practically identical to the first although there is a sub-plot of fame having gone to Rick Vaughn's head and him having a crisis of confidence as he loses the zip on his fast ball. If you've seen the first film you know how this one is going to end. I did get a kick out of Vaughn returning to his "Wild Thing" ways at the end complete with glasses and parts of his hair shaved as the tuned blared out in the stadium. Bob Uecker is great again and Margaret Whitton is quality in her cameo role. I could've done without the stereotypical Japanese character who signs for the Indians mid-way through the season though. In all honesty it's not the best and not a patch on the first but I don't resent watching it.
  8. The first episode of World Championship Wrestling debuted on 6 April 1985, replacing the WWF on TBS which had occupied the time slot since ‘Black Saturday’ in July 1984. At least for the first few years the shows were taped on the Saturday morning at the Techwood Studios to air that night. The exception would be during football season when WTBS needed the studio for the live college football scorecard, at which point the wrestling was taped on the Sunday morning to air the following Saturday. In addition to the World Championship Wrestling show, they would also tape a one hour Championship Wrestling show to air at 08:00am the following Saturday (it debuted 13 April 1985 having been taped directly after the 6 April episode of WCW) and in later years a World Championship Wrestling: Sunday Edition show from the studios, all featuring exclusive matches (mainly squashes) and following a similar format of this main Saturday evening show. As well as the shows taped at Techwood Studios, JCP also had two lots of syndicated television to be sent out around the country, Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling and Worldwide Wrestling. They would tape both shows weekly at the same venue, usually somewhere in the Carolinas (Spartanburg, Shelby, Greenville etc), approximately four days earlier. These shows would then air on the Saturday, so the same day as the main TBS show. Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling was eventually replaced by NWA Pro Wrestling, debuting under that name on 7 June 1986. There is an issue with the Network’s datings for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling being out by a week, but I won’t detail that here The short answer to your question is yes, and it's possible (with Championship Wrestling and Worldwide) that a wrestler could appear on four different JCP shows on the same day.
  9. According to Meltzer's most recent audio they haven't even decided on the match order yet. Once post-production is finished then they'll work on that. He said they were hoping to have everything finalized by tomorrow,
  10. Reece Shearsmith just tweeted Eddie's "Gotcha" where he shows the patience of a Saint.
  11. With my MMA viewing having subsided in recent years (so I never saw the Korean Zombie getting sparked in the last second of a fight he was winning) that Sell vs Smith fight still has has the best finish ever to a fight for me (just ahead of the Showtime kick). Mark Weir was also rumoured for the comeback season of TUF, although I can't remember why he never ended up being on it. Joachin Hansen really is one of those forgotten names in MMA. Spent all his time fighting in Europe and primarily Japan, only having two of his 38 fights in the U.S. but tough as nails and a great fighter.
  12. He was also much more of a cunt in the ring than Triple H ever was. Check out his match against The Black Prince below. At best he is being unprofessional, at worst he's being careless, a bully and taking advantage of someone who doesn't know if he can fight back. Someone point out when Triple H ever behaved like this in a match please.. 
  13. I probably won't get around to watching it until the weekend, but out of interest do they talk about the incident with Gypsy Joe at all? Outside of Mass Transit that's always been the most uncomfortable thing for me, twatting this old geezer around the head with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. Stir crazy.
  14. I've not watched this for years (and my MMA DVDs are all up the loft at the moment) but that was a great fight. If you're waiting for Wand's reviews to watch this stuff, don't click on the spoiler.
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