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  1. I was just saddened this wasn't ex-Chester City's Gary Bennett, then I could have regaled you with my tale of when him and David Flitcroft (brother of Garry) turned up at Blimpers (shit club in Chester) on Student night. Bennett admittedly looked sheepish, realizing he was easily the oldest person in there and wondering why on earth he had come, but Flitcroft was trying it on with various of the student girls with no success whatsoever.
  2. Class Reunion (1982) (YouTube) Part of the National Lampoon's franchise. Walter Baylor (played by Blackie Dammett, the father of Anthony Kiedis) was the victim of a humiliating high school prank on Graduation Day (he got wanked off my his twin sister in front of the school - don't ask!) and ten years later at the class reunion looks to get some revenge on those involved. Pretty much a parody of slasher flicks with a motley crue of characters. There are a few laughs in there, mostly provided by Zane Buzby's Dolores, but on the whole this is poor. Bar the parody element, the horror Slau
  3. Sally Hawkins in Happy-Go-Lucky is one of my favourite screen-crushes, just below Rebecca Hall in Starter For Ten.
  4. A bunch from the past ten days, including a couple of Carry Ons. Canā€™t Buy Me Love (1987) Ronald Miller wants to be popular and seizing an opportunity pays cheerleader Cindy Marconi to be his girlfriend for one month. For a time he gets what he wants, though ultimately learns a very valuable lesson. Really good, moralistic teen comedy and Amanda Peterson shines as Cindy. Pretty gutted to find out what became of Peterson who died of an accidental drug overdose in 2015. There's some uncomfortable looking photos of her online and its a crying shame when you see her here and then see
  5. Also worth noting that eBay take 10% of whatever you charge for shipping. So if you're wanting to send a VHS second class, which would cost Ā£3.20, you're best on charging around Ā£4.00 to cover your expenses. If you were only to charge Ā£3.20, which is what would come up if you just followed eBay's instructions on the selling page, then it will probably be costing you around 70p to ship something (factoring in eBay's fees, PayPal's fees and cost of envelope).
  6. I think it was around '95 that Hammerlock results started to appear in the Observer (presumably Dean Ayass sent them to Dave), so likelihood is cagematch just c&p'd them from the Observer.
  7. Holiday on the Buses maybe? A firm ITV3 favourite which he shows up in. That's the only thing I can remember ever having seen him in.
  8. The Siddeleys - You Get What You Deserver (1988)
  9. Nice, I had no idea he was in The Prefects. I've always enjoyed his stuff with the New Four Seasons and Terminal Hoedown when I've heard them on old John Peel broadcasts so will look forward to checking this out. Hoping Sky Arts will repeat the documentary Teenage Superstars about the eighties independent Glasgow scene which was on a couple of weeks back but which I missed.
  10. Extreme Prejudice (1987) Walter Hill directed and starring Nick Nolte as a Texas Ranger who locks horns with his former best friend, played by Powers Boothe, who is now running a Drug's Cartel out of Mexico. At the same time a Zombie Unit (secret services) is undertaking a secret mission. Very glad I stuck with this. You wonder what's going on and I was starting to think this might be my least favourite Walter Hill film, then all of a sudden everything falls into place and you're gripped. An excellent cast including Michael Ironside, William Forsythe and Clancy Brown alongside the afo
  11. Clive Myers maybe? Although there are surprisingly few photos of him on Google.
  12. Completely piggy backing in @pitseleh's post, but I thought Onita was the coolest fucker on the planet when I watched this match last year. Band aid's taped to his face, leather jacket, cigarette hanging from mouth and swamped by photographers. From 2:35 onwards.
  13. Caudle and Dutch Mantel were great together in Smoky Mountain Wrestling. I'n fact without hesitation, ahead of Venture, ahead of Heenan, I'd say Mantel is the greatest colour commentator I've ever seen In regards to Worst Commentator, just be grateful you've never heard Rob Feinstein commentating for Jersey All Pro Wrestling in 2001. A slew of sexual comments mixed in with unfunny "jokes" that only he seems to find funny and a fair bit of homophobia. Makes the matches practically unwatchable as he tries to make it more about him than the wrestlers.
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