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  1. It's My Time by Jade Ewen is better, and the only UK entry in the last 12 years I can actually remember.
  2. Hendry will have to improve a hell of a lot on that performance over Patsy Fagan if he's wanting to do anything on the main tour, let alone make it back to the Crucible, which is his aim. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he jacks it in if he can't play to a standard he deems acceptable or to where he is unable to be competitive. He's not going to be content with turning up at all the events and going out in the last 128 like Jimmy White is.
  3. I've been reading some old Observers from 1996 and have just found out that Igor Vovchanchyn was scheduled for UFC XI but they couldn't get him into the country over a Visa issue. Him, potentially, versus a primitive Mark Coleman, four years before the Pride 2000 Grand Prix Finals, would've been an interesting fight at the time.
  4. This week's batch of horror/slasher fare. Some real stinkers here. Hollywood Meat Cleaver Massacre (1977) (YouTube) Students attack a college professor in his own home, leaving him for dead and killing his family. Paralyzed and confined to his hospital bed, he then uses psychic powers to exact revenge. This occult stuff is not for me at all. Pretty awful. Oh, and where was the meat cleaver? Drive-In Massacre (1976) (YouTube) Amorous couples get slaughtered and killed at the Drive-In. Didn’t think this was as bad as the reviews I subsequently read, although the lack of defi
  5. I've been seeing this guy everywhere recently. Surely he must be paying YouTube to get his videos promoted? I've got one YouTube account that is for nothing but just watching films on and he came up in my recommendations there too!
  6. For better or worse, O'Sullivan going out early always seems to take something away from the tournament for me. I was hoping for a Robertson victory, but there is something about him and the Crucible for some reason and his record since winning the title back in 2010 is shockingly bad for someone who has won so much and who can look unbeatable out there at times. Anyone bar Selby winning now will do.
  7. Still watching random 80s horror/slasher movies that I find on YouTube. Killer Workout (1987) (YouTube) Members of a Fitness Gym are targeted by a killer and their oversized safety pin. Bordering on a softcore movie at times. Usual suspect acting, terrible fight scenes, but some surprising plot twists towards the end that keep you guessing. Better than average B-Movie. Sorority House Massacre II (1990) (YouTube) Five Sorority sisters move into a house with the hope of restoring it, all bar one, unaware that it was previously the site of a massacre. Doesn’t take itself too s
  8. McGill held himself together exceptionally well in those last two frames considering how badly he had played all evening. O'Sullivan will be pig sick though. A kick on the final red he potted left him straight on the blue, rather than top-side, and that seemed to completely throw him off his thinking.
  9. Carter is an awful first-round draw for him though (Bingham is the only trickier qualifier). Then he's likely got an in-form Robertson in the second round. I'm sure it is only a matter of time before Lisowski wins something, he's got a slim chance of winning this though.
  10. Gregory's Girl and then a bunch of B-level slasher/horror films. Gregory’s Girl (1981) (BBC iPlayer) Coming of age Scottish comedy. Gregory (John Gordon Sinclair) is smitten with Dorothy (Dee Hepburn), however unbeknown to him, Susan (Clare Grogan) is quite taken with Gregory. Wonderful film where every character brings something to the plate. Very funny. Takes you back to simpler more innocent times. Why Gregory had to think about going out with Susan I'll never know. Girls School Screamers (1986) (YouTube) After a wealthy benefactor leaves his estate to the local girl’s
  11. The right side of the flyer is far, far, too crowded, and is also pretty hard going on the eyes. Is there really any need for a photo of the referee to be on there? Just have a photo/photos of some of your most impressive looking wrestlers, those who'll grab someone's attention, or those who already have a bit of a name. *EDIT* Also, it's a struggle to make the wrestlers out from your photo and I imagine the flyer is going to be a fair bit smaller than this.
  12. But you're audience aren't going to know that (and three matches hardly constitutes a grudge). I notice there isn't a single one-on-one match on the card, every match has a gimmick, why not build to the grudge between the two performers for a subsequent show down the line? I also don't see the point of two Battle Royals. Surely you could just have one 15 man Battle Royal with the final two participants then meeting for the title in the main event? I am guessing that some people will be doing double duty and wrestling in other matches, but you will be paying some people just to wre
  13. Only a small thing, but how can something be a "grudge" match on your debut show? Surely the two wrestlers involved have to have been involved in some sort of dispute/rivalry to build a grudge? Good luck though.
  14. New year, new thread. Actor Mark Eden, best known to a generation as Alan Bradley off Coronation Street and who in real life was married to co-star Sue Nicholls (Audrey), has passed away at the age of 92.
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