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  1. Sebastian back to his usual money wasting self today, an overall loss of £42 after encouraging his team to splurge £180 on some silver box. Fortunately for him Charles Hanson had an absolute mare and did even worse (total loss of £95). The fool then has the gall to start jumping around and celebrating the "win" like it was something to be proud of! Raskin-Sharp on hosting duties again.
  2. The Observer reported the other week that she's moving back to Japan to be with her new husband. There was some talk about her only wrestling for another year and then she'll retire.
  3. I completely missed the original post by Fire Convoy, but I can 100% clarify that the Reverend is most definitely not Joel Allen!
  4. Continuing the NSFW theme. Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy (1984)
  5. An upvote because Jackie Wright, Cally Donnington and Gonch are all in the video. The Monkees - Listen to the Band (1968)
  6. They showed Hard Times (1975) with Charles Bronson last night. I literally only found out a matter of minutes before it started otherwise I would've posted in this thread. Ever since someone (I forget who) mentioned Talking Pictures aired 'The Driver' a few weeks back I've been trying to keep more of an eye on the schedule hoping that they'll repeat it. I went on a Walter Hill trip a few months back and this, along with The Driver, were the two films that I couldn't source. Charles Bronson plays a drifter called Chaney who ends up aligning himself with gambler/hustler Speed, played by James Coburn, who becomes his promoter in organizing bare knuckle street fights. I won't say any more on the plot as to avoid spoilers but this was a fantastic film, while the two main leads were tremendous, as was Strother Martin and like a lot of Walter Hill films there is a quality soundtrack. Absolutely worth watching next time it gets an airing.
  7. I didn't watch the match but Robertson on Twitter talked about the pockets being the most generous he's ever played on and expects all sorts of records to be broken this week.
  8. Sean Ross as in the guy behind the Fightful website?
  9. Why not! They've already got too many people under contract as it is, might as well add a few more.
  10. Here's a great tribute on "the Great WT" by commentator Dave Hendon. https://www.eurosport.co.uk/snooker/willie-thorne-and-the-stories-that-made-an-icon_sto7778673/story.shtml
  11. Titties, always Titties. Going back to Season Six the thing I remember about Richie Hightower is when one Matt Serra's guys gets injured and they have to choose a replacement to fight Mac Danzig. One by one Dana brings Serra's guys into the room. Hightower, who had been giving it large, when given the option to come back into the tournament,fight Mac Danzig and potentially make the final, ums and arrs his way around the question and comes up with every excuse possible not to fight while claiming he does want it. The moment he leaves the room Dana's like "he wants no part of Mac Danzig," while Serra and Ray Longo laugh at what they've just witnessed.
  12. I use Tweetdeck for my Twittering and this came up about twenty minutes ago in my 'Activity' column: All sorts of fun to be had perusing that accounts tweets and being shocked at how old everyone looks.
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