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  1. Hendry is the best of the bunch for me by a long way. I also enjoy listening to the Nugget and Neal Foulds. He doesn't tend to do much commentary, more analysis, but O'Sullivan is surprisingly excellent in that role when he does so on Eurosport. I agree with your comments on McManus, he's a very insightful commentator but does have a tendency to come out with some embarassing stuff at times. The thing I really dislike about him though is when he refers to players by his own little nicknames, so he always calls Mark Williams "Willo", Anthony McGill is "Antz", Graeme Dott is "Dotty", Stephen Maguire is "Stevie" and so on. Joe Perry has been a decent addition to the team, certainly better than Peter Ebdon and Shaun Murphy who they have used in recent years. I can't say I'm missing Virgo. For years it seems like he's only been there to scream "Where's the cue ball going?" several times a frame. Dennis is almost as bad these days, he was talking about the Buddhist monks for some reason in the Sangkhaem (sp?) match earlier. At least with no crowds in attendance he's not full on with the jokes and one liners to try and pop the audience. The less said about Rob Walker's attempts at commentary the better. Stick to the MC'ing. Where is Hazel this year? She hasn't given up presenting has she? Jason Mohammed is good, but this bloody Radzi is diabolical. Looks like a scruff and absolutely clueless. Not the first time I've seen the Beeb try and shoehorn him into sports coverage either. Seema Jaswal is equally as useless. *EDIT* Dave Farrar is the guy who sounds like second coming of Ted Lowe.
  2. Over half way through Season Two now and I can't warm to anything involving Miyagi-Do Karate, everything about it seems so lame, probably not helped by it's two main students (Sam and Robbie) being my two least favourite characters on the show. Also, Daniel just looks so old when he's called to do anything physical it's bordering on laughable. It's a different story over at the Cobra Kai Dojo and I kinda just wished we were following the story of Johnny, Kreese and the students at Cobra Kai. Zabka is the easy star of the show for me. I really enjoyed the original Cobra Kai reuniting to take the sick Tommy out on the lash for one last time. I take it Rob Garrison wasn't well in real life as he sadly passed away last year. Shame they couldn't get Chad McQueen back to reprise Dutch for that episode.
  3. I was listening to some stuff last night on YouTube and JJ72 came up on the recommendations (there is an excellent version of Oxygen performed live on Top of the Pops that I contemplated posting but just opted the album version instead) so I checked out a bunch of stuff of theirs I've probably not listened to in about fifteen years. I had no idea that Hilary ended up leaving and they replaced her with another female bassist until doing some reading up on them either.
  4. Cage Gladiators was shown on ITV4 back in 2008, At least four shows aired (that's all I have) and it appears to have been a north west promotion based out of Liverpool (three of the four took place at the Liverpool Olympia and I never noted the venue for the fourth). The main names that I recognise who fought there and went on to have some sort of career would be Paul Sass and Stefan Struve. On one of the shoes Struve beat career jobber Colln 'Big C' Robinson, who looked like your stereotypical Cage Rage bouncer-type and even fought in the UFC once, getting TKO'd by Antoni Hardonk in a mammoth 17 seconds!
  5. I did drop @Kid Ka$h a pm to see if he knew Stu's surname as after mentioning Stew Allen didn't want to get all morbid again, but Corino_Mark was who I thought he possibly meant, especially as his real first name was Stuart.
  6. If by Stu you mean $tew Allen, he sadly passed away in 2014. https://ukff.com/topic/135304-irish-tew-allen-passes-away/
  7. I've been binging the first season of Cobra Kai the past couple of days and have been surprised at how good it is. Lots of callbacks to the films even down to the occasional line and some of the same music too ("Young Hearts"). Without giving too much away it's thirty four years after the original film and Daniel and Johnny's lives have taken dramatically different turns although the rivalry is still there, Johnny still having not really gotten over what happened at the original All Valley tournament. You get glimpses into Johnny's upbringing and I've found myself firmly on his side, in fact I struggle to see how anyone could be rooting for Daniel throughout the series. All the characters I liked also tended to be associated with Johnny, such as Miguel and Eli/Hawk, the only exception being Amanda, Daniel's wife. I downloaded it from a torrent site, it's an easy watch and very nostalgic. If you enjoyed the films (admittedly Karate Kid II is shite and I have a soft spot for III) you'll easily enjoy this.
  8. The Wedding Present - Swimming Pools, Movie Stars (1994)
  9. I bought the box set when it was released in the early 2000s and have watched that all the way through, I know there are playlists of the entire event on YouTube but have never had the urge to sit through it all. Out of curiosity I stuck the Led Zeppelin performance on the other night after hearing on the documentary how they'd blocked it from ever being shown again. I can understand why, it was fucking awful and I couldn't even get through the first song Plant's vocals were that bad. My favourite performance is Hall & Oates dueting with the Temptations from the Philly show and as much as it pains me I actually quite enjoy U2 too.
  10. The Fall - Why Are People Grudgeful? (1993)
  11. I only saw this yesterday, but a @Coldwar_Steve creation entitled Benny's Babbies. It was the Desmond Douglas randomness that did it for me!
  12. Nice to see Bisping is still the same old prick I despised all those years ago and used to enjoy cheering against. Odious, hypocritical shit calling someone a "cheat", folks in glass houses Michael, or maybe that should be folks with glass eyes?
  13. Live Aid: Rockin' All Over the World (2005) The Beeb repeated this over the past two nights and it's now up on the Player. I can't remember if I watched it when it first aired but this is an excellent insight into what led to and was involved in putting on Live Aid. It's three hours, so is a long watch, although if you are interested in the subject matter or just want to learn about what was a once in a lifetime event it's well worth it. Tons of interviews from performers as well as those involved on putting the event on, some great stories (the likes of McCartney and Robert Plant don't come out of it well, while someone like David Bowie, who you may thinks has every right to have an ego has nothing of the sort, and Alison Moyet has a really funny tale about him) and it's pretty incredible that not only they pulled the event off but looking back at the footage with all the people there.
  14. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - The Ship Song (1990)
  15. Sebastian back to his usual money wasting self today, an overall loss of £42 after encouraging his team to splurge £180 on some silver box. Fortunately for him Charles Hanson had an absolute mare and did even worse (total loss of £95). The fool then has the gall to start jumping around and celebrating the "win" like it was something to be proud of! Raskin-Sharp on hosting duties again.
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