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  1. Lick the Tins - Can't Help Falling in Love (1985)
  2. Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade (2007) A companion piece to the ‘King of Kong’ documentary. Back in 1982, at the height of video arcades, Life Magazine did a piece bringing together the best video game players in the country, this documentary catches up with some of these men roughly twenty five years later. Twin Galaxies and Walter Day, just like in King of Kong, are the backbone, Twin Galaxies having hosted the 1982 Video Game World Championships. Naturally, Billy Mitchell features, and while still a tad arrogant he surprisingly doesn’t come off anywhere near as bad here as he did
  3. April Fool's Day (1986) Watched this last night via nefarious means. An 80s horror flick that sees a group of college students go to stay with their friend who lives in a mansion on a remote island. Quite a few times it made me jump and there is a great twist right at the end, even if it does mean you have to suspend disbelief a fair bit. The acting is nothing special, although Deborah Foreman is pretty good. To be honest, if it wasn't for the ending I would have probably been disappointed to have spent ninety minutes watching this. but the last ten/fifteen made it worth sticking with
  4. Some of this is very near the knuckle and bordering on tasteless (so if you're easily offended I'd say don't click on the link), however it made me, in true Wolfie style, belly laugh on plenty of occasions whilst scrolling through the thread (the Ross, Bob posts are the best stuff). Martin Adams laughs at history...
  5. Whenever I hear his name I'm always reminded of the "True or False' round on Shooting Stars. "True of False, Roy Kinnear?"
  6. More added: Pure Dynamite - Dynamite Kid Bobby the Brain: Wrestling's Bad Boy Tells All "Classy" Freddie Blassie - Listen You Pencil Neck Geeks
  7. Just like Salad, another single that I had on cassette back in the day. The version of this that they performed on Jools Holland is one of my favopurite all-time performances from that show, David McAlmont's vocals are something else.
  8. The Go! Team - Huddle Formation (2004)
  9. Yeah, pretty much. Nigh on all of it goes over my head though.
  10. I was reminded of something on PWO so just checked that out; he's reinvented himself as 'The Academic Agent' on YouTube and has over 50K subscribers (I wouldn't recommend trying to make sense of anything he talks about on his channel). Is also offering online courses in Economics, which completely surprised me as I thought English Literature and Shakespeare was what he specialized in.
  11. Funnily enough I was reading the Slinger's Day write up last night, as that was one I've never heard of before, like this Dream Stuffing. I don't know why I've completely missed your blog until fairly recently (it was the Byker Grove link that was posted the other week that got me checking it out) but I've been thoroughly enjoying diving into the various articles. Heck, I even ended up watching Copy Cats on YouTube after reading that one. Davro's complete inability to do impressions was something that had bypassed me as a youngster, a personal highlight was his "Mike Baldwin" from Coron
  12. This ratings system is even worse than BIGLAV (and admittedly that'll mean something to very few).
  13. Central was the region I lived in and I don't recall us ever getting shows from the AWA/World Class/Memphis partnership (not to say we didn't). I can remember the Rhodes PWF from '89, Global with the likes of Dr. Red Roberts, Death Row and the Soul Patrol, ICW with Kevin Sullivan, Mark Lewin, Bruiser Brody and Blackjack Mulligan, even old Mid-Atlantic, just not that.
  14. Not cheap, but not the $1,000 plus dollars it will cost via Amazon. eBay link - my copy
  15. Whores Glory (2011) A depressing and at times upsetting look at prostitution in Thailand, Bangladesh and Mexico. We start off in Thailand at a place called ‘The Fishtank’, where the girls sit behind a giant glass screen being ogled at and waiting to be picked by the men, or “johns” as they call them. The men are quite open talking about their wives, happy to cheat on them, but making it clear they would not be best pleased if they were the ones being cheated on. The girls talk about not having much money, looking at taking on a second job, but then they go and blow their money on loca
  16. Beyonce dancing to the Grange Hill theme, Version 2.0 with added flying sausage.
  17. Still amazes me how she seemingly got off scott free when she was every bit as bad, if not worse than Jade Goody, and was far more hideous than Jo O'Meara (who's career pretty much ended at that point).
  18. Not sure if there would be much interest but thought I would put these up here before banging them on eBay. Open to offers on them (I'm not looking to sell individual magazines). Postage will be £3.10, so if anyone is interested drop me a PM with an offer, not including postage, and we can go from there. Thanks
  19. These are over five years old now, but a couple of guys from the Place to be Network did an All Japan Excite Series podcast. They're no longer up on Soundcloud but the following link has working episodes: https://podcastaddict.com/podcast/3030204
  20. I watched Nature Boy from the ESPN 30 for 30 series the other night. I'm not sure how much would be new information to posters of this board but it was an easy watch (outside of one thing which I'll get to later), plus you get both the Undertaker and Sting, out of character, as talking heads, which is pretty unique. The episode is basically a sit-down interview with Ric cut with lots of archive footage, some animated cartoons and interviews with contemporaries (such as Ricky Steamboat, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Triple H and Greg Gagne). Flair talks about giving his life to wrestling an
  21. @Jimmy Jack Jock Strap is the name that always sticks in my head. Turns out they haven't been around for over a decade though.
  22. You should stick the DVDs up on eBay if you can be bothered. Checking out the sold listings, you would probably easier make more than a fiver if you were to bundle them up and sell them on there.
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