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  1. No idea, I did use a different computer when posting that Sunday's song, however even on my own it now automatically embeds them like it used to. Kenickie - Acetone (1997)
  2. And only average 73.6 in doing so; he's going to need to up that by at least twenty points or he'll be going out in one of the next couple of rounds. I'm not sure of his board or who he's drawn but I'd expect Mitchell to get through.
  3. Is anyone keeping up with the goings on at Q-School? There's some averages being thrown that makes you wonder why folk are even forking up the entrance fee. 'Flash' Dudbridge has just whupped some jobber 5-0 who was averaging 32.7! I said earlier in the thread with an hour's practice I'd fancy myself against Paula Jacklin, I'm confident I could pick up some darts, go right up there and beat that. There's been a couple more averages in the 40s thrown, plus a whole slew in the 50s and early 60s (someone called Sean Adams winning with a 61.8).
  4. It was either this, Astral Weeks or Pacific Ocean Blue. I went for this. Fotzepolitic and Fifty-Fifty Clown are my standout tunes.
  5. I know he was all about being World champion and the trophy at the time, but in the cold light of day it must be absolutely soul destroying realizing that, at most, he's getting practically a quarter of what last year's winner won.
  6. I'm going for that obsessive MeltzerSaidWhat twitter account, looks like the kind of thing he'd post. Sad cunt can't stand Dave yet pours over every written word he writes, listens to every podcast he's on and pays for doing so just so he can play "gotcha" on Twitter. Must have one seriously empty life. Either him or Mark Rushford. Definitely one or the other though.
  7. Alex Party - Don't Give Me Your Life (1996) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJ3WO9k6EE8
  8. Good final and happy for Warren as you could tell what it meant to him. Could've done without the lingering shots of his arse crack though (on more than one occasion!) as he was bending over the stage to celebrate with his family. Suzuki looked utterly perplexed at the celebrations.
  9. Here's a bunch of TV sets also up for grabs, more to be added down the line (I didn't particularly want to list everything all at once). Price is 50p a disc plus postage. AWA TV 1986 (28 discs) Best of Japan TV 1993 (30 discs) ECW on TNN (30 discs) NWA World Championship Wrestling 1988 (47 discs) NWA World Championship Wrestling 1988 Sunday Edition (5 discs) NWA World Championship Wrestling 1989 (44 discs) NWA World Championship Wrestling 1990 (45 discs) OVW TV 2009 (34 discs) WCCW TV 1983 (46 discs, from 24/7) WCW Monday Nitro 1995 (9 discs, upgraded set) WCW Monday Nitro 1996 (42 discs, upgraded set) WCW Power Hour 1992 (26 discs) WCW Pro 1996 (23 discs) WCW Thunder 2001 (12 discs) WWE NXT Season 3 (7 discs) WWF All American Wrestling 1985 (11 discs) WWF Championship Wrestling 1985 (26 discs) WWF Championship Wrestling 1986 (17 discs) WWF Superstars of Wrestling 1986 (9 discs) WWF Superstars of Wrestling 1987 (26 discs) WWF Superstars of Wrestling 1988 (26 discs)
  10. Against better judgment I clicked on that link, yeah it just looks like they've just plagiarized Meltzer's Firpo obituary from this week's Observer (which had all that info and more in)..
  11. Yeah, that's a great album. Pretty sure it got a fair bit of play on John Peel's show and that's where I first heard it and subsequently picked it up. So much of my taste is inspired from listening to his shows at the time, listening to old shows online, Festive Fifties etc.
  12. Rob 'n' Raz feat. Leila K - Got to Get (1990) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njacCWObEOM
  13. Not quite as bad as when Georgie Bingham was interviewing Wayne Warren the other year and some serial killer looking dude was stood behind her with a sign saying "F*ck her in the pussy", but more class from the BDO fans! Disappointing stuff from Paul Hogan, averaging 25 points less than yesterday at one point. Very happy Mikuru won, Greaves will be kicking herself over busting 51 with the set at her mercy and despite coming back strong in the second fell apart in the third. Not sure how she will do at Q-School, will be good experience if nothing else. That female caller was dreadful yet again.
  14. Trina Gulliver won ten World titles and she was fucking horrendous on comms/analysis.
  15. (Un)fortunately I missed this game, getting back in just as Hammond was giving her post-match interview. Greaves vs De Graaf was a good, probably the best of the women's tournament so far. I'm sticking with Suzuki, but would not be surprised one jot if Greaves wins the whole thing. The female caller was shocking though, several times she corrected herself, had to be corrected by Greaves at one point, got a score wrong (prior to De Graaf checking out so nothing that major) and on more than one occasion the player was telling her what they scored as she seemed to have an inability to count. Made Rab Butler look competent did Kerry the Calculator!
  16. It's being reported that Mercedes Martinez has signed with the WWE. While they've got way too many women under contract as it is, very happy about this and someone who absolutely deserves it. I did think they may sign her after the second Mae Young Classic, as the female Chris Hero, the veteran who goes on the road and works with all the green/new talent on the Florida house shows, but nothing came to it back then.
  17. Off to Belgium the end of April for my annual get together with a few old friends from Uni. Manchester to Brussels Charleroi return for £36. Lovely!
  18. Malcolm McLaren - Double Dutch (1983) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKjuTBuWP9k
  19. I haven't played in a couple of years but I genuinely think with one hours practice I could beat Paula. Not even getting a shot at a double is embarrassing. Maybe she should concentrate more on her darts as opposed to threatening people. Somehow I can't imagine Mrs Hearn behaving like this! "You're fucking having it!" . .
  20. I have zero recollection of him in the Grand Slam at all for some reason, but can remember the like of Shaun Greatbatch, Pecker Woods and the 'Excellent Dude' Niels de Ruieter all playing crystal clear. That Skelton story does ring a vague bell, again no idea Monty was the guilty party and surprised I haven't seen it mentioned more often on the Darts forum considering how much they love to slate the guy on there, plus Taylor and his camper van antics are still a regular source of amusement/knocking for some.
  21. Yeah, looking forward to Mitchell's gamesmanship and slow retrieving of his darts against a fourteen year old kid. I've only seen Bennett in last year's Youth final and from clips on YouTube but he comes across as incredibly unlikable and for all his talent, no-one seems to have a good word to sat about him.
  22. It's either him or Ross Montgomery. I always wondered what Monty would do should he ever qualify for the Grand Slam. Would he do a Wolfie (until later down the line) and turn down the offer or would he go back on everything he said and take Hearn's money? Sadly he was never in the position, and doubt he ever will be now, that we'll never find out. Here is Monty in all his finest, no doubt prior to a regulation first round exit for him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMAnzU9sNRA
  23. 'Big Jobbo' Gary Robson pratting around on a Segway and falling face first into a table and breaking his nose prior to the tournament. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25NfVEVBjec There used to be an interview of a drunken Wolfie being interviewed live on the BBC with Colin Murray and Bob. I think he'd been on first in the afternoon, then after the win had been in the bar for a few hours, by the time they get round to having a word with him he's leathered and badly slurring his words. I've tried looking but it looks to have been deleted from YouTube now.
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