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Legit tough guys of Pro Wrestling

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Who do you think is the hardest son of a bitch in the history of pro wrestling if there were no rules and it was a square go in the street? And why?

I reckon my pick has to be the cliche answer - Haku. The sheer psychopathic violence he is capable of would make him a dangerous bastard. Anyone capable of biting noses and popping eyes is in a different league.

Notable mention would be Rick Steiner. That guy was as strong as an ox with a legit wrestling background as well as being a complete lunatic. Get the impression in his prime he would have feared nobody on the planet. 

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There's a story in Bret's book about the WWF staying in a hotel in Liverpool on one of the European tours, where Spurs were booked in too. Both crews were drinking in the bar together, and there was a

CM Punk fought in UFC too.

Definitely Mongo. Wouldn't want to mess with him. He'd knock you the fuck out. Probably by accident but still.

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Lord Littlebrook 

Absolutely terrorized Jack Victory & Rip Morgan when he managed the New Zealand Militia and later the Royal Family.  Jacko and Ripper daren't cross his Lordship, even thoough they had the two on odd ones should they have wanted to.  Also was fearless standing up to King Kong Bundy at Wrestlemania III.  Folks knew not to try Lord Littlebrook!

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