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The Official UKFF RAW thread (part 2)...

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I had a quick go of Thunderdome tonight. It’s pretty much exactly the same as watching the show normally, only with the added bonus of being so distracted trying to find yourself in the crowd that thi

Collectively, they sound like a verse from Red Hot Chili Peppers’ By The Way. What an odd choice.

Like going to a show and calling people cunts?

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30 minutes ago, Yakashi said:

I think Alexa is really good considering how she started. She’s a decent talker, looks great, is obviously, or was obviously before this, a bit of a star and is fine in the ring.

Shes just in one of the worst storylines ever which is dragging her down. Shame really.

Thing is they probably see it as some kind of reward, giving her a "top" spot alongside Bray.

Sadly we all know that working with Bray doesn't really give anyone the rub long-term by any stretch of the imagination.

I do really admire her for committing to it and giving it her all. It's certainly a marmite thing though.

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7 minutes ago, Tsurutagun said:

The Alexa bollocks is what happens when you read the Alexa is Sister Abigail fan fiction online 

On another note, regarding the Lacey Evans pregnancy is there a chance that Stan Lane is the father? 

Is the kid coming out shouting about QAnon?

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Alexa has a ton of potential but they've never really found a fitting role for her. Whether it's this Fiend nonce-sense, or the run a few years ago where she was booked like Brock Lesnar - she always ends up as more of a hindrance than an asset.

Taking of which, Riddle is the extreme embodiment of modern WWE booking. Where it's becoming harder and harder to distinguish between a push and a burial.

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The Alexa stuff is too far gone now, and as the poster above mentioned, is the culmination of weirdo fan fiction and writers whose entire inspiration is a stack of Blumhouse DVDs. 
They could’ve salvaged it somewhat when she reverted to her regular gear in that Nikky Cross match by having Alexa as herself plead for help, putting across The Fiend being an evil force controlling her. But no, just more random costume changes and “woah! I’m fucking mad me!”

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They're hyping his return at the moment. It feels like the way they used to have somebody "injure" Sting in WCW around the end of the year only for him to return in February. I can only imagine they're trying to turn him into their new Undertaker type character and make him look like some kind of special attraction, which would be fine if he wasn't on some kind of reverse streak. I don't think he's won a Mania match yet, has he?, 

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45 minutes ago, WyattSheepMask said:

the right answer is probably the most obvious 

Unrelated to Bray Wyatt, but this reminded me that the philosophical principle of Occam's Razor inspired the names of the Authors of Pain.

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