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The AEW Wednesday Night Dynamite Thread

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Right people, right time, just the wrong location.

Fucking hell who’s arsed. Let people get excited about things.

The Good Brothers are like a team of Christian and Matt Hardy. They both feel like the worst person in their team, it just happens to be the same team.

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Another impressive statistic, though this was a show that was always going to sell out.

The real test will be seeing if they're able to maintain, or even come close to this demand when they're settling into their 5/6th weeks of television.

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Never in doubt...exciting times to be a wrestling fan :)

Now lets see how ticket sales hold up for shows 2,3 and 4......

Bring on the blood and guts!


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WWE have always inflated ticket sales as a flex, but AEW are going for the speed of selling out as theirs. Which is smart, because if you see they are putting on a show in the area you know you have to be ready to buy as soon as they go on sale if you don’t want to miss out. Before the card is announced you need to already have a ticket. If you lose interest closer to the event it is a certainty you could flog it for more than you paid too

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14 hours ago, IANdrewDiceClay said:

Vince was shitting himself in 96. A better man than Bischoff would have crushed him.

He's a walking contradiction. I'm still amazed that so many people actually have swallowed his bullshit over the years.

Risk taker? Sure. Not sure he's the creative genius many credit him to be though.

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I've always wondered how much truth there was - and the associated hard data behind it - to the long held notion that Vince was perilously close to going out of business in 1996. Despite the fact that Turner and Bischoff started handing him his arse that year, weren't they still benefiting from the emergent wrestling boom? Shawn was a better house draw than Diesel, they'd cut a lot of the dross and I always remember archive Observer reports floating about that mentioned them doing great houses in the Garden that year compared to 94 and 95, which they'd still use as a major metric up until that point. I'm guessing they just lost a lot of their licencing to Turner and had to start handing out far more competitive contracts, which put their head on the block somewhat? 

The whole thing always came off as a bit of a narrative, plucky underdog struggle story they'd play up for any Monday Night Wars content. I can't imagine they were ever close to being completely fucked. Very much interested in being corrected on it, though! 

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