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  1. Here's hoping. I hoped with the NXT UK build they would have a blowoff match at wargames or survivor series Tag that weekend with British strong style. Wargames though has me too excited
  2. Feel like i'm interrupting here but I've had some of my best live experiences at SWE shows, during 2010/11 there was very little british wrestling near me. I spoke to a guy called Ben on Facebook who was starting to co promote a show called NBW Southside in St Neots (following a trial show I believe in one of the villages), he saw via Facebook that I had been to 1PW and was talking British Wrestling, As I had enjoyed my 1PW Sheffield opening to seeing Bret Hart and knew nobody else and only followed WWE previously (and also this being my first drive solo after just passing my test), as this was literally 10 minutes for me I headed over to this venue to see what he was doing. I loved it, being up close to the action, the direct crowd interactions I was hooked. During it's early days it seem very rough around the edges some of the wrestlers looked like default CAWs but it didn't bother me. I remember seeing a couple of guys wrestling their first matches on this show one of them being Robbie X, I witnessed Britani Knight wrestle Sweet Saraya in a Mum vs Daughter match and Greg Burridge using my WWE Encyclopedia I'd won in the evenings raffle as a weapon. From here my love of British wrestling grew as did the scene on the whole, I dabbled over the next few years with other promotions such as Rev Pro etc but always stayed loyal to Southside not just because they were local but I was seeing lots of new match styles, a massively exciting long feud between Ligero and Kirby which had I Quit, Cage matches, No Rope matches and many more over the years and as better attendances and money grew I saw US imports wrestle our young guys and grils and put them over massively in promos and heard the feedback they were getting over in the US, I sat in Subway and watched Sabu stroll past me with a steel chair, I've seen Johnny Gargano wrestle in my high street hall and witness Prince Devitt put his head through a ceiling tile in a community centre behind my local cinema just before Christmas A couple of personal show highlights and recommend looking at them the Speed King tournament shows of 2013 and 2014 they were a fantastic look on paper at what I feel was near the peak of this British boom and mixing of UK and international talent 2013 featured Dean Allmark, Robbie X, Martin Kirby, Ligero, Kay Lee Ray, Noam Dar, Zack Sabre Jr, Noam Dar, Marty Scurll, Jay Lethal and Samuray Del Sol. 2014 had 2 shows a morning and afternoon, the afternoon had some tremendous matches I remember seeing this kid Tyler Bate vs Noam Dar and a fab 4 Way with Devitt and the main show had some knockout matches including Will Ospreay vs Mark Andrews Pete Dunne vs Noam Dar and a title match of Devitt vs Haskins this show is still my favourite show I saw live. I'm sure there's many promotions with a longer history and impact but for me Southside was really my opening into British Wrestling and feel that during 2011 -2015 it was a peak for me in my wrestling fandom and since many of the guys left for bigger things worldwide I've felt that been part of something special while it's been around
  3. I re-watched some of the show last night, I'm still convinced JR shouldn't be on commentary he just doesn't sit right and the product seems to be over his head however the backstage interview stuff he does on the road to shows is his perfect place
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