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Hot Drinks

Chris B

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6 hours ago, Gus Mears said:

Nothing but multi packs of crap PG tips at my office. I'd kill for Yorkshire. 

Working for a retailer we get free drinks but it's all our own brand. Thankfully they do coffee beans and splashed out on a machine.

I'll have a Bovril first thing, then coffee until lunch. I'll swap to green tea post lunch at work in a bid to be healthier but not at home, then have an ovaltine for supper.

I love a mug of Bovril the morning after a night out too.

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Hardcore tea drinker here but can't stand coffee at all. I'm partial to the odd hot chocolate though.

Seems to be a generational thing in our office that no one under 25 seems to drink tea/coffee any more.


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2 hours ago, Undefeated Steak said:

I'm not fussy about what I eat at all but the one food I can't stomach is Marmite. Think I'll give Bovril a miss actually. 

Bovril doesn't taste like Marmite. I wouldn't worry about that.

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