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Hot Drinks

Chris B

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Ahh one of my favourite topics. I could probably right an essay on teas and have a whole cupboard dedicated to them at home. I'm currently drinking a lot of Bluebird flavoured teas, they do some wonderful ones. My current favourite is the Almond Bakewell. I've been trying to really cut down my caffiene, flavoured and original Rooibus teas have really helped with this. 

I have a lot of loose teas and refillable teabags so often make my own blends.  As far as teabags for work, it's usually a Yorkshire Tea or Twinnings (all bought myself).

As for other hot drinks, my sister brought me a Velvetiset from Hotel Chocolat - specificaly for making hot chocolated and I bloody love it, all the blends are lovely, really flavourful and very different tasting apart from the 100% dark chocolate. That is vile. They describe it has having a deep leather fragrance but it tastes like leather, gross.

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Hated coffee up until a few months back when I decided to try it in work as I wasn't sleeping great at the time and was nearly falling asleep doing assessments. Not a great look for a probation officer to look more out of it than their clients.  It worked a treat, I just have it black with no milk/sugar. Twas bitter at the start but taste buds adjust quick enough. Generally have two cups before I start the mornings list. I get the jars of the Aldi fairtrade Colombian coffee and it does the trick. Not sure what the equivalent of that is in Starbucks/Costa or the like, so haven't ventured there yet out of fear of looking like a twat when I order.

I'd have tea at home or during the afternoon in work, Barrys gold blend with a drop of milk. I like the Assam teas Aldi do as well, lovely strength to them. Remember ordering tea in Dunkin Donuts of all places in the states the other year, and receiving watery goop with bits of cream floating in it. Such an uncivilised country!

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3 minutes ago, Bellenda Carlisle said:

I can't imagine anything I would've felt like less today than hot chocolate. 

An old family friend would drink a cup of boiled water on a hot day. There is some science to this https://www.thespruceeats.com/can-hot-drinks-cool-you-down-765049

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I quite like tea. I have it maybe once a week but only when I'm in the mood.

I bloody love coffee though. Probably the thing I spend most money on. I have a half dozen types on the go at once. Work got me a Fortnum and Mason voucher for birthday, so I got "Queen's Blend" (if it's good enough for her maj...) which is really delicious. At work I rotate round whatever is on offer but Taylors is a good fallback. 

I bought a Dolce Gusto capsule machine and I get a cappuccino out of it every day. Poundstretcher do a Douwe Egberts brand that's £2.50 a box. Great value. 

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11 hours ago, Undefeated Steak said:

Had a white hot chocolate at a chocolate makers over in York today, and it might well be the nicest hot drink I've ever tasted. 

Not the York Cocoa Works on Castlegate perchance?

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15 hours ago, SuperBacon said:

Yes yes I know, dont pay their taxes, union bust their staff, but the Iced Brown Sugar Oat Shaken Espresso from Starbucks is one of the best drinks I've ever had.

I hope they keep it forever.

Same, I fucking love it and feel disgusting every time I go in and get one.

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8 hours ago, Chris B said:

You come into a hot drinks thread to talk about iced coffee? Why, I oughtta...

Oh yeah....sorry, I just automatically assumed it was catch all for tea and coffee of all sorts.

7 hours ago, neil said:

Same, I fucking love it and feel disgusting every time I go in and get one.

I will allow them* union busting all of their stores if they keep it.



*obviously Starbucks is 'evil' but what can you do? It's also the only place open on the high street when I get to work so thats my excuse.

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