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John Amos

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I think that Discorama, Run Wild Fred and Delta Work are the most likely winners and have the correct profile - although take my selections with a tonne of salt after my Cheltenham shambles.

I've also backed If The Cap Fits and Tea Clipper in the earlier races.

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Done Longhouse Poet, Mount Ida, Noble Yeats, Anibale Fly, Discorama, Snow Leopardess and Death Duty £10 E/w on each so £140 in, hopefully a couple place for a decent profit.

Edit: Lovely £411 profit.

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I've been looking into more of the 'Bet Builder' type bets - varying success levels. I'm no more/less in/out of profit from when I've started placing them (are we ever?!) but bets on fewer games with plausible scenarios for smaller initial returns are more likely to come in. 

'Andy's Football Tips' on Twitter is usually good value once you skip through the new customer offers and the 'stick my notifications on' tweets. 

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Tough day today.

1.30 - don't like any of the top 3 in the market. Think it's a weak race without an outstanding candidate. Tahmuras and Rare Edition tentative choices.

2.05 - Flip a coin between the top two. Both outstanding prospects. Dysart Dynamo will set off like a greyhound and fade.

2.50 - love this race. Into Overdrive outstanding claims. Horses that have run well in this race tend to repeat and do so again (Corach Rambler and Oscar Elite). Top Ville Ben could go well at a price.

3.30 - sit back and watch

4.10 - the up and comers usually beat the older mares on the downturn. Brandy Love or Love Envoi. Against Honeysuckle and Epatante.

4.50 - pin job time. All depends which horse has a stone in hand. Samuel Spade shouldn't be 20/1 and is worth a small each way.

5.30 - favourite should be running in the 3 miler tomorrow imo. Would win either. Didn't convince over this trip previously, but should have enough class to win.


1.30 - Tahmuras

2.50 - Into Overdrive / Top Ville Ben

4.10 - Brandy Love

4.50 - Samuel Spade



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I've gone for e/w on Dark Raven and Facile Vega in the 1.30 and a score on Happygolucky e/w in the 2.50 as that accurately describes my sunny personality 😂

Dark Raven is the 10yo's choice as she's ill off school and I'm introducing her to gambling. Don't tell her Mum!

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Tough days punting as always. A modest investment in a few today but nothing I'd stick my neck out on. I use olbg because I like the free tipping competition. You have to give reasons for your selections and I look at the breeding of horses a lot, especially in Grade 1 races. I managed to get "You have to acknowledge the bloodline" in to one of my reasons today showing that no matter how hard I try I can't escape from wrestling. 

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A crap day but a good lesson in life for the 10yo.

Dark Raven was going well and she was whooping and cheering it on thinking it would win. It genuinely looked decent for a while and every time they mentioned its name, she looked even more excited.

Of course it fucked it at the last jump and came nowhere near in the end. What did she expect, she's a Spurs fan like me, but a good life lesson learned.

Got evens on Constitution Hill to at least claw a bit back (before bet365 limited the stakes) but yeah a crap 1st day. 

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