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  1. This is a great idea and Good luck to Spud with this new angle! He even has a My Sacrifice video on YouTube. I use to love those videos at the height of people custom making them.
  2. I was going to post earlier but unsure of spoiler protocol in this thread, but the UK championship match was fantastic, I've not watched or really cared about the UK scene for well over 10 years now, but that match has surly peaked my interest a little. Pete Dunn just has that look and feel about him that he genuinely doesn't care about anyone but himself which just makes him so damn unlikable and the flipside you just could'nt then help but get behind Tyler Bate and the crowd were fantastic, never thought I would ever here a "UK" chant at a WWE event which was so damn loud! It's the subtle things that I find NXT does so well, even down to when Ciampa and Gargano were raising their arms on the entrance way at the end, the copyright logo came up which is normally the tell tale sign that everything is over and it's time to turn off the TV and then the turn came. Such a small thing but all added to the shock.
  3. Congrats MoKonjic consistent throughout! The Pats comeback killed me. If Atlanta would have held on I'd have got all 4 quarters right and the bonus points as well! MVP thank you again for running this again. Makes a big difference to my enjoyment on a Sunday night, especially at playoff time! Only 205 days left till it all starts again!
  4. Agreed, we're going to be talking about this one for years to come! Even my father in-law who is only really a casual fan text me going into the 4th quarter. It had him gripped and past his bed time by a long long way!
  5. Johnny Vaughan does drive time on Radio X formally XFM and is bloody fantastic too!
  6. - QB: Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcons) - RB: LeGarette Blount (New England Patriots) - WR: Julio Jones (Atlanta Falcons) - TE: Martellus Bennett (New England Patriots) - K: Steven Gostkowski (New England Patriots) - Defense/Special Teams: Atlanta Falcons NB A maximum of THREE players from each team is allowed, Picking more then 3 will see the Highest scoring Player/Players from that teams score Void until its down to 3 Players - Pick the result - New England Patriots 23-34 Atlanta Falcons - Winning points - 9 Points - 1st team to score any points - Atlanta Falcons - 1st team to score Touchdown - Atlanta Falcons - Player to score 1st Touchdown - LeGarette Blount (New England Patriots) - Total Number of Touchdowns scored (both teams combined) - 6 Touchdowns - Total Number of Interceptions made (both teams combined) - 1 - Will the game go to Overtime (Yes/NO) - NO - MVP - Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcons) - Time and quarter of 1st Touchdown (ie 14.20 1st quarter) - 11:45 1st Quarter - Total Rushing yards (Pick one team and predict their rushing yards) - Atlanta Falcons 95 Yards Rushing - Toatl Passing Yards (Pick one team and predict their Passing yards) - New England Patriots 285 Yards Passing - Total net yards (both teams combined rushing and passing yards) - 823 yards Advantage at the end of each quarter - 1st quarter (Patriots, Falcons, Tie) - tie - 2nd quarter (Patriots, Falcons, Tie) - Falcons - 3rd quarter (Patriots, Falcons, Tie) - Falcons - 4th quarter (Patriots, Falcons, Tie) - Falcons - All 4 quarters correct - 20 additional bonus points
  7. Is Percy Watson a mute? Seems scared to even talk on commentary!
  8. If only I hadn't sucked so bad in the regular season!
  9. I'd love to know the reasoning, surly can't be a typo coz you picked 22000 last week also..... One week I really do hope your right though!!! I actually have no idea why I put that. I meant 2200 both weeks Shame
  10. I'd love to know the reasoning, surly can't be a typo coz you picked 22000 last week also..... One week I really do hope your right though!!!
  11. As is always the case.... Found it now.
  12. A very long time ago I remember a topic about people's watches in off topic but can't seem to find it now. Could any clever soul find it? Looking to buy one and some of you guys had some awesome watches in there.
  13. QB: Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcons) RB: Le'veon Bell (Pittsburgh Steelers) WR: Julio Jones (Atlanta Falcons) TE: Jimmy Graham (Seattle Seahawks) K: Steven Hauschka (Seahawks) DST: New England Patriots MOST YARDS: Dallas Cowboys MOST POINTS: New England Patriots TOTAL NET YARDS: 2300 AFC1: Houston Texans @ New England Patriots : New England Patriots AFC2: Pittsburgh Steelers @ Kansas City Chiefs : Kansas City Chiefs NFC1: Seattle Seahawks @ Atlanta Falcons : Atlanta Falcons NFC2: Green Bay Packers @ Dallas Cowboys : Dallas Cowboys
  14. QB: Big Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh) RB: Le'veon Bell (Pittsburgh Steelers) WR: Kenny Stills (Miami Dolphins) TE: Jimmy Graham (Seattle Seahawks) K: Mason Crosby (Green Bay Packers) DST: Houston Texans MOST YARDS: Pittsburgh Steelers MOST POINTS: Pittsburgh Steelers TOTAL NET YARDS: 2350 AFC1: Houston Texans AFC1: Pittsburgh Steelers NFC1: Seattle Seahawks NFC2: Green Bay Packers