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Frankie Crisp

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Something needs to break the Chippy Tea monopoly on here.

So share and rate your big, heart-attack inducing fry-ups as and when you have one.

I had a delicious one the other day (Café No. 33 in Norwich), but I was uneasy about it not floating in its own fat, so it only gets a 7 from me. Bacon and sausage hidden underneath the toast.


Don’t do the Partridge thing. Too easy.

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2 hours ago, Dead Mike said:

Eggs look well posh!

48 minutes ago, gmoney said:

Beans in a cup? Well tory. 

16 minutes ago, Devon Malcolm said:

Green invader, not on.

15 minutes ago, Cousin Jim Bob said:

No black pudding is one thing but what is this green stuff on your fry up?

Again, Norwich.

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The toast looks pretty good. From what I can see the sausages look decent. Standard hash brown, nothing special but you know where you stand with it and it's a reliable item to have on the plate. I'm not a fan of tomatoes myself but understand It's a big part of a fry up for many people. Unfortunately one of them looks like a prolapsed bumhole and the other looks like a small pepper that's been stepped on. Beans look ok. By the looks of it they're likely to be Heinz as the sauce is too thin and there's too much of it. Not the best but still a decent bean. Can't really see the bacon but even bad bacon is good bacon. The real problem here is the eggs. It reminds me of those weird restaurants that think they're being posh by giving you scoops of mash potato. A fry up should only ever have two egg options; fried or scrambled. And let's face it we all know deep down it should only ever be fried. We let the scrambled option slide and it just scrapes past the acceptable line. 

Overall I'm sure it was a fine enjoyable bowl of food. But it can't look itself in the mirror and say it's a fry-up without feeling shame.

My fry-up: (on a plate)

Bacon, sausages, fried eggs, Branston Beans, fried slices with a load of butter, hash browns, mushrooms and so much grease that you'll never suffer from stiff joints. 

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6 hours ago, Frankie Crisp said:

Again, Norwich.

Norwich is posh now?  Has that happened since the pedestrianisation? (Did a different partridge thing, think that follows the rules)


You know, I'm going to stick my neck out and actually defend the ramekin. It keeps the beans in a nice, secure location. Frankie is at liberty to pour them out if he wants, but if not he can keep them apart and use the sauce for dipping when he wants to. Diner's choice. 

Cant really defend the eggs though. Poached eggs aren't a fry up.


And where are the mushrooms?

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Fresh orange out of a glass bottle with a candy cane straw. Get in the bin. I feel like you should do a greasy spoon weekend in Rhyl now to rehabilitate yourself with the true nature of a breakfast that leaves you with a sense of guilt, satisfaction and heart palpitations.

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