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Frankie Crisp

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1 hour ago, Wretch said:

Not a recent brekkie, but the time we ordered ourselves a full English and I asked for no beans. To this day I've no idea what the fuck they were thinking.



I was on a stag in Prague once, the morning after the night before we blearily found somewhere to get breakfast. "Full Irish" bacon sausage egg beans and toast. Deliriously happy with this outcome we all order one.......

2 pieces of streaky bacon

Mini hot dogs 

Kidney beans 

A boiled egg.

2 slices of toast that looked like Mr dangers tea..........


I don't think I've ever come as close to crying over breakfast before.



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22 hours ago, Frankie Crisp said:

Something needs to break the Chippy Tea monopoly on here.

So share and rate your big, heart-attack inducing fry-ups as and when you have one.

I had a delicious one the other day (Café No. 33 in Norwich), but I was uneasy about it not floating in its own fat, so it only gets a 7 from me. Bacon and sausage hidden underneath the toast.


Don’t do the Partridge thing. Too easy.

I've lived in Norwich 18 years and still haven't found the perfect fry up. Cafe 33 is decent, but yeah, you're gonna get a bit of green for some reason and that's never right on a fry up.

There's very few proper greasy spoons in town, you have to head out into the cheaper parts of town for good cheap food (magdalen st is the best place for food i.e kebabs, curries etc..)

There used to be a great cafe not far from Cafe 33 that used to an insanely good fry up (2 of everything, including black pudding) but that only lasted a few months.

And yup, Norwich is pretty posh these days, especially for food. 

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The fry up debate causes as many arguments as the one about those round bread things.

I can't believe that no one was outraged about liver being mentioned as if it was a sensible option! Mental. 

There's so many combinations to go with. If you go with more than 7 it just gets a bit silly though. This made me have a look on Wikipedia to see what might be accepted as options for your breakfast plate, and some of these options for breakfast should get you locked up. 


"Some of the foods that may be included in a full breakfast are:

eggs; fried, scrambled or poached

fried or grilled bacon, also referred to as "rashers" or "slices"

sausages or sausage patties

white pudding

black pudding

kidneys, grilled or fried

potato, either sautéed or served as chips, potato waffles, potato bread, potato cake, hash browns or röstis

bread, usually toasted or fried

soda bread/soda farl (common in Ireland, and available in both white and brown varieties)

baked beans

fried mushrooms

fried, grilled, or tinned tomatoes

fried haggis (in Scotland)

oatcakes (in Scotland)

fruit pudding (in Scotland)

potato (or "tattie") scones (in Scotland and Ireland)

sliced sausage, also known as Lorne sausage (in Scotland)

Spam, often fried in slices (in the UK; unusual)

laverbread (in Wales)

grilled smoked mackerel/kippers

cockles (in Wales)

hog's pudding (in Cornwall and Devon)

bubble and squeak"


Fruit pudding? Cockles? I don't even know what hog's pudding is.  

Oh, and brown sauce. Always brown sauce. 

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Disappointed by the lack of Haggis discussed so far. For me ,to qualify as a Full Scottish, the plate consists of:

Square sausage 

Link sausage


Tattie scone 

Black pudding

Haggis (circular pieces like the black pudding)

Fried egg 


Fried bread

Because we're slightly posher in our house we sometimes add mushrooms, tomato (the missus not me) and a hash brown. More likely to be ordinary toast too rather than fried bread as I can't have white bread due to it triggering IBS. 

Other than Christmas day we usually have a plate made up of 5 items or so and not really deserving of the Full Scottish title. Still a good fry up nonetheless. 
















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The local boozer doesn’t open until midday now and I was too hungry to wait, so went to a place near the Pier Head instead. Top effort.


Only one of the eggs was runny and there was a touch too much pepper on the tomatoes, but I’ll definitely go there again. The beans came in a cup, but I kept that out of sight so Butch doesn’t have an aneurysm. 8.5/10. 

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