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  1. Chilly McFreeze


    Not quite https://twitter.com/BBCPolitics/status/1072963233613459456?ref_src=twsrc^tfw
  2. Chilly McFreeze

    There's Been a General Election Called! Who You Voting For?

    I'm in a marginal seat for the first time in my life, the current Tory MP Chloe Smith won by about 500 votes last time. And I'm a Labour member, so, yeah. Labour without question.
  3. Chilly McFreeze


    She's up to 160 MPs backing her publicly now. I know it's an anonymous ballot but I can't see her losing it now.
  4. Chilly McFreeze

    Christmas food and cooking

    I went for Balsamic Vinegar instead of wine last year and it was glorious. Used half a bottle. Also chuck a Star Anise in there. Well shit, one of my better typos I guess.
  5. Chilly McFreeze

    Christmas food and cooking

    Cooking Christmas dinner is pretty much my favourite thing to do, ever. I love love love it. 6th year in a row I'm doing Pork Belly. My friends won't let me do anything else. I raised the subject of Lamb in the pub last week and they were having none of it. But why have anything else when you can have this (pic from last year): Got a couple of Vegetarians this year, so gotta make 2 gravies, and sadly won't be doing the Potatoes and Yorkshire Puddings in the pork fat this year. Here's what the dinner is refined to now after years of tweaking: - Pork Belly (and crackling) - Some one is bringing a Nut Roast for the veggies. - Roast Potatoes - Braised Red Cabbage - Glazed Carrots - Sprouts (with bacon and chestnuts) - Yorkshire Puds - Stuffing - Gravy Biggest tip I can give is do Jamie Oliver's Get Head Gravy a few days beforehand. It's an absolute winner and piss easy to make. Will save you loads of faff when bringing everything together. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmxJeptDDlY EDIT: also, assuming you're doing a big joint of meat or a bird, let that sucker rest out of the oven once cooked for a LONG time. At least an hour, some even say you should rest it for as long as you cooked it. Either way, cover it with tin foil and tea towels and make the most of having a shit load more oven space for a couple of hours.
  6. Chilly McFreeze

    Killing Time on a Journey

  7. Chilly McFreeze


    The goalpost wouldn't have moved, they were never established in the first place. No one knew where they were or how big they were. This time, if there is another Referendum, people will know. That's why we need the 2nd vote.
  8. Chilly McFreeze

    Getting a Curry in, what you having?

    Good call on the Chana Masala. Chickpeas and Curry are a match made in heaven. Surprised at the Keema Naan love here though. It's too rich for me. Naans in general just fill me up too much.
  9. Chilly McFreeze

    Getting a Curry in, what you having?

    We've done the chippy, but what about that other Great British Takeaway institution? If you're not starting with 2 poppadums each then you're already doing it wrong. And don't forget to keep the Mango Chutney around for your mains. Mains depend, if I want a challenge, something hot like a Chilli Masala, Rogan Josh if I'm being basic, or Tandoori mixed grill if I'm trying to be healthy. Meat is always Lamb. I need Spinach in my sides, so a nice Sag Aloo and maybe some Onion Bhajis if I'm pushing the boat out. Plain rice and a Paratha (superior to a Naan) finish it all off. And maybe a Punky Ice Cream if I have room for dessert. What you having?
  10. Chilly McFreeze

    2018 Post of the Year Thread

    +1 for Hallicks.
  11. Chilly McFreeze

    It's today then ... (Trump thread)

    Just leaving this here so we can fully appreciate the level of intellect the current leader of the free world has. I just can not comprehend this. The more I read it the more convinced I am he has completely lost it.
  12. Chilly McFreeze


    Fucking hell what a day. I’ve had got almost no work done because of this shit. This is May’s decision to invoke Article 50 so soon coming back and biting everyone in the arse. Although I empathise with her shitty situation today to some degree, she made this mess herself by being so cavalier with Article 50. Mogg’s press conference today was very telling. What he and the rest want is no deal straight up and he’s not hiding it anymore. They don’t even want to negotiate anymore, just get us out and deal with it later. What at I can’t understand is why the remain campaign didn’t seize on the Irish border issue. It’s such an obvious problem now but I don’t recall any mention of it during the campaign. Ive never truly believed we would leave, and I still don’t. Article 50 will get delayed I am sure and then all bets are off, but a 2nd vote would become realistic then, and I think remain would be the likely outcome if there was.