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  1. Brexit isn't, and never will be over. Pandora's box is well and truly open. Deal, No Deal, Remain, whatever the outcome of the current shit-storm, it will rage on for fucking decades. So whatever your stance, saying you want it 'over and done with' is fucking nonsense and means nothing.
  2. Actually it was being reported the teller 'mistake' by the Government was to try and get an amendment added that would force Labour to vote down the bill entirely. But Labour's lawyers didn't deem it legally significant so the skullduggery failed anyway.
  3. Worst thing about this now is how polarised it is. Before, there were some shades of Grey: Soft Brexit, Hard Brexit, Norway Option etc.... Now, if you don't want a No Deal, you are a Remainer. And to be a Brexiter, you must desire No Deal. That's all that's left in this debate now. I fucking hate it.
  4. Kenneth Clarke's tearing Boris apart right now and it's fucking beautiful to watch
  5. Ok so turns out we just landed in one of those scenarios. Politics is fucking mental right now.
  6. He can't call a General Election. The MPs have to vote 2/3 majority for it. It'll be up to Jeremy Corbyn if we have one ( although I can't see many scenarios where he would want to vote against it.)
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