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  1. Outstanding stuff there @Kaz Hayashi!
  2. Here we go again folks. I wanna hear what you're cooking, how you're cooking it, and when you're cooking it. Doing exactly the same as last year (Pork Belly with all the xmas trimmings.) Did the big shop today and gonna pick up the pig from the butcher tomorrow. Plan: 23rd - cook the ham in Coke, and glaze it with a honey and madeira glaze. Make some apple chutney to go with the pork. Maybe make some sausage rolls too. 24 - Make the gravy (still do the Jamie Oliver 'Can't Go Wrong' method with chicken wings.) Pre make the swede and carrot mash, par boil the veg, braise the cabbage. KFC for dinner. 25th - Spend all day in the kitchen bringing it all together. Everything gets cooked in the fat from the pork belly. I fucking adore cooking christmas dinner. Best day of the year. Gonna be eating around 3pm. Ham and Cheese board in the evening. 26th - Bubble and Squeek and a full English Breakfast.
  3. Inspired by this Richard Osmand Tweet: https://twitter.com/richardosman/status/1159005124238426112 What time based facts can you use to truly realise how old you are getting? Here's one that I keep thinking about recently that happened this year: We’re further away from The Beatles ‘Free As A Bird’ reunion than the reunion was from when The Beatles broke up
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