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On the subject of arenas... With the NBA starting up again soon, the ThunderDome is moving to Tropicana Field (home of the MLB's Tampa Bay Rays) as of December 11th.

Believe it's one of the smaller venues in professional baseball but presumably bigger than Amway Center. Don't know if they'll scale up the ThunderDome accordingly?

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Did you put your clock back a week?

My main takeaway from that is that Marty has a brother called Geno. Geno Jannetty.

With a face like a smacked arse, which means she’s losing

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1 hour ago, garynysmon said:

You just know that plenty of saddos/nutters will pay that too

It would be worth it to keep stored away somewhere and have it played at your funeral. 

If I go before Marty and he'll also take a few quid to be hauled to the roof of a Birmingham crematorium while the lights dim it would definitely be worth it. 

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14 hours ago, Tommy! said:

If I go before Marty

Jesus, that's not something I'd want to know the odds on. Marty's probably had second thoughts about whether to bother buying a Christmas tree the last five Novembers.

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