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UKFF Questions Thread v3

Otto Dem Wanz

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20 hours ago, simonworden said:

Just watching an ECW show from Lowell (where Shawn lost his smile) and remembered that WWE did a December 97 raw there which used a one off basic frame set due to the buildings size. Was that the last time they used a smaller set/ venue for Raw until the MSG show in 2009? I can't recall any others before they introduced the titan trons in Feb/march 97 until then 

There were some shows after Summerslam 98 that I feel had a different set-up...

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43 minutes ago, Liam O'Rourke said:

Do any of you fine gentlemen recall the thread where the legendarily shit poster advertising the UK Rock and dodgy Kane was posted? Looking to do a little research for something.

If anything can find something of the forum's past, @Ronnie is your man

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29 minutes ago, Your Fight Site said:

“Bret Rico as D.X.” always confused me. What? All of them?

“Tonight, Matthew, I’m going to be The Beatles.”

It's "hardcore matches etc etc etc" that amuses me. That's surely someone taking what's intended as a loose brief as an instruction verbatim. 


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