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Almost fucking wept when I saw Mays was in it. In many ways, I'm Nilsen's 13th victim.

He paid for my breakfast once, so I'll not have a word against him. 

We spent this week re-watching Detectorists and I don't think there is a warmer and more lovely comedy ever made. It is spectacular with a pitch perfect ending.

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1 hour ago, Bellenda Carlisle said:

Judy Greer gets her tits out twice.


1 hour ago, Mr_Danger said:

If you like Judy Greer getting them out you should check out Arrested Development!

Any specific episodes you could point a brother to?

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I finished Twenties which popped up on the iPlayer last week and it was really good.

Created by Lena Waithe and based on her own experiences, it focuses on a gay screenwriter trying to break in to TV, and her friends and is a really fun, breezy watch.

Jonica Gibbs (Hattie) in the lead role is brilliant, but her mum Kym Whitley absolutely steals the show. There is one line that she says to Hattie's white colleague that had me fucking howling.

Along with Better Things, Nora From Queens and Dave, whoever is in charge of the BBCs foreign comedy department has nailed it in the last year.

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9 minutes ago, Chest Rockwell said:

I started Top Boy because @PunkStep and @SuperBacon keep going on about it and I saw it was on Netflix. In only a few episodes in but really enjoying it. I thought it would be fun but stupid but it's actually much better than I thought it would be.

Loved it. Think all 3 series are really strong to be honest.

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20 hours ago, Keith Houchen said:

Doctors is back on, lads!  Cracking news!

I'm not ashamed to say my first thought when the second lockdown news was leaked was 'will they have filmed enough episodes to get through to December?' 

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14 hours ago, Mr_Danger said:

It’s definitely stupid but very watchable. Kano shows some genuine chops in it too, surprised he’s not in more.

I think the main reason is because he said he hates acting. He said in interviews that he hates process and finds it really boring so has never persued other roles.

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