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  1. I went off Jericho after reading his 3rd book, the story about being pissed up and annoying HBK's family as though it was some big turning point in his life when the way it's written he obviously thought the reader would think he's sound as fuck just put me right off Thankfully he was enough of a knob to actually put in the book that his apology and asking for help from HBK was given short shrift, which I found hilarious
  2. Apologies if I'm forgetting something obvious but what's Bret Hart done that'd possibly put you off enjoying his matches?
  3. I think it's fair to say the racist element in America might feel emboldened over the last four years
  4. He was probably joking but didn't Nash reckon The Rock's gay? Obviously it shouldn't matter either way but I can't imagine it being a vote winner with the religious lot Combine that with roughly half of the country being racist and there's no chance it'd happen, thinking logically Bobby Eaton is the best choice for wrestler turned president and has half a dozen tag partners to choose from as a running mate Cornette telling journalists to fuck off whilst necking insane amounts of Sprite might let the side down though
  5. The thing I never understood when Hogan was in WWE's bad books was why anyone was arsed about him coming back I can certainly understand people who didn't want him to come back but he wasn't going to wrestle or be part of a big angle so why did anyone fuss about him not being 'allowed' back? Plus from WWE's point of view he's not going to draw any money and all of his fans can watch his glory days on the network so why would the company even want to use him?
  6. He used to be Republican didn't he? Even if he isn't anymore, I doubt he'd try running for the Democrats
  7. Agree with that completely, it'd have been like 'The man they call Vader' rather than something completely different
  8. Pretty sure it was Scott Hall's idea for the Crow makeup, if Sting had been in the WWF in 98/99 and turned heel, they'd have just given him the regulation black leather jacket and shades and told him to look sombre after hitting the Stinger Splash
  9. Must've whispered the idea in Hogan's ear while he was being suplexed off the top of the cage for that to be true
  10. For some, probably lockdown lunacy induced, reason the dog reminded me of Bob Hoskins at the end of The Long Good Friday Just needed the camera to pull back to reveal a smug looking Pierce Brosnan holding the gun
  11. I'm not a fan of Nia Jax at all and think she should've been potted ages ago but don't really see how that's all her fault, surely Sane is more at fault for not getting her hands up?
  12. 'we make movies' yeah, shite ones If it's true about them not doing any proper testing at the show, a ten man battle royal probably isn't the best idea either
  13. It's not like they'd be feuding with Bossman Recycle something like Sean O'Haire's quality character but see if they can actually apply to it to a wrestling show other than using it to get Dawn Marie's kit off
  14. Give it a week and I'll be fatigued, no clashes with Doctors or Neighbours on plus one though so that's a bonus
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