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  1. Get Big Show to stand up for his old man I suppose, build to a bathtub full of shite gimmick match
  2. I suppose an even better choice for a WWE heel would be to just call themselves the 8th wonder of the world, then you could have the commentators go on about how disrespectful it is to Andre etc. Thinking about it further (it's my week off) having someone called the tenth would be a bit dodgy seeing as at some point kids would wanna know who the 9th was, short of the commentators saying 'she left in 2001 then did absolutely nothing til she died, PLEASE don't Google her' it'd be a bit awkward
  3. Ninth wonder of the world was a terrible nickname, any time Chyna was on anything mainstream and was referred to by that most people would've just gone 'Eh? Ninth?' Agree with the above, a heel using it would be good for heat, it'd fit Ziggler really but obviously it'd be wasted on him at the same time
  4. Horse running today called Double W's has made me think that Vince should have just changed the name of the company to Double WF, then I realised it'd still be written as WWF and part of my brain melted and ran out of my nose (last bit might not have happened)
  5. Yeah the biggest star in wrestling turning up would be a right downer
  6. I bought Wrestlemania 2000 and an N64 at the beginning of lockdown, the amount of time I spent listening to those tinny entrance themes in the create a wrestler bit reminded me why 15 year old me didn't have a girlfriend
  7. Yep, there was talk of showing every game while there's no crowds but apparently the clubs wanted too much extra money
  8. Looks shite, doesn't have My Time on it but has his poncey first theme
  9. Would WWE have a leg to stand on if someone like Orton were to carry on and not be punished while some NXT mid carder is sacked for doing the same? I suppose it comes down to what Punk said on twitter, if they all ignore it and carry on as they are, they can't all be sacked
  10. Think we're forgetting him having a theme where it sounded like Heyman literally shitting himself, that's how hard he was
  11. In regards to new gear and music for Reigns, surely this is the worst time to do that? Imagine if the fans come back in how ever many months time and he's still got the Shield gear and music, no one's cheering that, if he has a new look and music plus Heyman they'll probably cheer him like mad
  12. Haha fair enough I deserve that
  13. I might be old fashioned but it's a bit cringe worthy tagging anyone let alone WWE in a tweet announcing your dad's death, modern times though I suppose
  14. They've changed the Summerslam match to Loser Leaves WWE so at least it looks like she'll have time off to deal with everything, credit to them both for still actually going ahead with the match anyway, don't think anyone could blame them for just wanting time off immediately
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