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  1. I've said I don't know why pity was banned, you've explained and if it was anything to do with this thread then i still don't understand, I'm not him so I can't speak for him but I imagine he's happy to be banned, it's like the Guardians comments section, I'm a returning member anyway so ban me as well
  2. I wasn't aware Pity was banned from here, the story was to do with anyone not being allowed a different opinion (in general not on here) about trans topics, I posted it in this thread because of the previous discussions that I've seen/been involved with
  3. You've posted in this thread so you know full well, not starting an argument but rather a discussion, he was brought up in the missing people or whatever thread, given how he was spoken to I imagine that's why no one has seen him on here
  4. https://truecrimedaily.com/2020/11/24/florida-woman-attacks-coworkers-sleeping-husband-with-machete-leads-deputies-in-pursuit-sheriff/ Not to speak for the bloke but I imagine it's stuff like this why @King Pitcoshasn't bothered with this place for months, especially if you find it on twitter and read the comments, not that this site is out of order in general but he was slaughtered by certain posters for no real reason
  5. Now all I can picture is Omega coming out with ear muffs and a scarf on saying to the girls with the brushes 'brrr int it cold? Gritters are out' Another good episode anyway, I like the guest commentator thing, reminds me of '98 WWF in a good way I assumed it was the Bucks who twatted Moxley backstage? Then again I fast forward through anything they're (The Bucks) in so I'm probably wrong For all the talk of how great Kingston is on the mic (and he is) Tazz is usually superb as well, he's got tiny head Cage and one man Lenny and Lodi tribute act Starks over, can only get bett
  6. Pogue

    Top Twitter

    Well he's got Right Said Fred so he just needs another 498 anti lockdowners better than Robbie Williams
  7. She's got a nice face but she's a knob and she's got the figure of a centaur
  8. The Fully Loaded 99 match is still one of my favourite matches ever, it's got everything you want in an Attitude era match, my mate who absolutely detested wrestling when we were teenagers even got into watching it The title match they had a few weeks prior on Raw was good fun as well, massively helped that they were in front of an absolutely electric crowd
  9. Jeff Hardy looks like Noel Fielding in some of those pics, Nakamura looks cool and Alexa Bliss looks smart as fuck
  10. I'd put Cornette above Meltzer for that reason, he slags people off but still is a bit biased for certain things ie Cody, Meltzer purports to be the independent credible voice of wrestling but still sucks off AEW stuff because he loves the Bucks and Omega
  11. Well yeah, he was an alcoholic junkie with myriad mental health issues, I'd say he's the definitive 80's/90's wrestler
  12. Because he's weird as fuck, I just had a quick look at his twitter and it gave me a headache, in fairness to him that was my own daft fault for looking at the replies
  13. How many adverts and background music on TV shows has that been on? Bit off topic but best entrance theme that proper went with the entrance video is Steve Blackman's, looked hard as fuck and yet it started like a single from a 90s German DJ
  14. Pogue


    World Cup 02 was the greatest as I was at sixth form and the pubs let us in before school, oh and Ronaldo got his golden boot
  15. Pogue


    The Alien one may not be popular so I'll start with an easy one Jaws 1234 Die Hard 1342 Indiana Jones 1342 Alien 3124 Bonds 143562 (OHMSS is my favourite though)
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