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My mum and dad.


On one hand Rick getting some fancy non crisp from Soho and describing it as "devine" is completely destroying the image of Hull that this place has created. On the other hand Rick going to London on

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14 hours ago, King Coconut said:

The only Wotsit type snack I can get hold of in Germany is peanut flavoured. Fucking rank.

They sound like the Wurst crisps ever! Do walkers still do chicken crisps? Used to love those

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I've never understood chicken crisps.  Chicken has very little flavour, which is why it's such a good base for complex cooking recipes and sauces.  Why would you want to eat bland crisps?  Even basic ready salted are nicer, you can taste the potato.

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On 3/9/2020 at 4:21 PM, Kaz Hayashi said:

I’m sure many of you have had these, but these are a billion times better than Wotsits, Cheetos and anything similar. 
Bigger, with a mountain of fake cheese flavour. Drowned in artificial goodness. Two big bags for a quid too.


Well, I stand corrected.

Happy Shopper have decided to change their entire approach and formula to making Cheese Puffs. The absolute joy that I posted about above (large pieces with a dramatic fake cheese tang) has now been replaced by generic sized pieces, with an underwhelming flavour, making them taste the same as other fake Wotsits.

I finished off the remaining 4 bags from the corner shop last week. Delightful, as ever. However, I went in today to pick up the essentials including the typical 4 bags of Cheese Puffs. I pulled apart the top of the first bag and to my horror, the change was noticeable before I’d even finished opening them. I ate them all to make sure. I’ve now eaten 3 of the 4 bags to confirm my nightmare and well, it clearly wasn’t a random rogue bag. They have properly changed. 

Distraught is an understatement. I’ll be writing a strongly worded letter to Happy Shit heads up on completion of the 4th bag. The bastards. 


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The Nandos Peri Peri Chicken Walkers are one of the worst flavour crisps I've ever had. 1/10

The GBK Classic Cheeseburger flavour barely any better. 3/10

Obviously I'll eat the remaining 8 bags (probably tonight), but that's beside the point.

Walkers are terrible.

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Before I wasn't allowed to eat crisps I got some actual monster munch, and was surprised by how little flavour there was to them. Mind you I think their crisps were all a little bland compared to the proprietary suoermarket brands and their rival crisps as well, your Seabrook's and McCoy's etc. 

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