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My mum and dad.


On one hand Rick getting some fancy non crisp from Soho and describing it as "devine" is completely destroying the image of Hull that this place has created. On the other hand Rick going to London on

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I’ve got a problem with crisps. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before but I can sometimes get through 30/40 packs a week. 

All time favourites: Brannigans Roast Beef and Mustard

Current favourite: Back on the Roysters T Bone Steak after a long hiatus.

Just bought some of those new Pringles Fusions Red Thai Curry ones which, to be fair, are banging.

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The multipack bags are half the size of what crisps used to be back in the day. Multipack monster munch sometimes have 8 crisps in. Whats the point?

sometimes better just to get a big bag of pork scratchings, at least they fill you up a bit.

i do about 30 bags a week. Still at fighting weight though. 

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Pringles are the most overrated crisp, they have that dodgy texture from being mashed up potato shavings or whatever reconstituted into crisp form.

One of my recent favs were those Seabrook Scorpion Chili crisps they were selling in Aldi, the kick to them was just perfect and they tasted nice without being just pure heat.

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Pringles are the only crisp i find moreish tbh. The paparika ones especially. I'll avoid buying them if i can but I'll get through a tube a night at Christmas time easily. 

I did discover a sweet chilli variant of the Golden Wonder puffy onion rings the other week, they were pretty good.

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Definitely these:


Definitely the vinegariest crisps I've had, they're absolutely addictive.  Pair with a nice dry Chenin Blanc.  Or a buckfast, or whatever you Northerners drink.

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No. 1 crisp.

Brannigans beef and mustard, salt and vinegar squares, pickled onion monster munch all good answers. 

Pringles rice fusion peking duck are surprisingly nice. Short run back in the 90s spare rib flavour skips were amazing, they need to bring those back.

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So close Chest, just move to their next product... 


Absurdly addictive. That mix of tang and heat is irresistible. Eat one, and you'll go hmm, they're OK. Five later and the whole bag is gone. 

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