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  1. Rio on mainstream tv talking about family. Ha, a known and proven adulterer talking about the hardships of family life since his wife passed. He should keep a low profile being the love rat he is. It would be a bit like Jesse Lingard going on TV telling people how to play football. 😜
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/rioferdy5/status/1111198416267284480?lang=en My favourite Rio clip other than when he had his hard hat on strolling around the new Wembley balanced on his drug ridden naughty hairdo. The gift that keeps giving.
  3. Pundits are nowadays told to be trolls. Like Devon M. When he still thinks Jesse Lingard will bring the glory days back to Utd and Ole is a nice man and not a sniffiing little prick. 😜
  4. I have a feeling Eddie will put Uysk/Chisora on the same night as this. He said it was initially going to be the 28th March but then said it could be later.
  5. It’s Heenan after he got his face shoved in a pie. It was from the Halloween themed SNME November 85. A Classic SNME.
  6. He maybe giving you a task to focus on, which sometimes can improve your MH. Plus he probably knows you love any excuse to wear a high vis 😋. Try and look on it as something to get your teeth into. Goodluck.
  7. His Tweets have been picked up by the UKFF’s favourite online paper, The Mail. Called Fury a crackhead cunt and The Scousers all Bindippers. He was 16 at the time. He’ll be ousted by Kugan i guess, just a shame it’ll probably ruin his career. Imagine if all the things you said at 16 come back to haunt you. Or in this places case as little as ten years ago!
  8. Interesting Fact : Arsenal have only won 6 EPL games this season. The only time they had fewer victories at this stage of the season was in the 1912/13 season. #WENGEROUT
  9. Scumbag. He will get found out as a fighter as well, undisciplined at such a young age. Not to many role models left in boxing anymore....other than big Tyson Fury! No its sad more boxers dont have decent press or reputations. Was gutted when the story came out about Josh Taylor being a bit of a prick not to long ago, he’s my favourite boxer and probably the only real top 5-10 pound for pound world fighter from the UK. Was a one off by all accounts though. Kell Brook next week, dont know to much about his opponent. If he looks good i’d love to see Brook/Crawford but apparently after Crawford/Khan done shite numbers it’s a no goer.
  10. Keeler took a bit of a beating the other night. Thats the best i’ve saw Andrade look. The Farmer/Diaz fight was decent. It looks like the You Tubers are here to stay with their fight increasing DAZN subs by a silly amount. Hearn said 100k buys. 3 weeks till the first big fight of the year. Apparently the champ and challenger both have rematch clauses so if its anyway slightly close there will be another fight at the end of the year. Heres one of thrm build up programs from the States, nothing spectacular but an easy watch.
  11. Looking forward to the Brexit party i am attending tonight. Should be amazing.
  12. @PJ Power Aka Terry Christian. You prove my point perfectly.
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