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  1. I remember him as a jobber in Bret Hart like gear in WCW around 91 time.
  2. Porkchopcash

    Boxing Thread

    Fights from the US always run late. Virgin Media give you the option to record an hr or more longer than the allocated time. I always use that. Was an ok fight, Pacman seemed to be rushing in alot but done what he had to. Not sure where Broner goes from here. Would like to see Pacquio fight Crawford after he gets past Khan. Both Arum fighters so i imagine not to difficult to make. Just depends if all parties want it. Alternatively a Mayweather/Pacquio rematch to same night as Alvarez Jacobs would be funny.
  3. Porkchopcash

    Types of angle you love

    My favourite mask angle.
  4. Porkchopcash

    The "I've just watched ..." thread

    Jesse used to rip him non stop on Superstars, calling him an ugly looking troll. Humperdink is the absoloute worst. Whoever thought putting Mr Wonderful with him would work needs shooting!
  5. Porkchopcash

    Boxing Thread

    Two nice little interviews with Frank and Eddie. Interesting stuff about Dillian.
  6. Porkchopcash

    The "I've just watched ..." thread

    The bulldogs v harts match on that snme is immense. Thats my favourite SNME of all time.
  7. Porkchopcash

    The Wrestler - 10 years on

    I think non wrestling fans found it more interesting than wrestling fans tbh. We had all saw and read about wrestlers like Jake and Foley amongst others, so it didnt do a lot for wrestling fans. I think for a short period of time the mainstream media actually respected wrestlers a bit more. I found it ok, nothing more than that.
  8. Porkchopcash

    NAILZ (not dead)

    I imagine that would have been Mr Perfect. Vince was a goodie at this point.
  9. Porkchopcash

    NAILZ (not dead)

    What a debut. One of the best ever. Brutal for the time.
  10. Porkchopcash

    UKFF Questions Thread V2

    No, on Thursday nights in the late 80’s, 87 i thibk, every now and then they would show the SNME’s from the beginning, the first ever ones. Then on Saturday nights they started showing them as they happened. The first one i remember being shown as it happened was a late 87 one where Bundy beat Hogan by countout. Then in Jan 88 Hogan rematched Bundy and got chocked out by Andre after, thus setting up The Main Event where Hogan lost the belt with the double referee saga. So theyve been shown as they happened from late 87 i believe.
  11. Porkchopcash

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    I await Punksteps response. Is it because i slagged of Lingard? He’s been stalking me since. Quite a serious and unwarranted thing to say about someone.
  12. Porkchopcash

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Please show it for everyone.....
  13. Porkchopcash

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Lol absolutely feeble. Keep up the good fight man. Keep on stalking, i’m sure you’ll find something soon you muppet.
  14. Porkchopcash

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    I reckon a lot of the people not happy about this would still watch a good old fashioned bra and panties match involving Alexa and Mandy. And i reckon 90% of male wrestling fans would want to see this. It’s gotta be better than Nia Jax or Tamina stumbling round the ring.
  15. Porkchopcash

    Random Thoughts III.

    Watching the documentary onthe AWA, its hard to have sympathy on the Gagnes. Even Hogans t-shirt in one of his last matches there said it’s the belt now or never. Verne seemed like a greedy old bully, like alot of the old timers. On another note, Vince didnt really create anyone with his initial run to take over the business in 83/4/5 did he? He just gave them the platform and a bit more cash to perform. It wasnt until late 86 early 87 the gimmicks took over. A lot of these old promoters got what they deserved. Vince did give the angles though and i guess that’s what is important.