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  1. Whats happened to Tete? I thought him and Inoue where the same weight?
  2. I would like Breazeale to win as well but he is easy to hit from what ive seen and thats not a good thing against Wilder, plus then we would probably get a rematch or worst case a possible AJ Breazeale rematch that no one wants to see. Looking forward to seeing Joe Joyce fight that big unit who Fury nearly fought a few years back, Joyce is generally in entertaining fights. Him and Dubios would be a great match for the future. But its all about the Josh Taylor fight for me, really hope he wins, has looked class everytime ive seen him box. I dont know much about his opponent tbh. What ever happened to Taylor victim Ohara Davies? I know he signed with Warren and had a fight but havent saw or heard of him for a long time.
  3. It was a shit joke. It was reported about ten times that day when it happened, much like the Ashley death. 🤪.
  4. An interesting little fact. Trent Alexander Arnold got more assists this season than Jesse Lingard has his whole career.
  5. Apparently Arn Anderson got sacked for letting one of the onr of the women wrestlers wrestle pissed.
  6. Genuine questions...... Is any decent big men signed? Or is it all going to be workrate matches? Is there any potential suprises hinted other than Dean Ambrose? Any new gimmick matches that we havent witnessed before? Thanks.
  7. Just stating the facts thats all. Didnt mean to offend anyone.
  8. Just doesnt seem as many people on their high horse this time as compared to last.
  9. Great watch. Think Tom Magee had potential to win the IC belt in Rio De Janeiro looking at him.
  10. Why isnt everyone getting upset about this show like the last one? Loads on here seemed really pissed off and complaining about the last one for political reasons,,now they seem just pumped up for Taker amd Goldberg. Strange.
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