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  1. https://mol.im/a/6708241 A very good read from everybodys fave newspaper. About a 90s heavyweight who i had forgot about. I remember his name from the magazines and the Tua fight. Will have to yt him.
  2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fmQpu8LL4cA this is amazing, Race v Graham, Race is the man. The Superbowl of Wrestling 1978.
  3. Pipers 27 or 28 here, Don Muruco is 23. It’s unbelievable how natural and real all this seems. Ole us great as well. Solie playing the understated yet crucial role to perfection.
  4. Gorman has no power, i imagine it will be little more than a sparring session. I love how hypocritical Hearn is about the TV networks. Banging on about Joshua can fight on any network. A few months back he was saying the 50million offer was a no starter as Warren and BT were involved and Joshua has to fight on Sky. Despite the fights not being made i love the fact that Hearn is getting headfucked by Wilder. Wilder playing a smart game. A few months ago he was getting offered 12 million for the Joshua fight, now hes getting offered 3 or 4 fight deals worth 100 and 120 million! Saying that though, if he gets beat by Brazeale he looks a bit of an idiot.
  5. Heres big Eddies view from IFL.
  6. I think he descredited himself all on his own. The Homophobe.
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/patrice-evra-psg-alleged-homophobia-15999247.amp Mr Evra, what an idiot.
  8. Shouldnt he be done by the EPL for advertising? Like the Arsenal player who had Paddy Power on his pants? Anyway a good day all round, the neutrals favourites destroy Fulham and go back to the top of the EPL. Mane currently the best player in Europe as well. Milner with the coolness a mafia assassin putting that penalty away. Didnt need to jog up doing 35 little steps like Carlton Pogba.
  9. Was a good performance by Wolves. Wouldnt be suprised if Utd have their eye on the Wolves manager after that humiliation.
  10. Spence Garcia was a bit of a farce. Garcia was terrible. I know he moved up in weight to fight Spence but it looked man v boy in there. The one man commentary wasnt great either. Nice crowd there though.
  11. He did make his debut 2 years before Jose arrived though. Looks like Utds only realistic chance of silverware this season has now disappeared. It’s as if that PSG game ruined them physically and mentally. Even J Lingz couldnt help them lastnight. If they fail to make the Champions League and only qualify for the Europa, it could be another season floating between 4th and 6th in the EPL next year.
  12. Watched the first episode of the contender, i strongly recommend it. An easy watch. Features Shane Moseley Jnr in it as well.
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