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  1. i don't get the comparisions with Tyson tbh. Tyson looked an absoloute menace, like a shark. I remember seeing pictures and reports of Tyson in magazines before i actually saw him fight and he had the x factor, charisma without even talking. Dubois, while he seems a nice young man has zero charisma and putting Bruno with him will not help. Dont see the point of going to America. They have Wilder, WBC Heavyweight Champ, who can talk, knock people out for fun and he still cant sell out the Barclay Centre and is not even a PPV fighter. I think Dubois should try and make the 02 his house, much like AJ and look for a big domestic clash with Whyte or Chisora and go from there. He seems to have all the tools though to go all the way based on lastnights performance.
  2. John Mongrel would be an appropiate cell mate.
  3. I think Dubois is a bit to light on his feet for Joyce and would outbox him or possibly chin him if they fought. They should be kept apart for now for booking purposes. I get the criticism of Joyce but he did win that fight by a few rounds imo. His style is strange but then look at Wilders? He cant string basic boxing combinations together and he’s top 2 in the world. I dont know if Gorman fought the wrong fight or Dubios was just to big and powerful for him. I thought Gorman should have been on his toes a little and not start exchanging until the later rounds. Dubois looked good though. He should definately be ranked top 10 on that performance. Would fancy Dubois over all the heavyweights on next weeks card other than Whyte and that wouldnt be a gimme for Whyte by no means.
  4. Kovalev although has lost a step is still a very underated boxer, people just think of him as a powerhouse, his last fight, was it against Alvarez? He boxed very well. Different trainer now as well with Buddy Mggirt will hold him in good sted. Unless Yarde has got some underated power or boxing skills i am yet to see, i would fancy a Kovalev points win. Warren wouldnt let Yarde near Buatsi. No way! If Yarde did win it would be back to defending against unknown fighters like Warren tends to do....Terry Flanagan is a classic example of how Warren books his WBO champs
  5. havent watched yet but these are normally quite good.
  6. Ralphy, just so you know Ironics post is a quote from a Craig David song, thats why people are upvoting.
  7. Agreed to sell them my Willy Regal Autobiography for tenner, shook on it, then upped the price by a coupla quid to get a few extra packets of Asda own brand Weetabix 🤪.
  8. Bash of the Beach 95. i wont do a report as Wandshogun and Devon do a lot better, but if you need to watch a show to pick you up a bit watch this. Its on the Beach, features Sting v Meng in a great opener, grumpy Mr Wonderful v Renegade, Duggan v Kamala, DDP, Nastys, Macho, Flair. Its such a colourfull PPV, easy watch. Heenan and Tony on commentary. Sherri, Harlem Heat. Sherri is so good, best female performer of all time. A few sorts in bikinis in the crowd to for chaps.
  9. Did she have anything to do with Double A getting canned?
  10. Controversy creates Cash! They want a yank opponent for Fury and hes the most famous heavyweight yank out there. I dont think he’ll get licenced though, i hope not anyway.
  11. It’s a hard one to predict as you dont really know how good either of them actually are yet. Dubois has the size and power and it seems Gorman has the movement and footwork. Hatton seems very high on Gorman and is pushing his nasty streak. I guess it all depends on how Gorman reacts to the power of Dubois, if he can take his shots then i can see Gorman navigating his way to a points win. But if i had to stick my neck out id go with a Dubois win by stoppage with Gorman still on his feet. Would love to see Dubois v Joyce. The press conference for that one would be excruciating.
  12. Could have done with the hotpants and Jason like for her big tunes. Just glad that weapon Robbie Williams never showed up.
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