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  1. Ha. I thought it was a autospell for Arnold. What a beast having a handler.
  2. Pardon the Pun but hopefully the fight was an eye opener for Fury. Before the cut he didnt seem as sharp as he has been. Maybe he was starting to believe his hype a bit.
  3. That was An intriguing fight. Fairplay to Wallin he came and give it a go and half. Furys eye was a mess. I liked how Wallin was not intimidated by anything, i also liked his attempted thumb to the eye after the bell in one of the rounds. Fury looked sloppy, he took over in the second half with his skills and sheer size. The 12th was a decent round as well. Who knows what happens next. Will Furys eye be ready for February? The way things are going Ortiz will beat Wilder. Liked The Kings entrance.
  4. I’d put Calumn Smith, Josh Taylor, Fury and Joshua ahead of him and maybe more. He has only fought in my opinion one genuinally top ranked fighter in Lemieux, and he was made for Saunders.
  5. I'm hoping he fails and fades into mediocrity. Scumbag. Apparently he was offered the GGG fight more than once but was a couple of stone overweight. He does have all the talent but not the discipline. Hearn wont put him and Smith together anytime soon. Be an interesting fight if he did. Saunders, much like Fury does not have a large live following as i believe a lot of fans are cautious of going to watch them due to the following they have with the travelling community.
  6. Since when did Pikeys pay for anything? 😏
  7. Just the Wilder purse 😏
  8. It is what it is though, it’s a warm up fight. In a few years when Fury is retired no one will remember it or care, all they will talk about is how Fury beat Wlad, was robbed by the judges in Wilder 1 and how he destroyed him in Wilder 2. While Furys counting his millions!
  9. Thats a terrible opponent gor Benn, Bika is tough as nails. Be interesting nevertheless.
  10. I was up all night on E the day Diana dies and still played elevena side the next day and continued on the alldayer after! πŸ₯Š. One of the people i was out with asked why was Ken Dodd with Diana in the car? As he assumed Dodi was Ken Dodd.
  11. Genuine question, what wrestling do you like? You seem quite aggro towards the products and fans.
  12. Tyson donned a mexican wrestling mask the other day for Independence day. You would imagine he will do a mexican themed entrance. I can imagine the sombrero and the mexican trumpets playing him in. It will be like a Canelo entrance.
  13. one for the ladies. A tyson int in a hot tub....
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