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  1. Porkchopcash

    Boxing Thread

    Didnt you know? You cant write off Tony Bellew. It’s only the British pundits giving Bellew a chance really. Ive only seen 3 Usyk fights and he has looked the business. Tbh i knew little about the people he fought. The thing is anything could happen in this fight. Bellew has potential to turn it into a stinker or a war. Bellew can take a punch as well. I think Rossmans assesment is a bit harsh tbf. Bellew has looked very good at cruiserweight, its his natural weight. He destroyed Haye in the second fight. Saying that, Usyk is huge and looks brilliant. This i think will be used to be the Usyk measuring stick. I hope Bellew pulls it off but its a big ask. Bellew wont let his corner pull him out. Im going for either a convincing pts win for Usyk or a late ko for bellew.
  2. Porkchopcash

    Boxing Thread

  3. Porkchopcash

    Random Thoughts III.

    I miss Cat Crater. I also love Davids Middle/upper class gimmick who works from home while his missus goes out to yoga and is definately not unemployed singke and home alone. I like Gus Mears food/celebrity gimmick. Thats all really.
  4. Porkchopcash


    Just admit you become a vegan as you have a small cock.
  5. Porkchopcash

    Boxing Thread

    Cant see a stoppage tbf, cant see past a decent points win for Usyk. Would like Bellew to chin him though. Dont think it will be a great fight. Can see Bellew starting slow looking for angles and getting outboxed, then trying to come on strong in the second half and land a Haymaker.
  6. Porkchopcash

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Ronda Rousey is well fit. When i die i want to come back as a pair of her wrestling shorts. Thats all.
  7. Porkchopcash

    Random Thoughts III.

    Id love him to go full syrup and take bandana off. Like his mane in Rocky 3 but a bit more on top.
  8. Porkchopcash

    Random Thoughts III.

    #metoo for Bray Wyatt
  9. Porkchopcash

    Random Thoughts III.

    What was the Disqo Duck all about? Or however you spell his name.
  10. Porkchopcash

    Boxing Thread

    So Mayweather is fighting a kickboxer on new years eve in Japan? I would assume under boxing rules....
  11. Porkchopcash

    DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently 3 - The Final Insult

    Can anyone help? Does anyone know which Friday the 13th it is where someone comes out of the lake at the end. I think it happens twice in the first 4 or 5. Cheers.
  12. Porkchopcash

    Boxing Thread

    Yeh some good stuff on ifl about it.
  13. Porkchopcash

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    The Little Miss Bliss one is definately one for the Gays.
  14. Porkchopcash

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Obviously you must be a peado to wear one.....but at the same time the people who are encouraging you to watch womens wrestling and treat them as equals are also calling you a peado if you buy their merchandise. Classic contradictions on here as usual. I love the cool wrestling fans who dont go to shows and hardly watch wrestling anymore.