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Every so often, a thread will come up where we reminisce and wonder about old posters who disappeared and never came back, or very rarely re-appear briefly. However, I'm wondering, with this new forum's function for tagging posters, whether or not it might be possible to "summon" some of the old names back (assuming they'd get a notification in their email)?

Is there anyone you remember and you'd like to have a go at resurrecting them forum-side?

For me, there are a few I'd like to see back here, like @JLM, @CracktonMoj and @Jaffa. Also, there are the old guard like @Spatular, @Terje Rindal, @Kenny McBride and @bobbins.

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Whatever happened to @Ronnie always seemed a good egg to me. Posted a fair bit and I think he was  Awards mod for a bit but seemed to just vanish. 

And does anyone here keep in touch with @ShortOrderCook last I read on here he'd started wrestling. How's that going? 

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11 hours ago, Carbomb said:


For me, there are a few I'd like to see back here, like @JLM


He is still alive. Posts on games forum rllmuk a bunch. Big Streetfighter fan. Think he said he lost interest in wrestling.


Always wondered what happened to M2K he posted abit on here then set up RIM, then just disappeared one day. Used to make incredible compilation tapes full of obscure awesomeness. Was a very funny guy too his write ups for the matches were hilarious.

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