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  1. Not enough of you soulless cunts care about it yet (until me, Butch and the other members of NXTeam get through to you), so I'm starting this thread rather than clogging up the "Comments" one. I don't want to dig up an old NXT thread, because frankly, the alternate world of NXT now is so far gone from anything ever, it can't even be related to previous seasons. Also, because we're dead hard in here, you can spoil as much about NXT as you fucking like. This week was stacked and jacked as usual. - As the big payoff to the Matt Striker angle, he has handed the reigns of power over to William Regal for good. Regal has promised some right proper competition for Hawkins and Reks next week. - Tyson Kidd turned face a while back because he fancied it, and in doing so, started looking ace and getting over. He's been going through all sorts of highspots into the Sharpshooter, looking well cool. This week, he fell to the age of McGillicuty in 6 minutes. Mike Perfect's another one who appeared to be a face because he's a face, but he might he a heel still. He's not made his mind up though. - D-Young and Titus added more steam to push to be the greatest choc-cock team of all time, well besting A-Ry and Percy Watson. - Most importantly, the good guys held an in-ring intervention for Bateman to get his nob out of Maxine, but this all lead to the first kiss between Kaitlyn and Bateman, and a subsequent kickoff and match between the two best birds in the entire company. The awesome Johnny Curtis oiled himself up during this time. All that shite in one hour. No boring spots. A way, way better hit-rate than Raw and Smackdown, when you look at it like that. Less wristlocks than Superstars, more corny angles than you can shake a shitty stick at. Get on it you fools. They might start trying to make it good again soon, so make the best of it whilst it's still a giant piss take.
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