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I read an article recently that showed Netflix had changed their model in light of how they produce programming.

Previously the model was more about creating a show, and if the first season was successful, they would continue to make more and more. Shows like "Orange if the New Black" is a great example of this.

However over the years, as they have ramped up production and created more shows more often (and targeted at a wider range of audiences), they found that a show was more profitable during it's first and second season, but then after that they see diminishing returns from shows the longer they go on. Effectively they become less profitable.

In other words, financially speaking, it was better to move money from longer running shows and invest them into new properties. 

Creatively and personally I think that's complete shit. If too many Netflix shows do this, I'll leave Netflix. Nothing more unsatisfying than a series with long term storylines ending mid run with big fuck off cliffhangers and unanswered questions being cut off at the knees. There are already several acclaimed series of Netflix I will never watch because I found out they got prematurely cancelled, such as Altered Carbon.

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On 10/5/2020 at 11:55 PM, JNLister said:

This is quite the cancellation reason in a world where actual wrestling TV shows are still being made.


I was going to compare California with Florida, but then I remembered WWE films in New York now. And then I checked and found NWA Hollywood Wrestling's currently running shows, so I'm just gonna go stand over there and petition for a delete post button.

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1 hour ago, Uncle Zeb said:

but then I remembered WWE films in New York now

What are they filming in New York? I thought it was the Amway for Raw/SD/PPV and The PC/Capitol Wrestling Center for NXT, which are both Florida, or have a missed a big story there somewhere?

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I’m a little bit late to the party and started this. Onto season 2 now. Awesome Kong is brilliant, the miscarriage bit in the first couple of episodes was horrible and I nearly stopped watching. I’m guessing the time Frankie Crisp went quiet on here was when Kate Nash got her norks out and it was the first time he’d seen them that wasn’t through night vision goggles?

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