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He's here! Everyone doing well. She went for epidural in the end, didn't need half as much cheerleading as the first time. I ended up sitting in the corner playing my Switch for a stretch. (I started

My daughter arrived Monday evening. This pregnancy couldn’t have been more different than for our little boy four years ago. Tonnes of complications, Pre-eclampsia, low amniotic fluid, concerns o

So my planned C-Section won't be happening. I ended up having an emergency one at 5.30 this morning when baby decided to scare the shit out of us with the weirdest start to labour ever! My contraction

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So the kids have created their own YouTube channels and their videos are very cute bless them.

Most of it is them creating Gacha Life (No, me neither) characters or playing their PS4 (hilariously as we are waiting on a mic and a USB stick for them to be able to do it properly it's just them filming their TV on their tablet).

We thought long and hard about whether to let them do this (and we can get into the whole discussion of kids being on social media etc), but we justified it as encouraging them and their creative sides, and also it is something they enjoy doing together, which is rare. They've been explained to that it is supposed to be fun, and never to reveal anything personal on there and we vet the videos as well and have access to the accounts. Comments are also disabled on them.

This is the best one so far and features them teaching you how to create your own home made drum kit out of pots and pans. Don't worry I don't expect any of you to sit through a 7 minute video of my kids playing with saucepans (I skip through most of them myself :) ), but thought maybe those with kids might enjoy it if they want. I will say this, there is a dog at 4 minutes for anyone that does sit through it. 'Enjoy'.




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So our second joined us on Monday morning, emergency C-section (probably just as well given she was 9lbs) for the Mrs which was scary, but mother and baby doing great. Two year old surprisingly on board with being a big sister, can't see that lasting somehow! Very happy overall though with this new, increasingly chaotic phase in my life. 

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7 minutes ago, Chest Rockwell said:

Well.... I'm sat in the hospital car park and my wife has gone in for an induction. Not how I imagined this happening; not great not being able to be there with her.

What is the reason you're not allowed? Surely a birth should be an exemption?

Wishing you all the very best. Hope it goes well mate.

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