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The HHH Era has arrived


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Just to split this topic off from the Vince McMahon news thread - 

From the lowest of lows to the highest of highs, HHH has had an eventful 12 months!

Speculation on what this means.  Does he carry on into Summerslam with plans unchanged?  Does he come out on Raw tonight and run down a list of names to see who the crowd pops for (like Vince did on Nitro?)  Will Ciampa be WWE Champ in 6 months?

 Who’s his first phone call to - Sasha Banks?  Goldberg? Bray Wyatt?

 In pure creative terms this is the biggest shakeup ever in WWE.  We’ve seen what he likes in NXT… will it work on Raw?



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I was never a massive fan of the workrate indie darling era of NXT and the stuff with Gargano, Ciampa etc. really wasn't my cup of tea. Felt like it had peaked and needed a repackaging. Not saying NXT 2.0 is the way it should have went, but something needed to change (especially after the battering they took opposite Dynamite).

I am hopeful that Triple H being in charge of WWE creative will lead to positive changes, mind. They will likely be gradual ones, but I'd like more of an old-school approach with modern talent and production. 

Speaking of, that's been one of WWE's big issues with me for a while. Seemingly inevitable that Kevin Dunn will be one of the next to leave, so I hope they replace him with someone whose directing style doesn't cause seizures and whose fix for everything is 'more LED lights'. 

Really interesting times in WWE right now, though. Such a drastically different picture from a few months ago, when people though Hunter would be mopping floors at Titan Towers or something following his heart attack and demotion. 

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My guess is Summerslam stays largely in tact, possibly even the basic creative up to Clash at the Castle. Creative from that point up to Wrestlemania will likely change. I think whatever the executive creative team looks like at that point will have a massive meeting/conference, where the Wrestlemania 39 cards will be set out with a very clear path in place. In a way it hasn’t in a number of years. 

I also think Raw and Smackdown won’t start to explicitly resemble NXT (Black and Gold), as that brand was very much serving it’s audience. In my opinion, Raw and Smackdown serves a wider audience, some of whom are, either through preference or conditioning, quite receptive to Vince’s creative.

Risking that loyal/habitual base when those who have already walked away aren’t guaranteed to return would be very brave.

Plus, I think Triple H said previously that if he ever headed up creative, he wouldn’t book the 2 main shows like he ran NXT.


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NXT was great when it was a revolving door and the stars moved on after a while so no one got stale. When people stopped moving up is when it turned to shit. I don't know if that bodes well for the main show booking, where everyone except Cody is stale as fuck. 

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6 minutes ago, 69MeDon said:

This but unironically

This is Kevin Nash country. Nobody supports him ironically around here!

I'm really intrigued as to where this all goes. I know there's a strain of post-fandom now where having these kind of discussions must mean we're morally dubious marks or whatever - and I'll happily fess up to being in the "Should know better" bracket with a lot of stuff - but this is still objectively the biggest internal shift WWE's had since Capitol was bought out from Vince Sr. in 1982, right? I know ebbs and flows of the cultural landscape have influenced the on screen presentation in far bigger ways throughout the decades but this is still big. 

WWE has likely ascended to being a mad autopilot algorithm where the medium of how it is presented isn't going to drastically change that much now, but I'm still a sucker for seeing where it all goes and Vince at least being out in any official capacity and generally mired in disgrace is still a net positive for the industry you'd have to say so I'll definitely have eyes on the Triple H era over the next few months. 

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Fantasy Hires/Appointments :

Paul Heyman as VP of Talent Relations

Kevin Nash as head writer on Raw

Abyss as head writer on Smackdown

Jeremy Borash as Executive for TV Production 



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It’s the most interesting thing to happen to WWE in years, and I’d love one of those mad Russo-style reset shows where they strip all the belts and go in a completely new direction, but I doubt much will change in the short-term.

Is Jeremy Borash still employed there? From what we know, he feels like the best option.

Start the clock though. How long do we reckon? A week? Two weeks? Will he even wait that long or will we see one tonight?


“Go get the ladders.”

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