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  1. I was about 10 years old in 1998 when my family got Sky and I was able to watch wrestling again for the first time since 1993, I was certain that due to Kane's gingerness that it was the original Undertaker under that mask and the now black haired Mark Calaway/Undertaker was actually an imposter. Actually tried to get in touch with the Livewire show to put this to them as well 😄
  2. Pretty tame show compared to the first two but this snapshot here was my highlight -
  3. Really like those preview videos, it's very UFC. Makes each match feel more important. AEW have such an advantage with the one manageable roster, one tv show, one PPV to get the best out of everyone and tell stories. WWE have diluted their own product with too much content.
  4. Probably the best Undertaker out of character interview I've seen.
  5. Have to say one part I didn’t like was Cornette’s attempt to cry / show emotion. Weird guy.
  6. Owen episode is a tough watch. Such a tragic waste of a life and incredibly painful for his wife & young children. Scandalous the show went on. When you see the blood and the damage to the ring mat and think about the guys who had to go out and perform it's actually sick. How could they even sit in gorilla and think, 'right next guys you're up'
  7. Quick look at the Highlights package on YouTube, Raw looks largely shite but do like the Seth Rollins stuff.
  8. Was looking forward to this all day and it really delivered. Some really emotional stuff between him and Vince, it was pretty powerful to watch. Then the preview to next weeks is just the never ending cycle he's found himself in.
  9. The Riddle and Thatcher story had legs, for a company struggling for content at the moment why the hell would they not string that out for as long as possible.
  10. Mandy costing Otis his title opportunity probably the likely outcome to the story I'm guessing? Can't see them putting the title on him too soon.
  11. Just sums up the company at the moment. This crisis was such a good opportunity to hit the reset button (again). It was a good chance to new things, focus on character development and stories etc but it's just been more of the same. The likes of Zelina Vega's really talented stable called up to Raw and jobbed out constantly. New teams like Thorn and Vink called up with no backstory or explanation. The Viking Raiders playing basketball.. etc etc it's all such a mess. On all shows they give us very little reason to care about anything.
  12. The Vince story in the strip club during the Road Warriors episode is mind blowing 😅
  13. Thought it was a really solid PPV to be honest. Entertaining and plenty laughs anyway. Have to say it's the best they've done with Braun in a long time. They made him look strong and a proper champion at the end there. Imagine The Fiend will be unleashed on him now. I'm surprised Otis got the win, though the comical circumstances suggest they could still do some battles over the briefcase over the next few months. Have him defeat Corbin in the next feud for example before going for the title.
  14. First episode was great as expected. WWE are phenomenal at this kinda content and it really shows how much Undertaker has put into his career. He's gave his entire body and even when he can barely walk or needs injections to perform he still wants to put himself through it. Some parts of that were a bit Mickey Rourke though. What blows my mind is that after all this time he didn't have the perfect ending written for himself. A story that would've concluded his epic run beautifully. I've always said his final match should've been retiring undefeated at Mania or by putting over a younger talent (Bray, Roman for example) All comes down to the horrendous decision to lose to Brock, it completely derailed his legacy and we've stumbled from one disaster to another from there.
  15. The Revival are on Talk Is Jericho today. Really good listen. It really does defy logic that the WWE manage to screw up so many good acts these days. The perfect team to build any serious tag division around. Hope they do really well in AEW. I'm sure they will.
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