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Frankie Crisp

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Bored on the train home from London earlier, I went back to the very last page of Off-topic and ended up down a rabbit-hole, working my way down from page 149. There are some really, really weird threads dating back over a decade.

Anyway, if you're bored, hop back there and see what wonders you stumble across. Will it be Follow your poo!, Trannies, Boobs or If you could only punch one person in the face?

One that made me smile was @Devon Malcolmliking a Kate Nash song. But also an Oasis one, so it's all a bit confusing.


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And now, an ode to @HarmonicGenerator's beautifully compiled Celebrity Twatlists. They go as far back as 2009 I believe. Few things truly move me these days as I creep into old age, but if the below disclaimer ever makes a return...


"DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions within the Twatlist are just that; views and opinions. No views within the Twatlist are my own. I love everybody. Especially celebrities  :love:"

All of them make for interesting retrospectives of the way of the world at the time they were constructed. They all belong in a museum. 

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Quite possibly my favourite reply to a post in the history of this forum. I still get a laugh out of it whenever I read it. That and Ian's 'often pop into JJB and come out with a Black and Decker toolbench' comment.

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