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6 hours ago, Infinity Land said:

Controversy over refs holding a ladder.

The Indies: hold my beer.


Absolute braindead idiots like this deserve wrestling in front of 50 people. I know the deathmatch posse are gonna jump on me, but honestly, for fuck sake.

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Nahh sorry that videos amazing, it's a lad dressed like Dave Perry being set alight and fucked across a working mens club into a wall by a muscleman and everyone sort of going "oooooh, oh no..." like someones fell at a wedding. I cannot see a single thing to dislike about what ive just summarised.

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3 hours ago, LCJ said:

The person taking the bump in front of fifty fans was probably paid about ten dollars and a hotdog. 

Like if he had to go to the hospital, how does he explain what happened exactly without sounding like the biggest moron ever.

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9 hours ago, pol_pot_rick said:

Shame that a bunch of idiots have responded to Nash's tweet mocking his dead son

Bunch of scumbags, Nash isnt exactly a favorite of mine but regardless who you are doing that stuff is just low class filth. Like the morons who sing the Hillsborough / Munich songs at the football. Lowest of the low.

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Too fucking right. I hope she kicked someone's head off at an airport. 

Saw recently Rey Mysterio getting harassed by people and he rightfully told them to fuck off especially one guy with 20 funko pop figures that the person would profit off him. Same airport shenanigans some dad brought his kid for the emotional blackmail and refused to sign anything. The kid themselves wasn't a baby or anything like 12 years old and never had anything in their hand to sign like this was genuinely their own merch bought from WWE.

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