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  1. Sharon ends up on the bad end of that deal!
  2. Isn't Vince banking on he can tie any of the talent up in court till 2090? Jerry McDivitt et all have the contacts and the money to stall any litigation into oblivion, the talent cant. See Flair Vs WCW 1998
  3. Yeah I get your point. I think Im just bias as i find the New day stuff so much over the top with the nonsense they come out with. Not saying he cant show his real personality just that a toned down version would in my opinion suit him better as a proper main event player
  4. sorry I get he likes the goofy but its just not to my taste for a main event player. Personally I cant stand the new day but each to there own
  5. A killer Big E would be great. Just hope he ditches his whackyyness
  6. I thought Roman for the 1st time in god knows how long looked great. But whats the endgame? no way in a billion years does Rock face him, Movie Career,Insurance for incoming projects ect NO WAY so whos the babyface to slay him? Dont get me wrong this is a great Roman but whos the Babyface to overcome?
  7. Magnum T (a) Vs Mr T in a boxing match.... Im stretching already Mass Transit vs Manmi Toyota Ring announcer Mike Tyson Commentry Mike Tenay Man thats aweful
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