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  1. My Kennedy - Mr Anderson brings a photo of JFK to the ring and uses it against the Cuban asassin or Rusev
  2. Just finished the Shamrock book. The early part was fascinating and you can almost in a way see why he is the way he is both in his proffessional and personal life. I do think that the early UFC guys don't get the credit they deserve. Cracking read although pretty uncomfortable reading at times. No sugar coating at all from any parties.
  3. I enjoy autobiographies that arent really sugar coated and come across as that persons honest opions, Brets & Bob Holly's are geat examples of this.Do I agree with all of it - no but you can tell that is geniuinely how they feel about things. Much rather that than some watery "well i think hes ok" or "yeah fine to deal with". On the other hand Dynamites book depressed me. My wrestling hero and that read...it was hard. Still love him tho, happily for my tiny mind I can seperate how much I love watching a performer from how much of a D1ck they are. Having said that if I did that stance in wrestling im left with Owen Hart, Ernie Ladd and ...thats pretty much it.
  4. Dont know if its mentioned already (probably) but i have a EPUB copy of Gary Harts wonderful book. Feel free to message me and I'm sure i can pass on. Top 3 books: Gary Hart autobiography The Definative chronical of Brian Pillman 20 yrs later Bret Hart - autobiography
  5. Really enjoyed this and def want to hear more of this type. So many tiny titbits I never knew, still hasnt changed my mind on warrior being an over-rated idiot mind! thank you
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