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WWE Summerslam Saturday August 21st 2021

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Amazing that the second episode of an AEW B show has completely over shadowed WWE's second biggest event of the year this weekend, 2021 eh?

Anyway, card for this event is as follows...



WWE Universal Title - Roman Reigns (c) vs John Cena

WWE Title - Bobby Lashley (c) vs Goldberg

WWE Smackdown Womens Title - Bianca Belair (c) vs Sasha Banks

WWE Raw Womens Title - Nikki A.S.H (c) vs Charlotte Flair vs Rhea Ripley

WWE Smackdown Tag Titles - The Uso's (c) vs The Mysterios

WWE U.S Title - Sheamus (c) vs Damien Priest

Seth Rollins vs Edge

Drew McIntyre vs Jinder Mahal


Raw Tag Titles - AJ & Omos (c) vs Orton & Riddle

Baron Corbin vs Big E


Any thoughts of what you think/would like to happen?

In isolation it's a pretty good card, that has had the standard messy WWE build to it.

Intrigued with how Cena looks in the main event as it's been a while since he's had a big one on one match.

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Have to agree, on paper that's a fine looking card. I've not followed the build up at all, but for the weekend that's in it, I'll try and watch it live. Saturday night/Sunday morning is a pretty nice selling point for me. Wrestling weekender it is. 

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I know criticising WWE is like shooting fish in a barrel but I can honestly say I'm not into anything on that card. I was definitely up for checking out Reigns v Cena a few weeks ago but everything I've seen of that has just been such a wank build up that I really don't care now. There's very little else there. I'm the biggest Goldberg fan in the world and I don't have any interest in seeing him these days. It's been done to death and you can't just beat these guys in a few minutes and expect their name to mean anything months later.

Sheamus vs. Priest looks a solid US Title programme and could be a sleeper because Sheamus is really good. That's about it.

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9 minutes ago, Perry said:

I'm surprised this has a start time of 8e considering it's likely to run almost 4 hours.  Unless they want to wait until it gets dark so people can't really see just how full the stadium is on TV again.

Its a 3 hour show this year so people can get to the boxing.

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6 minutes ago, WyattSheepMask said:

Vegas is 3hrs behind the East Coast, meaning a 5pm local start time. I know they’ve got this deal to be done by the time the boxing starts, but I reckon this is still going 4hrs minimum 

Keep forgetting about the time difference in Vegas. So it should be pretty much daylight for the majority of the PPV then.

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Summerslam is on a Saturday this year? I wish I cared, I really enjoyed watching AEW’s PPVs on a Sunday morning.

I’m like others, I was definitely up for checking out Cena/Reigns, but the build-up has been really poor. Outside of that, there’s nothing that even comes close to interesting me, which is a shame.

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Like others, I wish I was interested in Cena Vs Reigns, but even that hasn't brought me back in. What was it, five years ago they threw it out there the first time? They botched the build then, and on top of that I don't think the match delivered. The build has been fumbled again for part II and I've much less faith the match will deliver on the night this time. 

Goldberg Vs Lashley is a total non event. I like Goldberg and I have no interest. 

It's the chickens coming home to roost time. Why invest in anything this month, when you know next month there could be a drastic U-Turn? Why should I care how dastardly a heel Roman or Lashley might be, when there's no clear baby-face being built in the wings that I can't wait to see dethrone them? All the guys that should be in that position, getting wins, moving upwards, climbing, with a trajectory towards the champs? They're all booked like chumps. 

Cena Vs Reigns really, on paper, should be very good. They are both normally great. From what I remember, it didn't click overly well the first time. It could though, maybe it'll work better this time, I just have my doubts with Cena's age and absence that it can be an improvement on the first one. 

Seamus is never bad. Uso's and Mysterio's will be good but not fresh. Rollins Vs Edge could be very good bell to bell. Impossible to care about though beforehand as Rollins is an annoying little bellend. 

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