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1 hour ago, johnnyboy said:

I got tickets for Garth Brooks in Dublin next September.  Then again, I had tickets for Garth Brooks in Dublin in 2014 and we know how that ended (with a refund and me stuck with non-refundable flights).

Fingers crossed it goes ahead this time, I can't be doing with listening to everyone in the country going through GarthGate Part II!

Speaking of Dublin, bagged myself and my brother a pair of tickets for The Eagles in June. It would have been much nicer if I'd have caught them when Glenn Frey was still alive, but I'm very excited to be going to see them all the same. The brother doesn't know, he's getting his ticket for Christmas. 

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Just booked tickets to see Counting Crows at the O2 Academy in Sheffield in March and Gary Numan at the O2 Academy in Leeds in May.

Wanted to see Counting Crows for years but never had the opportunity so excited to see them live. 

Loved Gary Numans last two albums so looking forward to hearing them live along with the classics. 

My 2022 calendar is looking like this so far

Counting Crows - March.   Evanescence - April.                         Gary Numan - May.                 Aerosmith - July.                              Haim - July.

Tempted to get tickets to Eels but would mean travelling to Manchester and taking time off work.

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Supposed to be seeing Snuff in Brum tonight and London Saturday, was gonna take my parents to the Brum one as they've loved them ever since I started listening to them as a teen, and an old mate of mine's now the bassist. All cancelled now cos a couple of the support act have covid and they've all been travelling together. Must be an absolute nightmare being in a band at the moment and relying on touring for income. 

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