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2021 Royal Rumble Surprise Entrant Pool

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It's New Year's Day, you know what that means... (thank you Mr Brodie)

The Royal Rumble's happening on the 31st January, and is maybe the only thing in WWE I still regularly look forward to. Surprise entrants are part of what makes it so fun - so let's hear your wildest and craziest predictions for who might show up unexpectedly in either Rumble match and build our anticipation.

We had four winners last year: @big7thletterand @RedRoosterchose Kelly Kelly and Santina Marella respectively in the Women's match, and @Doogand @Supremochose MVP and Edge respectively in the Men's match. But who will get the glory in 2021?

How to play

Pick three humans, aliens, animals or inanimate objects who you want to turn up in the Rumble!

You can list their names, or if you want, include a picture and/or a brief description of what you think they'll do in the match.

The rules

The active WWE rosters are ineligible. This includes NXT, but I'll allow wrestlers from NXT:UK who don't also appear on the main NXT.

You can have anyone currently out on long-term injury or leave - so Edge is eligible again this year, and Becky Lynch is eligible as she's on maternity leave. Special attractions like Goldberg or Brock Lesnar are allowed. You can have a current WWE wrestler if you change their gimmick (like making the Viking Raiders the Norman Conquerors) or if you pick a woman for the Men's Rumble (or vice versa).

Be specific with your gimmicks. If you picked Tori and she turns up as Raven's Ninja, it doesn't count!

You can pick anyone or anything, alive or dead, real or fictional, but the Big Boss Man is not eligible.

Have fun!


Picks so far:

AVM - Professor Chris Witty / Dominic 'Domberg' Littlewood / Goldberg

Big 'Olympic_Hero' Pete - Hulk Hogan / Jamie Noble / Ricky Steamboat

boshealecta - Margaret Keenan

CavemanLynn - Virgil / Vincent / Soul Train Jones

CleetusVanDamme - Ernest 'the Cat' Miller

cobra_gordo - JBL / Steve Blackman / Rowlf from the Muppets

CoreyVandal - 'Macho Warrior' Ric Hogan / Maureen from Driving School / Lembit Opik

Daaaaaad! - Gary Sparrow / Jimmy Venables / Rodney (Mean Street Posse)

eugenespeed - 123 Kid / Tugboat / Rick Witter from Shed Seven

FelatioLips - Bruiser Brody / Dick the Bruiser / Big Dick Johnson

Frankie Crisp - Keith Chegwin / Keith Houchen / Keeno

gabbo - Wearside Jack / Todd Landers / Prince Andrew

garynysmon - DDP / Tatanka / Bubba Ray Dudley (or Bully Ray)

HarmonicGenerator - Dean Malenko / Donald Trump / Rey Mysterio's other eye

IronSheik - New Jack / Marty Jannetty / Lex Luger

Jackpot - Jimmy Grimble / 'The Quadrophenia Badass' Jimmy / 4737 Carlin

jazzygeofferz - Chris Bart Williams / Bart Gunn / William Regal

Just Some Guy - Buckaroo / Twister / Secret Hitler

Keith Houchen - Luke Harper / Harper Lee / Brodie Lee

LEGIT - Men on a Mission featuring Mabel as a hologram

Lion_of_the_Midlands - Jostein Flo / Floella Benjamin / Benjamin Zephaniah

Louch - Zack Ryder / Erick Rowan / WALTER

Magnum Milano - William Muldoon / Mildred Burke / Sky Low Low

Merzbow - Shawn Michaels / Alex Wright / Disco Inferno

mim731 - Tony Yeboah / John Cena / Raven

Mr Lawrence - Max Branning / Max Bygraves / Max...mmmmm

patiirc - Erik Watts / Erik Nevland / Erik Estrada

pitseleh - Big Bubba Rogers / Guardian Angel

PowerButchi - Fred West / Little Lord Fauntleroy / Bernard Bresslaw

RedRooster - Pat McAfee / Kane / Ronda Rousey

rollthedice - X-Pac / Adam Pearce / Samoa Joe

scratchdj - Mooncat / Nigel Martin / Sting (not that one)

Shane O' Mac Version 2 - Melina / Rob Van Dam / Carmella's dad

Sheffbag - Mr Benn / Shaun Wallace / Nigel Benn

stewdogg - Jorge Campos / Rene Higuita / Jose-Luis Chilavert

SuperBacon - Jonathan Van-Tam / Jean-Claude Van Damme / Pat Van Den Hauwe

theironshake - Geoff from Corrie / Zammo / Brutus 'the Barber' Beefcake

The King of Old School - Booker T / Carlito / Kid Kash

Tommy! - Johnny B Badd / Robert Fuller / Dean Douglas

Vegeta - Abyss / Bad News Barrett / Road Dogg

Wideload90 - Mark Henry

WyattSheepMask - The three Faces of Lance Reddick (Mobay / Daniels / Abaddon)

Zookmaster - Mick Carter / Lionel Blair / Eugene


My picks



It's time for Dean to have his Steamboat-at-Wrestlemania-25 moment (that's another 2009 highlight for you @tiger_rick- you get Ricky Steamboat matches in 2009!) and do some grappling with the likes of Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak. King Corbin will eliminate him, because of course he will.



trump wwe GIF

It's about halfway through the Women's Rumble, but instead of the numbers counting down, we hear a chant ... "Stop the count, stop the count, stop the count". 10 days after he's finally kicked out of the White House, WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump is back in WWE and he's going to WrestleMania! 

Watching at home, we might expect him to start trying to grab the competitors by the Locker Room Talk, only for the women of WWE to forget their differences and beat the shit out of him before eliminating him. However, this is WWE, so Vince just has all the women leave the ring under the bottom rope, allowing Trump to celebrate and think he's won. He leaves the ring over the top rope, but doesn't realise he's eliminated himself and walks to the back talking about his WrestleMania moment. The women get back in the ring and continue as if nothing happened. Vince and Trump hug it out at gorilla.




He thought he'd lost it forever, but entering the Royal Rumble, it's Rey Mysterio's eye that Rollins gouged out last year! It gets in the ring and Rey scoops it up and pops it back in like Thor did with the glass eye in Infinity War. Rey Mysterio is back to full strength! But, because we can't have him happy for too long, Dominik turns on him and eliminates him with an emphatic "you're not my real dad!" Dominik himself is eliminated by whoever @BomberPatsays currently has custody of him, and we head to a Triple Threat at Mania where Dominik finally gains custody of himself.


Your turn!

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It's New Year's Day, you know what that means... (thank you Mr Brodie) The Royal Rumble's happening on the 31st January, and is maybe the only thing in WWE I still regularly look forward to. Surp

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Does Pat McAfee count, @HarmonicGenerator? No idea how active he’s been recently.

If so...

1. Pat McAfee - I’m pretty sure they’re going to want to utilise him on the main roster in some way, and their like way of doing that is through a Rumble appearance, followed by a Wrestlemania match.

2. Kane - Mayoral duties? What mayoral duties? He simultaneously manages to be an incredibly boring surprise entrant and a terrifyingly irresponsible politician.

3. Ronda Rousey - it’s now or never for a Ronda return, I imagine. Becky Lynch is probably a more realistic pick, but I’ll be slightly braver with this. 

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1 hour ago, Lorne Malvo said:

How dickish would it be of me to pick Ernest Miller?

So dickish that I forbid it! 

@RedRooster I’ll allow you McAfee, he was in War Games in December but I reckon we can consider him a special attraction. If he turns up on NXT any time this month, though, he’ll no longer be eligible.

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I'm banking on someone for a quick elimination to make up the numbers. 

Johnny B. Badd - Back in all his camp pomp with glitter gun blasters to blow his sparkling load over the crowd

Robert Fuller - He gets eliminated when his pants are pulled down and his two feet unfurl and hit the floor. 

Dean Douglas - With his baby blue one piece with exclamation mark motif. 

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Posted (edited)

As a shock to absolutely nobody, surprise entrant number one is of course, Mooncat. Mooncat will trundle to the ring in a miniature version of the junk shop in which he resides, announced by a strongly rehearsed trio of Pam Ayres, Pat Coombes and Erol the Hamster. Expect to countdown Mooncat just after Bushwhacker Luke has gotten his willy out following a lengthy run from number 2.


No sooner has the mobile junk shop come to rest, the buzzer goes and the arena jumps to their feet to welcome the long anticipated arrival of.... Nigel Martin! Sporting full Leeds United regalia and freshly cleansed Sondicos, Martin looks fully equipped to simply stand on the outside and make a string of fine saves before plopping under the bottom rope to make a final three with Randy Orton and....it’s....


STING, it’s STING! Glazed in a fine mist of sweat garnered from furiously doing a big yoga at Gorilla, the Every Breath You Take hitmaker looks in fine fettle and up for a scrap, immediately becoming everyone’s favourite to headline Wrestlemania.


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