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  1. big7thletter

    Was Will Smith ever any good?

    Admittedly, he did lose all interest in my opinion about 10 years ago. It's like the rock, he got better and better, films got better and better, give or take a few shit ones, but as great as he is, and i LOVE the rock as an actor, he will in a few years start making absolute boring irrelevant films. it's just the way it goes
  2. big7thletter

    Was Will Smith ever any good?

    I'd say he was great. His performances in pursuit of happiness, fantastic i am legend, fantastic i robot, not a fan of the film, but he was good bad boys 1 and 2, perfect independence day, really good film, really good performance fresh prince, he eventually became great in his role, playing silly and serious parts well seven pounds, excellent
  3. big7thletter

    Shittest event poster ever

    can he get the red hot chilli pipers?
  4. big7thletter

    Perfect Albums

    Jay-Z - The Blueprint
  5. big7thletter

    Build your Ultimate Royal Rumble

    Oh balls! i read the plan twice too and still somehow overlooked the only one winner bit.... gone back and done it though as it was bugging me! such a clever idea for a challenge! also, what about doing a 30 man rumble with only ONE man from each year and that entrants number only
  6. big7thletter

    Build your Ultimate Royal Rumble

    Stone Cold 1999 British Bulldog 1995 AJ Styles 2016 (longest time) Cody Rhodes 2014 Edge 2007 Kane 2001 Braun Strowman 2017 Triple H 2010 Big Bossman 2000 (wouldn't be a rumble without Bossman) Test 2000 Kofi Kingston 2012 Rob Van Dam 2003 The Rock 2001 (my winner) Umaga 2008 Chris Jericho 2000 (most eliminations with 7) Crash Holly 2000 Sheamus 2014 (shortest time) Seth Rollins 2018 (runner up) John Cena 2010 Rikishi 2000 Bray Wyatt 2017 Diesel 1996 Fake Diesel 1997 (what a twist!) Big Show 2004 Mr Perfect 2002 Kurt Angle 2002 Bad News Barrett 2015 Billy Gunn 2001 Sid Justice 1992 The Undertaker 2007 NB. I enjoy tedious