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  1. i genuinely thought Taker looked great in his match. Not out of shape, out of breath or dying in the ring. Dude looked great and i was surprised at how well he performed considering his last few shows. There's definitely more left in the tank
  2. Vince McMahon buys that pissant company
  3. I love podcasts these days but i am sick of hearing them when the wrestler phones in. It always sounds terrible and muffled. Wish they could just not bother doing it unless they were in person
  4. i wouldnt say crickets - the crowd were louder than any other moment at Raw this week when Taker came out - huge reaction
  5. Please welcome back, Alberto Del Riooooooo
  6. i was a huge Wade fan and was so pissed that they missed it with him! He should have had that title! an Englishman is an instant heel in USA. Put a world title on the dude whilst he's a heel character and he'll be so over it's insane. He'll be hated but loved (tweener i believe)
  7. This Is Hulk Hogan Appreciation Night
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