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  1. Jericho and Benoit were pretty good for the short time they were together.
  2. Kurt Angle as king of the ring. He was amazing back in his early days, such babyface behaviour like when he cried after winning his first title, but wearing the king of the ring outfit absolutely solidified him as a legend to me haha. Such an underrated moment
  3. I honestly would have chosen Becky before wrestlemania, but after that was the boring ass storyline where her and seth kept teaming up, followed by the loss of every bit of momentum she had when she just became boring as helllll and stale shortly after
  4. Why no option for Talk Is Jericho or Something To Wrestle With.... BRUCE PRICHARD?? both are class, plus how else would we learn about these amazing deals with O'Reiley Autoparts, Omaha Steaks and Arm & Hammer Kitty Litter! Those adverts alone stole my heart
  5. Smackdown Kenny hasn't been great, but he is 1 dude, but Smackdown is a show full of dudes that has zero interest to a lot of people, zero interesting stories, and just the same repeated shit weekly. RIP smackdown
  6. * 3 Wrestlers you'd build the top of the card around Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman and Chris Jericho. Roman is THE man, has the look, the in-ring talent, the mic skills if he can actually talk properly by himself etc. Braun is the man mountain, the what Kane was in '97 to '99. Just a monster, should be unbeatable though and a top contender. Chris Jericho for promos, storylines, basically everything else. * 3 Wrestlers you'd build the middle around Daniel Bryan, John Moxley and Seth Rollins. With Daniel Bryan being the massive draw that he is as a babyface, he would be a great opponent for a heel rollins and a heel moxley. As well as the sick matches moxley can put on without sanction. * 3 Tag teams you'd build your tag scene around New Day, The Uso's and The Hardy Boyz. Let's face it, the Hardy's will always be better as a team and even in 2020 they could put on an epic tag team match i reckon. Uso's are just amazing in the ring and on the mic so would be fantastic opponents at showing off their aerial skills against them, as well as New Day just being super over and incredibly hot, as well as such a draw. * 3 Women you'd build around Alexa Bliss, Ronda Rousey and Mickie James. Using the veteran Mickie James for experience and knowledge, getting the other 2 over would be easy. I'm sure both would take an ass kicking from Rousey too. Alexa is great on the mic and can hold my attention when wrestling. * 1 Wildcard - pick any wrestler from the past, alive or dead, to drop in with the others at the top of the card. The Rock. One of the biggest names on the planet. Probably the best talker of all time. The draw he would have as well as how fucking amazing the dude can be in the ring, no way i could leave him out. Dude could put over a broomstick.
  7. Suchhhh an awful app. Been watching Raw from 2000 back and the buffering for some episodes to start, and even in the middle of some episodes is just awful. As well as browsing for episodes the app is just so slow.
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