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  1. "Jeff Harvy" Mene Gene Okerlund
  2. WWE Survivor Series tour November 2008 in Cardiff, Wales The Hardys defeat Mark Henry & Montel Vontavious Porter The Great Khali defeats Ryan Braddock WWE United States Title Match Shelton Benjamin (c) defeats R-Truth Finlay defeats Jack Swagger Maria & Michelle McCool defeat Maryse & Natalya WWE Tag Team Title Match Carlito & Primo (c) defeat John Morrison & The Miz The Brian Kendrick defeats Kung Fu Naki WWE Heavyweight Title Match Triple H (c) defeats Vladimir Kozlov by DQ No Disqualification Match The Undertaker defeats The Big Show
  3. I have to admit, Lilian Garcia does extremely good podcasts. I never thought i'd be interested but she asks the right quesitons, has most of her guests face to face rather than phoning in, and does a really good talk. Worth checking out a few of hers
  4. Jericho. Dude was amazing from the start despite a feud with Chyna and Bob Holly. Eventually became greater.
  5. Chuck Goldie in a tag match? give him the hot tag and boom. Crowd goes wild. Maybe team him up with Braun?
  6. One of the worst Raw's i have ever seen. Was it... 3 tag-team matches, 4/5 talking segments, bray wyatts segment, and a fucking contract signing in the main event... What the actual
  7. I listened to like my second ever Edge and Christian popcast yesterday and noticed Christian doing the same thing. Although as much as i am a fan of Christian, he is terrible to listen to on a podcast with that voice. It's really grating
  8. I'd have Bray Wyatt turn into the evil bastard he once used to be then have him feud with Braun Strowman and make it an actual decent feud instead of nightmare on 34th street matches or playground fights or that other shit bray was doing with dean
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