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2021 Royal Rumble Surprise Entrant Pool

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It's New Year's Day, you know what that means... (thank you Mr Brodie) The Royal Rumble's happening on the 31st January, and is maybe the only thing in WWE I still regularly look forward to. Surp

Not done this for many a year, but here we go... Gary Sparrow The Thunderdome must have an outlet through Duckett's Passage, because Gary's here and he's runnin' wild! As a hero of World Wa

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Since its just come on Britbox Im having

MR BENN - Capable of pulling a 3 faces of Foley style entry. Mr Benn walks to the ring, as if by magic a shopkeeper appears and tells Mr Benn to dive under the ring ala Titus emerging the other side dressed as a Caveman, a Gladiator or even a Zoo Keeper

Mr Benn (@therealmrbenn) | Twitter



The ring is full when the Chase music hits and out strides entrant 27 - 6ft3 220lb Shaun Wallace to clear the ring with his intelligence like a modern day Genius / Damien Sandow. After 5 minutes Wallace stands alone proclaiming himself as the Dark Destroyer on his way to WM capable of beating any World Champion when the buzzer goes off and the sounds of "Dangerous" by Courtnay Melody fills the arena. Cole starts to lose it "Could it be, is it HIM?, it is!"


Entrant number 30! Storming to the ring, the self proclaimed "fittest 55 year old in the world" grabs the mic and stands face to face with Wallace.


"You call yourself the Dark Destroyer Wallace, I'm the original Dark Destroyer and I'm here to show you what a true World Champion looks like" followed by two quick hands and throws out Wallace to stand alone in the ring and the winner of the 2021 Royal Rumble


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On 12/31/2012 at 4:47 PM, CleetusVanDamme said:

#1 in the Rumble is Brodus Clay. Seeing as the ring is the empty, he decides it's an appropriate time to bust a groove, a decision that would cost him his career...


*I'M THE GREATEST!... 1... 2... 123 HIT THAT!*



The Cat sprints down to the ring, ducks Brodus' clothesline and Feliner kicks him over the top rope and straight out of the company. Cat grabs the mic and says "This has been a long time coming, HIT MY MUSIC!"






He spends the next hour cutting a rug and whooping 28 other rednecks to earn his WWE title match at Wrestlemania 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37: The Great One vs The Greatest.



And yes, I am going to pitch this same idea every year.

I'm not sure this was worth the two week build, tbh. Seeing my plans get leaked within a few posts of the thread starting had me scrambling.


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Not done this for many a year, but here we go...

Gary Sparrow

The Thunderdome must have an outlet through Duckett's Passage, because Gary's here and he's runnin' wild! As a hero of World War II AND a successful 40s memorabilia dealer from the late 90s, Gary knows a thing or two about old things that don't belong any more. He eliminates Goldberg.

BUT WAIT! Is that the soothing jazz melody of Jamie Cullum circa 2007? That can only mean...

Jimmy Venables


Yes! It's handyman and notoriously average dad Jimmy Venables, who will surely be left standing as the winner After You've Gone over the top rope. Jimmy brings his trademark paint ladder, and is accompanied by Celia Imrie who frowns and rolls her eyes to distract his fellow competitors. As Jimmy and Gary knock each other down, 'Hooky Street' starts up. Don't tell me - surely not... can it be? That's right, it's...



Sadly, the music was a miscue and Shane McMahon's mate has no idea what these two similar looking fellas are doing in the ring. He promptly falls over and eliminates himself, while Pete Gas hawks his autobiography in the stands to the screens with fans on.

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