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  1. Yeah, well some of us would never dream of being so frivolous...
  2. I think at this rate all the UKFFer's that want Crowbar books should all chip in and buy the international printing rights, that and a printing press probably work out cheaper than the postage they ask for.
  3. My partner's just finished Unladylike: A Grrrl's Guide To Wrestling by Heather Bandenberg and they've been raving about it all day. It's about one of the women who went through Lucha Britannia, and from what little I've read so far it's genuinely funny and much better written than your average wrestling book, probably owing to the author also being a journalist for The Guardian. I'm gonna give it a read a write a proper review, but if anyone's looking for a modern britwres book, or just a women's wrestling book since those a pretty thin on the ground, then it's worth a look. I also picked up A Fan's Perspective by Oliver Newman for ego and nostalgia reasons. While it's nice to have some of my matches and shows reviewed in book form, the word 'book' is doing a lot of heavy lifting. It's more like a run-on collection of mySpace blogs featuring the results from a whole bunch of britwres shows in the early mid-2000's, mostly from around the West Midlands. There's not so much reviews, just some basic descriptions of stuff that happened, if anyone's read any of Oli's stuff you know what I'm talking about. Other than the reason I bought it I'm not quite sure who it's for or who would want it, but it exists.
  4. So I'm looking to buy a new TV, but I'm getting stuck. Like stuck at the first hurdle. I don't even know how much I should be looking to spend. I've got £500 or so set aside, but I'm also not in a huge rush which leaves me wondering if I'm better saving for longer and going to the next tier up? It's not a huge room, we're only about 10 feet away from the TV, but we're also reclusive nerds who spend a fair bit of time gaming and watching films. I guess I'm aiming for a home cinema, but that seems to just lead me down an even more daunting and confusing rabbit hole. Soundbars, 2.1, 5.1, projector or screen...? I'm just lost and worried about blowing a fair chunk of cash on something that's not quite right. Any help?
  5. Finally got round to reading Blue Blood on the Matt by Sir Atholl Oakeley. He certainly thought highly of himself! I initially started reading it to educate myself on an era of British Wrestling that I was wholly unfamiliar with, but after finishing it I'm left feeling like someone who's tried to learn American wrestling history from Hulk Hogan's book. I'm sure I've learnt something, definitely more than I knew before, but I have no idea how much of it is accurate or trustworthy. But maybe that's just what living through 2020 has done to me. That said, it was an enjoyable read. Oakeley is candid, but it felt like his words were informed by ego first, politics second, and the truth last. I can say that he tells some fantastic stories, but there is the occasional one that feels entirely constructed just to reach some hackneyed punchline or pun. You get these unintentionally fantastic moments when jarringly reminded of the era certain stories are being told in, such as when he talk's about an outdoor show on an airfield while a hydrogen-filled zeppelin lands, or when someone you'd been following for several chapters goes off to war never to be heard from again. Conversely you get an account of his discovery and training of The French Angel which manages to be simultaneously touching and upsettingly exploitative, told in such heartless language that it leaves you wondering if the publisher had thrown in a couple of chapters of a P.T. Barnum book to pad it out. Between that and his rushed account of his promoting days, in which the claims were starting to reach outlandish levels (such as the 9'3" giant that wrestled for him), the book ends on a bit of a low note in my opinion, but it's such a different and important slice of wrestling history that I can't not recommend it.
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