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  1. 'Macho Warrior' Ric Hogan Maureen from Driving School Lembit Öpik
  2. If anything I take it as 'companies who have money invested in the future are analysing available data and taking the actions that they believe will mitigate damage to their bottom line', but you seem to be phrasing it in a way that suggests easyjet have important information that we're not being told?
  3. Insomnia's got me leafing through George Hackenschmidt's book from 1911, and maybe it's the sleep deprivation but I'd swear I'm reading a transcript of a Joe Rogan podcast
  4. To save this post and mean I haven't bumped the topic for nothing, I've just picked up Dominator Stu Allen's book, along with The Saturday Afternoon War by Tony Earnshaw from Wrestling Heritage which looks like a nice little archive that'll sit nicely alongside The Wrestling & Have a Good Week... Has anyone picked up the two new Meltzer books of Observer reprints?
  5. I got a PSVR last year but I've struggled to get as into it as I'd hoped. I can handle the motion sickness, but the neck and headache it gives me after a while tends to put me off using it. It also feels like I'm viewing the world through an uncomfortable welding mask, and I just don't seem to have the coordination to use the move controllers properly without being able to see them. I'm hoping this all stuff that can be rectified by time, patience and perhaps a different VR system, but if I'm being completely honest it's just made me and my broken body more grateful for how little physical mov
  6. I was going to say something about Jericho's podcast, but this appears to be the wrong thread...
  7. The hard drive failed, so super easy to fix, but since I've got the money set aside for a ps5 I'd rather just wait till I've got a spare laptop hard drive knocking about than spend money on something that might be gathering dust in a week (or so I've been telling myself since launch day, the day it broke)
  8. So what's considered the limit of 'retro' these days? My ps4 packed up and haven't been able to find a ps5 yet, so I dug out the ps3 and I've been surprised how cheap it is to pick up all the peripherals I couldn't afford first time round, and the amount of games I kept meaning to play but then 12 years seemed to happen. Just picked this up (not the one pictured) for £20, and planning to assemble a full Rock Band set up, and got my eye on a couple of nice steering wheels for that generation that seem to go pretty cheap these days. Any other now-affordable-peripherals people can recommend?
  9. The entire Terry Funk's Wrestlefest retirement show. The whole card is just such a batshit insane mix of '97's best and worst that it feels more like a TEW playthrough come to life than something that should exist in reality. I mean really, who doesn't want to watch Dory Funk Jr. getting grumpy and confused by the bullshit this Rob Van Dam kid calls wrestling, excited young up-and-comer Dennis Stamp in his first ever main event, or a drunk Jake Roberts tagging with spherical Puerto Rican deathmatch twins The Headhunters against Hakushi, chubby Masato Tanaka and HAYAFUCKIN'BUSA?! The show
  10. As someone who stress-smoked their way through 2020 I'm finding it really difficult to keep an eye out for these early symptoms...
  11. An old friend of mine has really gone off the deep end this year. She was always the kooky new age type, but social media echo chambers are a powerful drug, and its reached a point where I've just had to cut my ties and remove her from my friend lists. Luckily for me her page is public so I can still spy on what new insanity she's spouting, for a laugh, like the piece-of-trash human being that I am. Here's some recent christmas crackers: some days my blood pressure can take it, but when I see this shit first thing in the morning I end up getting as wound up as Ricky Knight
  12. I always liked the 'out-of-the-blue' eliminations in the middle of Survivor Series matches, it made it feel like there was so much going on that the wrestlers couldn't find their normal level of focus so they'd get caught out with moves that they'd usually be able to 'brace themselves' for.
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