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  1. My sleep pattern is absolutely shot. I just dont seem to be able to fall asleep consistently, every 2-3 nights I'll lie there in bed, eyes shut, feeling relaxed, but I just dont fall asleep, then that seems to throw me off for days. Other nights I'll wake up after about 4 hours and that's it, I'm awake. I've tried melatonin, zopiclone, weed, exercise, big wank, but some nights it's almost like my brain's trying to win a bet that I dont know about and sleep just doesnt come. It's been going on for a few months now, every time I think I've broken the cycle I get another completely sleep free nig
  2. I'm in complete agreement with Cleetus. I loved Lost, especially the finale. One of my partner's hadn't seen it before so we rewatched it during lockdown, and I really think it's near perfect when binged watched over a couple of months, as opposed to watching it week to week over the course of 6 years. Most of the criticisms I see either read like people who gave up halfway through and skipped to the end, or people who like you say, seem to have almost purposely misunderstood it. It's not high art, it's cheesy TV sci fi inspired by comic books and Star Wars and cryptid conspiracies, and it gav
  3. I've found myself falling down various creepy/crypids/conspiracy rabbitholes over lockdown, and I have to say after various discussions on here over the years I find myself taking check of my mental health, and I'm always a little wary about submerging myself in this stuff if I'll already feeling low. I got deep into reading everything I could about the Mandela Effect at the beginning of lockdown, and on reflection with everything going on around me I think it genuinely did shake my grip on reality. I don't want to say I was completely convinced, but one in particular really messed with
  4. So a few years ago after a rough divorce from my childhood sweetheart I found myself back on the dating scene, with next to no experience, and zero confidence. I was absolutely terrified, but decided I needed to just throw myself out there and go for it. It was a pretty wild couple of years, and I somehow found myself dating a pornstar for a summer, who introduced me to the poly scene. Now a few more years later and I'm just about to celebrate my 3rd anniversary with Charlie (redhead), and coming up to 2 years of being a Thruple with Sydney, and I didn't know it was possible to be this happy.
  5. I've found that squashing them down a little and giving them the lightest coating of english mustard before frying makes them taste even meatier
  6. Nick Bockwinkel vs Necro Butcher I was gonna be cheeky and try and get away with one of the Nature Boys, but something in me wants to see this nonsense Nicole Bass vs Nancy Benoit vs Nikki Bella My hopes aren't high, but who knows, with the right story this could be fun Nasty Boyz vs New Blackjacks God, this show would be horrible... lets throw in a UK dark match of Nik Bali vs Nikko Brixton
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