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  1. I got it off a torrent site
  2. Anyone seen Psycho Goreman yet? Think Wishmaster crossed with Power Rangers.
  3. Just watched some clips on youtube of a childhood favourite film of mine - The Barbarians. IMDB has them billed as being from Hartford, Connecticut. I wonder if Vince ever considered having Peter and David Paul on a show, they seem to tick a lot of boxes.
  4. Had a search and couldn't find anything like this. With Halloween fast approaching, I thought I'd start this thread. Any horror fans on here? What horror films have you recently seen, or are looking forward to? Favourite horror TV shows? - The Walking Dead, Creepshow, American Horror Story, Dexter, The Strain? Have you been to a horror convention? For The Love Of Horror, Walker Stalker, HorrorCon, Weekend Of The Dead? Favourite Genre? Slasher, Zombie, True Life, Werewolves, Vampire? What horror podcasts do you listen to? I recently went to 'For The Love Of Horro
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