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  1. you'll love the Hatchet trilogy
  2. Tenebrae - First time watch of this last weekend. I'm not really familiar with Italian horror, having only watched Zombi, and Demons 1/2, but thought I needed to start watching some Fulci/Argento. Still not sure what I thought about it, I think I need to give it a second watch before I comment. Any thought on Tenebrae?
  3. I bought this set a couple of years ago, and have never watched it. Are they any good?
  4. Motel Hell - 1980 horror featuring Beulah Ballbricker from Porky's, and a small role for John Ratzenbeger. No real gore here, more like an extended episode of The Twilight Zone, but enjoyable enough.
  5. Well that's 3 in a row, after the Dr D, Herb Abrams episodes I really enjoyed last nights one on The Road Warriors.
  6. More first time watches over the weekend - Behind The Mask - The Rise Of Leslie Vernon - 2006 meta horror, focusing of documentary film makers following the next cult slasher. Set in a world where Freddy, Jason and Michael are all real people. Demons - 1985 classic - the usual dodgy acting but nice gore, and it looked great. Also has a good soundtrack, with Return Of The Living Dead vibes. Pieces - 1982 slasher, supposed to be set in Boston, but actually filmed in Spain. More dodgy acting/dubbing. But some great kills, and a WTF moment with a 'Kung Fu Professor' can now add - Demons 2 - basically a rehash of the first film, but not nearly as good.
  7. Had a search and couldn't find anything like this. With Halloween fast approaching, I thought I'd start this thread. Any horror fans on here? What horror films have you recently seen, or are looking forward to? Favourite horror TV shows? - The Walking Dead, Creepshow, American Horror Story, Dexter, The Strain? Have you been to a horror convention? For The Love Of Horror, Walker Stalker, HorrorCon, Weekend Of The Dead? Favourite Genre? Slasher, Zombie, True Life, Werewolves, Vampire? What horror podcasts do you listen to? I recently went to 'For The Love Of Horror' in Manchester, which was great. The guests included Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith and Costas Mandylor from the SAW franchise, Bill lMoseley, Kane Hodder, and a Lost Boys reunion.
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