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  1. Any Romero fans going to this at the end of next month? Weekend Of The Dead
  2. I watched 'The Game Changers' on Netlix over Christmas, and it was an interesting watch to say the least. My wife has been vegetarian since she was about 12, so since getting together our eating habits have always been very different. After having watched the documentary, I decided it was time to give in and try some of her Quorn products. I tried the bacon, chicken nuggets and chicken pieces and to be fair they were all pretty good. I'm not going to go vegetarian, but i'll swap out a few things here and there.
  3. Another horror documentary has just been released, called 'In Search Of Darkness', dedicated to 80's horror. I've only watched the first hour or so, and it's got a 4hr 20 minute runtime. It goes through the decade chronologically, with a brief review of key films, and interviews with Barbara Crampton, Tom Atkins, John Carpenter, Nick Castle, Doug Bradley, and many more. Really good if that's your bag.
  4. Thankfully I haven't seen either remake. The original is so good, it's the reason i'm always weary poking my head up into an attic. I also watched 'Summer of 84' on Shudder, which tried to tap into the Stranger Things vibe, but wasn't too good.
  5. Nice haul Only bought Motel Hell over the holiday, haven't watched it yet, anyone seen it? I did give the original Black Christmas another watch, hadn't seen it in years. The 'Billy' character is still very creepy. Also had a first time viewing of 1981 slasher - Madman, which was pretty much a by the numbers 80's slasher (which isn't a bad thing)
  6. Had a search and couldn't find anything like this. With Halloween fast approaching, I thought I'd start this thread. Any horror fans on here? What horror films have you recently seen, or are looking forward to? Favourite horror TV shows? - The Walking Dead, Creepshow, American Horror Story, Dexter, The Strain? Have you been to a horror convention? For The Love Of Horror, Walker Stalker, HorrorCon, Weekend Of The Dead? Favourite Genre? Slasher, Zombie, True Life, Werewolves, Vampire? What horror podcasts do you listen to? I recently went to 'For The Love Of Horror' in Manchester, which was great. The guests included Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith and Costas Mandylor from the SAW franchise, Bill lMoseley, Kane Hodder, and a Lost Boys reunion.
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