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  1. But you can support a football team, and still enjoy watching other teams play
  2. you see, we're on the same page.
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Day-Of-The-Dead-Blu-ray-25th-Anniversary-Limited-Edition-Arrow-Video/174112887271?hash=item2889efd1e7:g:uekAAOSwXSZd5APe Rare/fairly rare, doesn't matter. I knew their worth, and bought them
  4. Why would I buy two cheapish copies of a fairly rare blu ray, that will undoubtedly increase in value as time goes by? Pass.
  5. CEX is worth checking out every now and then , I went in once and saw two copies of Day, so got them both (I already had it)
  6. That's the one, Bruce Campbell's name is on the cover, and he's in it for all of 2 minutes, if that
  7. Just checked again, the 88Films Blu Ray has an 83 minute run time, the Synapse comes in at 88 minutes. I watched Intruder last weekend for the first time on Shudder, and whilst good, was heavily edited, and that was the 83 minute cut.
  8. When Candyman Limited edition came out, I kept putting off buying it. Then when I finally decided to get it, I couldn't get it anywhere for a reasonable price. It goes for £45-£50 on eBay. Luckily it was on the Arrow Video website sale on Friday, so managed to get it for £25. I've also got the Dawn/Day Of The Dead Limited Editions, which can go for silly money now as they are out of print. I want 'Intruder' on Blu Ray, but the UK version by (I think) 88 Films is heavily edited. The Synapse US version is uncut, so looking to get that soon,
  9. Anyone collect the Arrow Video releases? They really are the best when it comes to presentation and extras. I bought a film called 'The Slayer' a few weeks ago which surprisingly was on the 1980's Video Nasty list, anyone seen that? Just bought the limited edition Arrow releases of American Werewolf In London, Nightbreed and Candyman,
  10. Had a search and couldn't find anything like this. With Halloween fast approaching, I thought I'd start this thread. Any horror fans on here? What horror films have you recently seen, or are looking forward to? Favourite horror TV shows? - The Walking Dead, Creepshow, American Horror Story, Dexter, The Strain? Have you been to a horror convention? For The Love Of Horror, Walker Stalker, HorrorCon, Weekend Of The Dead? Favourite Genre? Slasher, Zombie, True Life, Werewolves, Vampire? What horror podcasts do you listen to? I recently went to 'For The Love Of Horror' in Manchester, which was great. The guests included Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith and Costas Mandylor from the SAW franchise, Bill lMoseley, Kane Hodder, and a Lost Boys reunion.
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