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2021 Royal Rumble Surprise Entrant Pool

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It's New Year's Day, you know what that means... (thank you Mr Brodie) The Royal Rumble's happening on the 31st January, and is maybe the only thing in WWE I still regularly look forward to. Surp

Not done this for many a year, but here we go... Gary Sparrow The Thunderdome must have an outlet through Duckett's Passage, because Gary's here and he's runnin' wild! As a hero of World Wa

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Ratings are sagging to an all time low so Vince and Trips are on their knees to the one with a chin, Shawn Michaels.


Oh and Alex Wright and Disco Inferno.

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Tony Yeboah. He strides out, Mitre-branded football in hand in his mid-90s Leeds kit. Big Tone shakes a few hands as he jogs to the ring before blasting his ball directly at T-Bar, eliminating him instantly. He then leaves, his work done. 


If not, John Cena or Raven, I suppose. 

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I haven't watched WWE for a number of years, though I don't think it's quite as long as it seems but I'll give it a go.

In the weeks leading up to the Rumble, new commissioner Ray Winstone is having problems with the Kliq. So he enters some of his co-stars from films to enter the Rumble.

Straight off the bat we have at number one, Jimmy Grimble




And while Jimmy is psyching himself up, thinking out loud "I'm Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon, I'm a terminator, I'm...I'm...I'm kacking my pants", he gets superkicked out the ring by special guest referee Shawn Michaels. Jimmy then goes to speak to his "manager" Eric Wirral and tells him "elimination Sir." to which Wirral replies "Great." only for Jimmy to explain "not us Sir, the ref!"


Number 20 into the Rumble is "The Quadrophenia Badass" Jimmy



Jimmy rides down to the ring on his lovely looking scooter to a completely empty ring except for the ref, Shawn Michaels. The two exchange some words along the lines of;

Jimmy: "I never realised."

HBK: "You never realised what?"

Jimmy: "Well you was a rocker."

Shawn then hits the second Sweet Chin Music of the night and eliminates the Mod.


Finally number 30 and it's the man himself - 4737 Carlin.



And after laying out "Big Daddy Cool" Diesel, Carlin proclaims himself as "The Daddy" before throwing Nash over the top rope.


He thinks he's won the Rumble but he too falls foul to the Sweet Chin Music and is eliminated by HBK, who claims he never was the ref but instead the first actual entrant and thus becoming the only man to win the Rumble twice from the number one spot.

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Kevin Owen's and The Fiend are alone in the ring as the buzzer goes and the next entrant is....Buckeroo!

The classic MB game is set up by The Fiend whilst Owen's reads the rules.

The Fiend triggers Roo by heavy handed placement of the cowboy hat, but Roo's rear hooves catch Owens above the eyebrow sending him over the top.

My other picks are Twister brought to the womens Rumble by Matt Riddle and Secret Hitler managed in the Rumble jointly by VKM & Donald Trump.

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