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  1. Is this AEW proving to be quite savvy business wise? I mean this signing has taken people by surprise, as did the Sting signing. Are they really that good at keeping things under wraps?
  2. A return of Jeri-Show versus MJF & Warldow versus Sammy Hager
  3. A name reveal and Alex Marvez providing live updates from the ozzy while Brandi is actually giving birth are still to come. And then another feud with Shaq, who claims he's actually the father of the child after having an affair with Brandi for the last six months with Jeremy Kyle doing a special DyNAmite episode to provide us all with the answers.
  4. I enjoyed the open challenges because I felt like it was going somewhere storyline. I felt eventually he'd lose to some relative upstart or Arn would finally have enough of him taking the opponents lightly. Instead we got Brodie Lee squashing him in what I still think is one of AEW's greatest matches. And then his return was where it went downhill for me, even though the dog collar match was outstanding, I don't feel he needed to win the TNT Title back that soon. Another loss to Brodie and Cody trying to rebuild himself up would have been for a better story. Whether they knew Brodie's health w
  5. Cody's run in AEW started off boss. The feuds that have been mentioned were all spot on, although the never competing for the World Title stipulation has held him back and it's becoming even more obvious now. He doesn't even need to feud with Kenny over the World Title but he should be somehow involved with the Bullet Club reunion. Maybe eventually we'll get Cody & The Bucks against Kenny/Gallows/Anderson. And Cody was the right man to win the TNT Title first. His reign with that was also cracking. The open challenges to anyone and everyone were a highlight of almost every Dynamite a
  6. Mox is on The Misery Index - another one for fans of The Tenderloins/Impractical Jokers. https://www.instagram.com/thetenderloinsofficial/?hl=en
  7. Do they really need another tag team though? And given the quality of the top teams in AEW, Matt & Mick Sydal are going to need to be exceptional to get close to a title winning run.
  8. Did I imagine it or did they announce that Matt Syadal's brother, Mike, will be on next week's show?
  9. The Rock v Triple H at Summerslam 98. I think that match confirmed to the WWF higher-ups that they had two main event level wrestlers on their hands. Two people who could enter the main event picture over the next few months to a year. Taker and Foley had done ok to fill the void left by Bret and HBK. They both, along with Kane, gave Austin obstacles to overcome while the WWF found their next top stars. And within 12 months of their ladder match at SummerSlam, both Rock and Triple H had challenged for the WWF Title. (the ppv before SummerSlam 99, saw them face off against each othe
  10. It might have helped WWE 10 years ago when Cena, their biggest babyface, was getting half boos/half cheers. And I think at present it's helping Omega become an even better heel because in a full arena the crowd would be doing the "North Carolina" thing and the best heel in the company would have the fans doing his entrance with him. It's why I don't get why they've got their wrestlers singing Jericho's theme. But in the same theme, the New Age Outlaws wouldn't have got as over if they didn't have a crowd doing their speech with them. Feel good moments like Foley winning the title or brea
  11. It looked as if Santana & Ortiz were possibly going to split around the time MJF joined the Inner Circle because one sided with Sammy whereas one sided with Jericho. But nothing really materialised out of that. Maybe now with Sammy gone, they will revisit that in some capacity once MJF pisses them off.
  12. MJF becomes new leader of the Dark Order, bullying the biggest babyfaces in the company until they can't take it any more. Imagine the pop John Silver will get when he finally snaps and lays MJF out. Silver stuttering in front of Page on Dynamite was another quality little segment between them.
  13. Fair enough, didn't know that.
  14. Maybe not the match itself as it's widely considered a dull match but certainly the outcome and how it came about means the Montreal Screwjob has to be in the conversation for matches that changed wrestling.
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