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Escape the lockdown in your time machine


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Great news: you can get out of lockdown with your time machine and go to a historic wrestling show.

Bad news: the controls are broken and it could go anywhere.

To find out, visit http://random.org and use the number generator to make a number from 1-261646. Then visit https://cagematch.net/?id=1&nr=1 but replace the 1 at the end with your number. That's the show you're going to.

The fine folk of Twitter have had mixed experiences, with one getting Buddy Rogers vs Giant Baba in Philly in 1966 and one getting an Irish Whip Show from 2008. But where did you end up?



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A bit of lucha for me

Has anyone watched any CMLL or AAA in Mexico? I was in Mexico one year when Triplemania was on and was told by the hotel I was staying with to not go anywhere near Mexico City. So i stayed at the hotel and watched it in the bar with some random Argentine table tennis players and ate nachos and Neapolitan ice cream 



@Bellenda Carlisle @WyattSheepMask I don’t think you’re doing the link right as that’s the number one show, change the one to a different number and you’ll get a different show 

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