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Living in a UKFF World

Frankie Crisp

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Mad place, this. We all joined to talk about wrestling from our Mum’s spare room but it’s evident a lot of friendships have been forged over the years as a result of this place.

I’ve been lucky to have got chatting to, became friends with and got to meet a number of you.

Over the years I’ve met up with Butch and Houchen a good few times, Carbomb, Sergio (in New York, which was ace), Chris B and this weekend through a mixture of circumstance and planning, I’m seeing Kooks and Dave2Tone. I’d also class Wretch a good mate even though we’ve not had chance to meet in person. I’d include Nicko as well, but he fucked me off for some Netball last weekend. Pfft.

I’ve got mates in real life, I swear.

So, which weirdos off some wrestling forum have you become friends with/met?

Freebird’s Mum doesn’t count.

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Isn't it weird, I was in Liverpool on Monday for work and the first thing I think of is 'this is Frankie's domain'. 

I've shared plenty of memories with @Carbomb over the years. Listened to his hit and miss jokes in a filthy North London cafe on plenty of Saturday mornings and he also sorted me out a priceless gift for my (well, our mutual) friend for his birthday. Sound.

Burchills Buddy was my best man at my wedding and nowlives round the corner from me, we chat on a daily basis and see each other regularly.

I was pictured in the Enfield Gazette with Spurs Riot once when we first started wrestling training about 16 years ago.

I keep blowing off (kenneth.jpg) @John Matrix whenever he visits London so he has to put up with Carbomb, but I will make that drink one day!

I once received a voicemail from somebody pretending to be Herbie, 12 years ago or so, telling me that he'd turn a blind eye if I decided to take steroids and that it might help my chances being a TWC star.

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I met @Loki back in 2011 when I still lived in Surrey. I went round to his house, he took me to a pub so he could have eggs benedict, got annoyed at me because I didn't want to smoke drugs, I met his very nice better half who was annoyed at me for recommending they watch Eden Lake, and we played whatever the new WWE game was back then.

He didn't invite me back.

I also once saw @Keith Houchen lingering around outside Central Library as I went past on the Metroshuttle. I nearly waved.

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Although I've never met him, I'd also class @Scott Malbranque as my best mate off here. I've mentioned before on here how much he helped me back in 2013 when I was falling to pieces and I still can't thank him enough. The same goes for @Frankie Crisp who helped me a lot with my mental health around the same time, and I'm sure we'll collide in real life at some point.

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Tearing up here, I am. Need loveheart upvotes on these forums!

D-Mal, you never have to say thanks, by jaysis. We go way back to the TWCF days (as do a few of us), but likewise, me absolute bessie on here and someone I could safely - and gladly - say would hands down be a best mate in real life too. And one day, I'll make it my business to meet you!

I've met Houchey at International Showdown and he's just as absolutely wonderfully gorgeous - inside and out - in real life, as he is on here.

The most bizarre one was when I was queuing for a bus outside my estate in Dublin and a car beeped furiously at me going past. I was fucking stumped, and it haunted me on the bus journey and the subsequent walk to the office, as to who that was and why they were so aggressively beeping at me. When I got in and logged into the forum, one of the lads - whose name escapes me - said he just saw Scott Malbranque at a bus stop with newly bleached hair. Bonkers.

I've had a horrific year emotionally. Me da (not canonising the man, but that was my absolute hero in life) passed away in April after a long battle with cancer and he went out screaming - which of all people, he didn't deserve that - so I've been fucked in the head trying to process a lot of stuff. Me ma's twenty year anniversary is today and I'm an only child, so I have been a bit "Woe is me" sometimes, but I have to say, you cunts on here always, always - dead up - always, cheer me up and keep me going. Even when I was in the hospice with my da, I'd be logged in, using the 'keff as respite. So thanks to you all for that.
Not looking for no sympy at all, but just now's the right time to say thanks and I love yiz.


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1 hour ago, Devon Malcolm said:

Although I've never met him, I'd also class @Scott Malbranque as my best mate off here. I've mentioned before on here how much he helped me back in 2013 when I was falling to pieces and I still can't thank him enough. The same goes for @Frankie Crisp who helped me a lot with my mental health around the same time, and I'm sure we'll collide in real life at some point.

To be honest I wrote similar in the original post but took it out before I posted, just as it wasn’t my place to mention the reasons we chatted so much back then! But defo, I’m over your way quite a bit over the next few months so we’ll have a Greggs pastie and cuppa.

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I’ve never met anyone from here. Not sure how many UKFFers there are in Birmingham. I suppose there’s a decent chance Ralphy’s power walked past me at some point. You really do feel like you know some posters though after a certain amount of time on here. The good and the bad. I totally get why you’d consider some posters proper mates despite not having met them. Especially when you’ve been on here a good third of your life or longer, and probably been interacting with them on an almost daily basis for longer than you’ve known some of your ‘real life’ mates. There isn’t another forum like it. We near enough all came here initially because of wrestling but there’s so many on here now who moved on from wrestling but didn’t move on from this place. I genuinely didn’t realise how much I check in here until the forum went down for a couple of days the other week. 

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I've met a lot of people off here over the years - quite a few from when I was sort of working "in da bidness", and others from fandom. Used to train with PunkStep/fruitcorner, one of the good guys, always a laugh too. Chris B, as I've mentioned loads, is one of my best friends - we met at FWA's second StarSearch in 2005. Sergio Mendacious/Rosegarden Funeral/Halitosis Romance/thegoldenspike is brill - and a weird coincidence, he'd been to my house (while I wasn't there) before we'd even met, applying for a job with my dad's company. klown's a top bloke, crashed at his place in Norn Iron a couple of times, great fun. Frankie Crisp/The Waterboy's awesome, as is John Matrix. Moj is as angry, hilarious, and a decent guy as he is on the forum - chuffed for him he's living the life with his wife and kid and a fully working kidney. $tew Allen is still much missed - just a really lovely guy with a lot of love for wrestling. Hung out with Jaffa/brownie on several occasions, he's awesome - haven't heard from him in a long time though. I've also met (apologies for the brief mentions, but descriptions would take ages - suffice it to say that pretty much everyone I've met, barring a few exceptions I won't mention, were thoroughly nice guys):

Big Benny HG
Stug Rivers/CuckedByMenry
Up Chuck
The three ladies who always went to BritWres shows together - can't remember the usernames, they haven't posted here in a while
Chest Rockwell
Dave2Tone/Philo Vance
Dave Beaste
Phil Jones
Bruno Short
Gordon the Gopher
Alan Hill (yes, I know, but he was very genial in person)
Nostalgia Nonce
Barramya Inc
Andy Quildan
Dean Ayass
Phil Austin
Get Lucille
andrew "the ref" coyne
Elisar Cabrera
Greg Lambert (forgot his username)
Len Davies

There are probably a few others that my shit memory has failed to recall.

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Even Carbomb snubbing Bagga here.. No-one wants to admit knowing that prick!

Edit - for my part... I have met a fair few UKFFers at wrestling shows over the years, went to shows and watched wrestling with philjax, but I think Sergio is the only poster I've hung out with completely outside the context of wrestling. Glad I made the effort to meet up with him when I went to NY; he's a great guy.


This stupid grimace face is left hanging by my edit as I can't seem to move it:


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