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Things that you know will be shit

Gus Mears

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1 hour ago, Chest Rockwell said:

It's pretty generic and uninspired but not especially bad tbh. 


It's basically every Steve Aoki song he ever made The first 30 seconds could have been Barbie Girl or Mozart's 5th Symphony or anything tbh. The crowd don't give a shit. They just want a big build up then "the drop".  Rinse and repeat.

It's not for me Clive but I'm 43 and haven't done MDMA in 15 years. Probably loads of fun for the kids there though.

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On 5/23/2023 at 10:12 AM, FelatioLips said:

Landlord’s just had the surveyor round for his new mortgage. Already told me it will affect my rent but not sure by how much yet. So got that to look forward to.

I tried to buy my flat, but pulled out of the sale because seven months later, it still wasn’t complete due to ground rent, regulations, and other issues. Then shockingly I got a letter from my letting agent a week later saying my landlord wishes to put my rent up by 30% due to “rise in interest rates.”

I’ve been paying his mortgage for 12 fucking years. Definitely not retaliatory. No, not at all. 

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