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The Smackers Thread


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8 hours ago, Supremo said:

Zelina Vega was supposed to wrestle in Madison Square Garden, twenty years after losing her Dad in 9/11…and then they cut her match due to time constraints.

Do not tweet about unionisation if you ever plan on returning to this company.

3 hours ago, JohnKringler said:

as sad as I am for Zelina. She went back after being fired for her beliefs. Not like AEW wouldn't have taken her. She's made her bed.

It's all Ze.... ahh, never mind.

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16 hours ago, DavidB6937 said:

Yes and it was a great match and the crowd loved it.

It was 25 minutes long! I'd say the purpose and enjoyment wouldn't have been remotely hurt by taking anywhere from 5-10mins off the top to fit Zelina's match in. Especially since the focus was the post-match injury anyway. And yes, granted, I'm sure they would get grief for being potentially 'exploitative', but I'd say that is a small price to pay in order to allow her a little time to honour her Dad.

I don't think it would have improved the show per se. i just think it's a massive shame to give her the hope that it was going to happen (she even had new gear made) only to bump it so two guys who have already had a significant PPV match could build their angle more.

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