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The cookery thread

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Not quite cooking but the other week I froze some oat and raisin cookie dough I had left over. One of my knobhead kids was moaning this moaning about the selection on offer for pack up so I baked these from frozen in 15 mins. Genius. Think I might go into the cookie dough business.




Edit: I'm leaving that typo in. It's how you say it in Hull anyway.

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Over in the Health and Fitness thread (I think?) @tiger_rick mentioned butternut squash. I made one of the recipes I described:


Squash, sweetcorn and red onions roasted with rosemary. Tossed together with cooked pasta, balsamic vinegar and oil then some grated Parmesan. Wholesome. 

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Excited to be doing a 24 hour sous vide BBQ pork shoulder for the bank holiday. Liquid smoke, good quality rub, the whole lot (well, apart from an actual BBQ).

Few recent things. I've been using the water bath a lot recently. Did a chilli garlic chicken and a butter chicken from scratch weekend before last with all the sundries. Seven bloody hours in the kitchen, but I have base sauce for months now. Found the wonders of anchoor powder, which is basically tamarind on steroids, so used a lot of that to give my chilli garlic a nice sweet and sour twist.

Did my own spice stock for it and sous vide chicken thighs in a yoghurt spiced marinade for the curries. Just crisped them up in a hot pan with ghee after the water bath. 

Also, (pictured below the vacuum packed chicken) made a 24 hour sous vide brisket last weekend along with my standard roast trimmings. Appalling picture, but the beef was magnificent.





Finally, another Coq au Vin, which remains one of my top 3 mains to cook and eat. Could go through gallons of the sauce.



End results of the curry (that's the chilli garlic chicken with home made bombay aloo) 


Homemade pizza tonight too! I will post results this eve. 

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Here's the bad boy shortly before going for a 24 hour bath.

Rub of paprika, garlic powder, salt, pepper, oregano, mustard seeds and coriander seeds.


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