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7 hours ago, chokeout said:

May be a meme of 3 people and text that says 'Ross Sayers @Sayers33 When I finish my Gü cheesecake After all... why not? Why .ysn'keepi? shouldn't keep'


I've gone BBQ mad over the last month. Did a black garlic marinated Beer Can Chicken which may well be the nicest chicken i've ever had. I really want to try Ribs next @Thunderplex How long did you cook yours for? What are you using for rub?

All depends on the type of ribs you get.  I get the baby backs from Costco, and do them for 2 hours at 250°f, then wrap them in foil with a squirt of apple juice, a little honey and a sprinkle more rub for 2 hours, then 1/2 to an hour unfoiled with sauce on half of them (some like sauce, some don’t, i like both!) if you get thicker ribs then the first part of the cook do 3 hours instead of 2 and a full hour at the end.  The rub I use is a mix of a few recipes, using my favourite bits of each.  I use these in parts:

4 salt

4 brown sugar

 4 paprika

 3 garlic granules

 2 onion powder

 1 black pepper

 2 mild chilli powder

 1 allspice

 1.5 cumin

1 fennel

 1 celery salt

.25 Rosemary

 I’d use tablespoons till you get the taste you want, I use half cups now as I use it a lot.

Increase the black pepper, and use hot chilli powder if you like it spicy.

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