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  1. It lagged a bit at times. Four new songs plus two covers, that's nearly a third of the set. They started at 9:15 and were done for about 10:30. I know it's selfish on my part, but after three postponements and a pandemic, I'd have been happy with a greatest hits set. The new stuff was good, but when everyone starts pissing off to the bar, it just kills it a bit. When it was good though, it was fucking great.
  2. Went to see the Manics in Halifax last night. It was my first gig since January 2020. It was weird being around so many people again. I'm really fucking hoping that I haven't caught COVID.
  3. No doubt something will happen to shat all over my perception, but I like how Tom Aspinall carries himself. Not too brash, quietly confident but not dull. He's taking a smart and sensible approach to his career. In a sport full of shitheads, it's nice to see someone act like an adult.
  4. Jesus, Wand! You could have spoiler tagged that. I'd successfully erased that from my memory. Edit* (It actually keeps me awake at night)
  5. I'll have to have a listen to them.
  6. I can't get enough of the new Deafheaven record.
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