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I know this sort of thing has been done a few times, but I couldn't be arsed finding the old threads for this.


So last night I put on the 2010 Royal Rumble match on YouTube, I wanted to see what my wife thought about the babyfaced Drew McIntyre (and I hadn't watched wrestling for a while due to, you know, the shite around it). She didn't comment on Drew, but as it was on she gave some comments on wrestlers that had me laughing to myself.


HHH - I thought it was a young, jacked Sean Bean at first.

Shawn Micheals - wow, he's old. How is he allowed to wrestle? And 'sexy boy'? Optimistic at his age.

John Morrison - space Santa. Look at those pants.

The Miz - is he related to Hawk from Kobra Kai?

CM Punk - he's a dick. I want to see him get punched. Straight edge doesn't mean better you wanker.

Cody Rhodes - I know this guy is pointless by how he walks to the ring. He's generic and dull. Why do I know his surname? *I explained who he is* Oh, bet Dusty wishes he hadn't bothered getting him in to wrestling.

Cena - fuck you Cena. Such an over the top baby face, too all American for me. Pisses me off more than Punk. *she swore every time Cena eliminated anyone*

Edge - budget Thor.

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My mate is a bit of a hardcore feminist poet, but blokes with their tops off eh lads.

She watches AEW with me because she saw a viral clip of Orange Cassidy and knows members of trans community who were wrestling fans and for her to check out AEW.

Anyway her favourite is Eddie Kingston. Purely on the basis that 'someone that fun at being an arsehole must be a lovely bloke I bet' and refuses to yield on that. She also calls Private Party 'the juice boys' because she thinks its a better name and 'they're with that old Matt guy, I'm not that bothered about the proper name.' 

She also gets proper into the women's matches, especially any character workers like Britt, or when you get two styles like the Thunder Rosa/Shida match which she started completely forgetting was pro wrestling and was calling out for either of them to win because 'they've earned it, they're killing each other its great'

They learn quick.

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The most interesting situation like this was when my wife walked in on RAW a while back, I think it was Charlotte v Dana Brooke (or Mandy Rose) and my wife says something like "I thought WWE were no longer about T & A?" and it completely took me out of the moment and i realized the women don't wear much difference attire now than they did in the attitude era, we just been conditioned to think they do.

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My favourite ever one of these was from 2011 when I was over at my parent's house and put the wrestling on their telly for a while. I wouldn't usually do that, but I think it was the week of the CM Punk 'pipebomb' promo and I was keen to see it. 

Dad: "He's a bit too skinny to be in it, isn't he?"

Mum: "Oh I wouldn't let him sit on my settee with that greasy hair".

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my Dad used to catch Smackdown on a Saturday morning when I watched it, and eventually begrudgingly admitted to finding William Regal funny - I think when he realised that he was in on the joke, and it wasn't just Americans making fun of English people.

Mostly I just remember him asking if every bald wrestler was Stone Cold. He eventually came with me to take a couple of my nephews to a MegaSlam show, and once we'd dropped them off home he actually spent most of the journey home quite interested in finding out how it all worked, and had a ton of questions, which is probably the most interest he's ever shown in it since I started working shows.

My Mam has only ever watched one wrestling show, and I was on it. I don't think she had a single clue what was going on.


More recently, as I've mentioned here before, the most recent feedback I've had on wrestling from non-fans has been from a friend messaging me during lockdown to say that they had been watching AEW because her boyfriend was watching it, and that her favourites were Jungle Boy, Orange Cassidy and Marko Stunt. Another friend, who normally doesn't get on with wrestling because he does MMA and finds it too hard to suspend his disbelief when watching it, also said that Orange Cassidy was his favourite wrestler he had ever seen, largely because he was just fun and didn't try and pretend he was a legit fighter. I always find those points amusing, because it's wrestlers like that who people deep in the wrestling bubble will tell you are going to turn off casual fans because they don't take wrestling seriously, when in reality the exact opposite is usually true.

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Oh parents wise they both watched when I was a kid. My dad loved any big scary bruiser. He LOVED Vader, absolutely loved when he would come out and batter people. He saw him in WCW and I remember when the WWF vignettes for him aired, my dad was like 'Oh fucking hell, THE BIG VAN VADER, he's gonna walk it son'. Brilliant, he loved Jim Neidhart too because he looked like a bloke he played rugby with in the army.

My mum didn't have time for WCW, always thought Ric Flair was a very weird old bloke, but didn't mind when I put Goldberg on. 'Oh he's alright him son, I don't mind him, he should be in the proper one with The Rock' etc. Obviously she also thought Dave Batista was a dashing cad.


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